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Anywhere you can live work and play is home. Osceola County is home to many newcomers. With over 13 million people a year visiting in our back yard, many are attracted to the new low prices and great variety of homes available for sale.  Kissimmee over the past twenty years has blossomed from the...
What is the single most important tool in your tool box?  I will give you a hint.  It is not a widget.  It is an instrument.  It can be used anywhere at any time.  It is not expensive. It does not require batteries. It can be used by anyone. It can save your career.  Give up?  Are you taking note...
 "Sure we can close... once we iron a few wrinkles out" I call these Botox closings. You know, everything looks OK until the fine lines are revealed.  If we "pinch this" and "stretch" that.  Just "Injecting" a little humor on a subject which afflicts us all.  Closings.Under stricter guidelines,ev...
Hot off the press from the Osceola County of Realtors comes an urgent request . According to the Osceola County Association of Realtors "At its meeting scheduled for the evening of September 27, 2007, the St. Cloud City Council will be voting on a final ad valorem tax millage rate and final budge...
 Are you allowing yourself to be flexible? Are you stretching your boundaries? Are you making touches outside of your local local area?  How many referral deals are in your pipeline?  Are you waiting for the phone to ring, or working with other professionals developing a broader base of contacts?...
 What we have occuring in the  Real Estate Market at present is paramount to a Black Hole in space. The Event Horizon is the point at which the gravitational pull of a black hole will consume everything in its path including light.  The implosion of the Secondary Mortgage Market, created a ripple...
The world changed in a single day 78 years ago.  The world changed in a single day 6 years ago. The Realty World is changing everyday.   We used to say we sell houses every day. Not anymore. In looking through the stats over the past two weeks, it appears that no longer holds true. There are 6519...
 Chris Gardners Story "The Pursuit of Happyness", is one man's struggle from homelessness to affluence. Gardner attributes his success to one simple word. Passion. Gardner went from seeking shelter in the bathroom of a subway to becoming a multimillionaire. He believed in his ability, and worked ...
Real Estate.  The ultimate purchase. Designers handbags are a status symbol amoung successful women. With so many working women choosing to marry later, and establish their careers first, it is no surprise they make up 18% of today's buyers.  In working with these women, is image everything?  Is ...
Are you right handed or left handed?  Does it impact how you think and do business?  Left handed people are a minority. Yet, adapt amazingly well.  Studies suggest that the brain of a left handed person does function differently from that of a right handed person. Do left handed people have advan...

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