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How do you like my new profile picture?  My husband, Tom, is a drummer in a rock and roll band and his bass player drives this colorful van complete with Scooby Do sitting in the front seat.  What a hoot to watch the people especially the kiddos as he drives up to an event.  This is just another ...
   "Home is where the heart is."  "There's no place like home."  Home is the place where we seek comfort and shelter. Our behavior, emotions and overall mental state can all be influenced by our home. Home can mean housing or place of residence. What does home mean to you? April is the anniversar...
I know I don't have a leg to stand on, but sounding off about it helps!  Here's how it went down.  I received a call on one of my listings. The buyer said he was not working with an agent.  I set up a showing and told him I could show anything else he wanted to see also.   We met at the house and...
APRIL FOOLS!!!!  By Dee Miller   Have you ever had a day when you wish someone would just say, "April Fools!"   It's Monday, we both had a LONG weekend and all we want to do is sleep in.  Both cell phones start ringing!  We let them go to voice mail and get up!   Half way to the office, my grands...
Have you ever thought you just couldn't take one more slap in the face and then lo and behold you get a kiss!!! The smallest things turn me on. Sometimes it's a stranger telling me I have the greatest smile. Listening to a child who has the giggles. A note from a past client in with my stack of b...
SPRING IS IN THE AIR With temperatures in the 60's, the last couple days, Spring Fever has really hit me.  Yesterday, I spent most of the day organizing my office.  I can actually see my floor now.  I'm not kidding.  The owner of our company looked in my door and said " Gee, Dee you need a couple...
  If you are thinking about buying or selling a property in the Iowa City area or anyplace, talk to a REALTOR!  They know more about the area market than anyone else!  It's their business!  More than your neighbor, your co-worker or a well meaning friend or relative.In general in the Iowa City ar...
According to an employment outlook survey, the Iowa City job market is expected to be one of the strongest in the nation.  Compared to the national average of 27%, 53% of Iowa City companies that were interviewed planned to hire new employees.  Reports also show the Corridor employment outlook to...
An article in the July 25th issue of the Iowa City Press-Citizen states that Iowa City, Iowa, because of it's diversity, is a great place for gay people.  It has been compared to San Francisco. I am a member of the Iowa City Area Association of Realtors Fair Housing Ambassadors. We were formed be...
                           I have seen many changes in Real Estate in 14 years. More forms for buyer protection; agency rules; disclosures; more and more title problems, appraisal problems and inspection problems. Endless loan products! Locally, in the Iowa City area, our market has slowed down i...

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