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This blog details real estate news and information from the greater Bozeman Montana Housing Market.



    Recent numbers compiled by the National Association of Realtors have shown a rise in previously owned home sales for the month of October. Sales of these homes rose 1.5% to an annual rate of 5.26 million dollars. October was the second straight month where the annual rate trended up and its u...
Homeowners have moved online when it comes to major home improvement purchases. Retailers throughout the US have noticed a definitive jump in sales for online sales of appliances, flooring, and other home improvement items. The Home Depot saw a 40% jump in the 3rd quarter online sales, with a hi...
  Bozeman public schools will once again be on the forefronts of national studies, as they have once again been selected to take part national research. Bozeman has already been selected for a highly competitive mental health program/study this year. Great news reached the district, when they fo...
Three homeowner associations in Big Sky, the Big Sky Owner’s Association, Spanish Peaks Homeowners’ Association and Town Center Homeowners’ Association, will be making the switch to bear resistant trash cans to help improve the number of bears accidentally straying into Big Sky. Trash tends to b...
Bozeman Deaconess Hospital has started a 15 million dollar addition that will better address the needs of Bozeman residents while also preparing the next generation of doctors for the area. The hospital broke ground two weeks ago and it plans on the building being 5 stories high and 88,508 squar...
  The Belgrade City Council voted on and approved a resolution to raise the benchmark for city streets, improving the function of future roads in a growing town. From now on, any newly constructed or reconstructed roads will need more designations for pedestrians and bikers, while also adding mo...
Over the 2014 year in the United States, the number of 1 million dollar plus home sales rose by 8 percent. Million dollar and up homes have seen a much faster recovery than any other price point. In fact, sales for million dollar and up homes are now almost comparable to prices seen during the h...
  The Bozeman School District has set a new enrollment record of 6,294 students showing the continued growth of Bozeman and its attraction to parents. The record actually fell 51 students short of projected numbers but still had 108 more students than any other year.   Increasing enrollment numb...
Builders in major cities have shifted their focus to taller, skinnier buildings, particularly when real estate is involved. In Manhattan, 4 sky scrapers are being built within blocks of eachother, all to add even more real estate potential to the burrow. New York City’s One57 building, the highe...
College and University towns have outpaced non-university towns in their housing market growth. Cities and towns with a heavy student influx have, in general, outperformed the national averages for housing price trends, according to Clear Capital’s Home Data Index Market Report. The report sampl...

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