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This blog details real estate news and information from the greater Bozeman Montana Housing Market.



  The City of Bozeman hopes to alleviate the very full rental and affordable housing situation in the coming year through regulation changes and increasing inventory. The Bozeman Department of Community Development has begun a review of current home building standards while starting development ...
  Gallatin County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the western United States over the last decade, according to research group Headwaters Economics. Since 2003, Gallatin County has grown by an average of 2,400 people a year. 1,700 of those people have made Bozeman their home, whil...
Millenials are buying homes that are smaller, older and less expensive than homes bought by older generations. Half the homes bought by millenials averaged less than 1,650 square feet and cost less than $148,500. As millenials are the youngest buyers on the market, the types of homes they are sho...
Today I stumbled upon an article with a really out there fact that I felt like I had to share. Apparently, residents of newly built homes are more likely to bike or walk as a form of transportation than homeowners of previously owned homes. According to the article 44% of residents in newly const...
The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced its attempt to better increase mortgage credit availability to US borrowers in October. Now, with the recent announcement of a 3% Down Payment loan by both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it seems the FHFA’s efforts have paid off. Both Fannie Mae and Fredd...
The Big Sky school district laid out a plan late November to put technology in the hands of every student in the area. Big Sky would become to first district in Montana to have their technology to student ratio be 1:1. The district has crafted a three-part vision for how they will approach techno...
  Employment and salary numbers continued to improve in November—a good sign for other finance sectors including housing. The Bureau of Labor released a report that highlighted several positive trends. Payroll employment expanded by 321,000 people in the month of November. That increase was far a...
A new hotel will be coming to Bozeman—and no—it won’t be on North 19th. No, this hotel, called the Etha, will be right in downtown Bozeman and will be moving into (and on top of) the old Armory Building on Mendenhall. Investors hope the hotel can become more of a buzzing downtown hub, rather than...
This month, we will highlight townhome and condo Quarter 3 sales in the Gallatin County. Here are a few stats for all of Gallatin County condos and townhomes: Unit sales remained true in Quarter 3 from 2013 to 2014. (208 sold in 2013, 208 sold in 2014) Dollar volume increased in Quarter 3 from 2...
The Bozeman Public School District has introduced a test run, public preschool program at Whittier Elementary School. The first semester will begin on January 26th this year. The district’s goal is to improve the performance gap between children in Kindergarten who had access to preschools compa...

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