bozeman houses for sale: For Sale/For Rent Properties To Improve Affordability in Bozeman - 03/03/16 01:07 AM

Over the past few months, the City of Bozeman and local builders alike have worked hard to continue making homes more affordable in Bozeman.
For Rent
Bozeman has partnered with developers GMD Development from Seattle and Homeward out of Missoula. Together, they are building a 136 unit for rent, affordable apartment complex. Bozeman helped fund $200,000 for the project using the workforce housing levy.
The complex will be made for residents who earn 60% or less of Bozeman’s median income. Rents will range from $560 to $940 a month. The units will be subject to a rental control clause that will keep rents at … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Bozeman Continues to Improve Local Trail System - 02/23/16 12:53 AM

The Gallatin Valley Land Trust, the City of Bozeman and the Western Transportation Insititute received additional funding last week to improve the West Side Trail between Bozeman Pond Park and Gallatin Regional Park.
The West Side Trail is used by runners, walkers, bikers and travelers alike. Children also use the trail as an alternative to streets and sidewalks to get to school by foot. The trail is a major artery between two of Bozeman’s major parks.
The three groups mentioned above received $167,000 to improve the trail from the Transportation Alternatives Program. A majority of the money will go to improving road crossings … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Average Home Requires 22 Subcontractors to Build - 09/17/15 04:39 AM
When faced with putting down 200k plus for a new single family home, some buyers may wonder if their builder is walking away with huge profits. Although the builder may very well be making a good profit on the home, many buyers forget the organization and costs required to subcontract out the work needed to build the best home possible—tasks best done by experts in a specific industry. Buyers want to know that their home has been wired, plumbed and floored with the best of them, but having that guarantee does come with a higher price tag.
Builder’s use of subcontractors is … (2 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Commercial Permits in Bozeman Up as Businesses Shift West - 09/09/15 04:53 AM
The City of Bozeman approved 447 new commercial construction projects—200 more permits than the previous year—highlighting Bozeman’s recent growth on the west end.
City officials confirmed that the west side of town has been the fastest growing and seen the highest rate change in population growth. Bozeman gave out 639 single family home permits in the last two years, with many focused on the west side of town. Businesses have seen the same trends and their shift towards the west end is a smart attempt to attract a less touched market.
As Bozeman’s downtown has become increasingly attractive to both residents and businesses, … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: All Cash Transactions Down as Home Values Rise - 08/31/15 02:38 AM
Transactions consisting of only cash have now hit their lowest share since 2009. In June 2015, all cash sales accounted for 22% of all existing home sale transactions. In June of 2014, all cash sales were at 32 percent. Existing home sales continue to rise so many buyers have turned to financing their home because their overall confidence in the housing market has improved.
In March, all cash transactions fell by 33% in comparison to March 2014 numbers, suggesting that cash sales have been going down pretty consistently for the past year. According to CoreLogic, all cash sales peaked in 2011 at … (1 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: United States Foreclosure Numbers Keep Dropping - 07/27/15 03:40 AM
The total foreclosed on homes has dropped to its lowest level since December 2007 according to CoreLogic’s May 2015 National Foreclosure Report. The report states that the number of foreclosures nationwide dropped to 41,000 in May. Today’s foreclosure totals are now 65% lower than the number of completed foreclosures in 2010.
The report continues a similar trend reported early in the year, when foreclosures fell by 27% in February and completed foreclosures fell by 15% year over year. 
Mortgages also have seen big drops in delinquent payments. Mortgages in serious delinquency—or mortgages that are 90 days or more overdue—dropped by 23% in May … (3 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Bozeman Growth in Top 10 Nationally - 03/27/15 08:43 AM
The US Census released new population numbers that have put Bozeman into the top ten fastest growing small towns in the United States over 2014. For those keeping score, Bozeman scored 6th on the list. Williston and Dickinson North Dakota came in at 1 and 2 because of the local oil booms they have experienced.
The Gallatin County has led the state in economic growth, with Bozeman helping lead the charge for the county overall. The surrounding area's public lands have also been a major reason for the population growth. And with Bozeman's average cost of living equaling national averages and its … (1 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: YMCA Moving Forward with 5.5 Million Center - 03/26/15 06:25 AM
The Gallatin YMCA will move forward with their plans to construct a 5.5 million dollar athletic facility just north of Gallatin Regional Park in Bozeman. According to preliminary plans, the building would be 24,000 square feet and would include weight and cardio centers, locker rooms, a community program area and administrative space.
The 7-acre site was purchased by the YMCA, thanks to a large donation in 2008. However, after the recession tightened up funding, the project has been on the back burner ever since.
Recently, the YMCA restarted their attempts to get the facility running. They have been requesting donations from the community … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Bozeman Improves Safety with Recent Projects - 02/20/15 05:57 AM
Two recent projects taking place in Bozeman have highlighted the city’s recent efforts to better address the health and safety of its residents.
The Bozeman Police Foundation has spent nearly $6,000 to improve safety around Bozeman. One of the projects added flashing beacons to several crosswalks around Sacajawea Middle School and Whittier Elementary School. The new beacons should help drivers see and react to children crossing the street better than ever before.
Crossing guards have always helped children cross the road during times of high traffic, like in the mornings and after school. However, during off hours and  the times in between classes, … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Gallatin County Leading All Montana Counties in Economic Growth - 02/19/15 06:27 AM
Gallatin County has lead all Montana counties in economic growth in the past few years, according to a recent economic outlook presentation by the University of Montana. Already one of the fastest growing counties population wise, the county has seen growth in wages, tourism, manufacturing, energy and housing markets, suggesting a solid economic outlook for the county as a whole.
The county posted the highest real wage growth in the state from 2013 to 2014. Growing wages help all economic industries move in a positive direction because people have more ability to extend their checkbook into industries they may not have been … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Home Rent Lower in Areas Surrounding Bozeman - 02/17/15 07:17 AM
I read a great article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle today and I wanted to pass along some interesting numbers regarding rentals in the city limits of Bozeman compared to those outside of it. Long story short—it will be cheaper to rent outside of Bozeman compared to inside it.
The numbers were acquired by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and they explain how they found them below:
“The numbers included in this analysis are based on 114 rental advertisements posted to Bozeman Craigslist between Feb. 1 and Feb.16, as well as classified ads placed in the Chronicle’s Sunday edition Feb. 15. Postings advertising individual … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Streamline Bus System Hits 2 Million Riders - 02/09/15 07:24 AM

The Streamline Bus System had its 2 millionth rider last week—a noteworthy benchmark for the Gallatin Valley public transportation system. The busses have served its greater Bozeman area residents  for eight years and by breaking the 2 million rider mark has confirmed the Gallatin’s increased use and need of the bus system.
Over the first 5 years, Streamline reached the million rider mark. However, it only took 3 years and 3 months to serve the second million. Not only does this show the growth of the Gallatin Valley in general, but it also shows the increasing popularity of the valley’s … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: More Buyers Returning to Home Search - 02/06/15 02:20 AM

Reports from builders and real estate agents have suggested that buyer demand should see a sizeable increase for this year. According to Redfin, home tour demand reached an all time high last week, up 62% from 2014.  Redfin real estate agents also reported that accepted contracts rose 58% compared to last year.
Low mortgage rates and low down payments may be what is getting home buyers to start their home search. Many millenials who had not been as financially “ready” to buy a home or were waiting to be able to afford the type of home they wanted, have seen … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Rental Vacancy at 20-Year Low in US - 02/05/15 04:17 AM

The nation is still looking for room to rent. The national vacancy rate for rented units has dropped to a 20 year low. The rate has not been this low since the Fourth Quarter of 1993.
Bozeman, Montana has seen these lack of vacancies first hand, thanks to a growing town and surrounding area, schools and university. Bozeman has preemptively added additional housing and even built new subdivisions to better address the rental needs in the area, though it is yet to be seen whether these changes will improve the vacancy rate compared to 2014.
In the US in general, … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Graduation Rates Hit New Highs in Montana - 01/16/15 05:21 AM

Graduation rates for high schools in MT rose to their highest level since 2000, with Gallatin County’s five High Schools included. For the state of Montana, graduation rates rose to 85.4 percent. Four years ago, the total was at 80.7 percent.
Of Gallatin County’s five public high schools, West Yellowstone came in 1st at 92.3 percent. Manhattan High came in at 90 percent, Bozeman High with 88.1 percent, Belgrade High with 86.8 percent, and Three Forks High with 84.2 percent. Of Montana’s 14 AA high schools, Bozeman ranked third, behind Missoula Sentinal and Helena Capital.
Montana’s drop out rate … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Potential Expansions Coming for Sacajawea Middle School - 01/14/15 07:43 AM

Sacajawea Middle School may see some expansions in 2016, thanks to a rising enrollment in Bozeman Public Schools. The middle school has 40 classrooms that can hold up to 750 students. If eventually approved, the middle school will join Petra Academy (private) on the list of upcoming school expansions in Bozeman, showing the continued growth of the area.
As of now, enrollment has not hit 750 students, but many of the other rooms are currently used for other purposes than a traditional classroom. Physical Education classes have taken a few of these open classrooms with aerobic equipment, weights and … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Tim's Know Your Homes 101 - Tudor - 01/08/15 12:56 AM

The Tudor style first began in (you guessed it) the Tudor Era in England. From 1485 to 1603, these homes, known for their assymetrical exteriors and distinctive trim began popping up all over the country. Those found in the USA are Tudor Revival Architecture and became very popular in both the 1920’s and 30’s as well as the 1970’s and 80’s.
A Tudor home’s most obvious tell is their half-timbered framing (the brown wood), now for design and not necessity. Before, the wood frame was actually integral in the home’s design. A great majority of Tudor homes have these wood … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: FHA Lowering Mortgage Insurance Rates - 01/07/15 07:37 AM

The Federal Housing Administration announced that it will lower the cost of its mortgage insurance for potential borrowers. The White House released a statement that they will lower the mortgage insurance rates from 1.35% of the loan’s value, down to 0.85 percent. Mortgage insurance is designed to keep lenders safe whenever a borrower defaults on their loan.
The change to the mortgage insurance rates could save a first-time homebuyer $900 a year on their payments. For a lot of buyers sitting on the fence, this may be the starting gun for which they were waiting. The White House believes that … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Bozeman Market Update - Condos and Townhomes January 2015 - 01/07/15 01:11 AM

This month, we will highlight townhome and condo sales through November in Bozeman. Here are a few stats for all Bozeman condos and townhomes:
Unit sales increased from 2013 to 2014 by 16.98%. (371 sold in 2013, 434 sold in 2014) Dollar volume increased from 2013 to 2014 by 34.23% ($68,926,687 in 2013, $92,523,141 in 2014) Average sales price also rose from 2013 to 2014 by 14.75% ($185,786 in 2013, $213,187 in 2014) Summary –Bozeman has seen increases in townhomes and condos across the board. With more unit sales going at higher prices, Bozeman’s condo and townhome market is healthy … (0 comments)

bozeman houses for sale: Advocates Push for Publicly Owned Fiber-Optic Cable Network in Bozeman - 01/06/15 01:27 AM

Under a new proposal brought to the Bozeman City Commission, Bozeman may dig public cable lines to address the poor service and high prices of private internet/cable providers. Advocates pushing a publicly owned fiber-optic cable network say that digging public lines would increase competition among internet providers, helping improve their services and prices.
The city would not provide Internet access directly but would install a common network that could be leased by private companies. Without needing heavy, upfront capital, the addition of small, private companies into the market could increase the current competition.
As more businesses store their valuable information … (0 comments)