bozeman montana homes for sale: Commissioners Delay Vote on Affordable Housing Plan - 09/22/15 02:53 AM
I wanted to quickly apprise Bozeman locals and potential residents of the impending decision Bozeman Commissioners need to make regarding affordable housing. On Monday, Commissioners heard arguments from all sides on whether they should move forward with an inclusionary zoning proposal that would try to lower costs of home within Bozeman city limits.
Commissioners received solid opposition from members in both the real estate and building industries.  Both the Gallatin Association of Realtors and the Southwest Montana Building Association raised concerns about the new proposal. These two groups worried the proposal would set back a rebounding Bozeman housing market while also encouraging … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Commissioners to Address Bozeman Affordable Housing - 09/15/15 05:49 AM
In a great article by Eric Dietrich of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, he outlined the affordable housing proposal that commissioners will consider on September 21st as well as outlining the comments and concerns about the proposal from the two most prominent, opposing parties.
The proposal was made in light of rising values in the for-sale housing market in Bozeman and whether it’s the local government’s responsibility to help keep a certain segment of homes at the affordable level. Currently, there is worry that some residents will need to move to outlying communities to keep their homes affordable. Bozeman has had experts, non … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Yellowstone Park on Pace to Break Visitor Record - 09/14/15 04:32 AM
After 8 months, Yellowstone National Park is on track to break the most visitors it has had in its recorded history. After the high season starts to wrap up in late August to early September, park officials generally have a good idea of how well the year has gone and will go—so far, Yellowstone continues to trend more visitors each and every year, with old highs quickly becoming the new baselines. 
After August, the park had a total of 3.1 million visitors. That number is 15% higher than the total seen after 8 months in 2014. In 2014 through August, Yellostone had … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Home Inventory Improves in July, New Home Sales & Values Up Too - 09/10/15 08:25 AM
New home inventory increased by 218,000 units in July – great news for the overall housing market as it deepens and strengthens. The market has not seen such a high month-to-month improvement since March in 2010. Homebuilders continue to put more faith in the housing market by adding more homes to lure in prospective buyers. Although this time the rise in inventory did not lower home prices, steadily increasing inventory should help normalize the market—ideally to a consistent growth rate.
The housing market can take a big step forward by increasing existing home inventory in the future. Previous homeowners buy most new … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Creative Ideas Address Home Affordability In Montana - 09/03/15 07:55 AM
I read a great article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle about how Whitehall, Montana has attacked their affordable housing situation and how Bozeman might be able to use some of these strategies locally. Whitehall is a small town about an hour away from Bozeman and a little outside of Butte. Whitehall has worked hard on creating a new affordable subdivision in town with homes that can be built for under $120,000.
These homes will be built in the new Mountain Horizon Subdivision in Whitehall. Habitat for Humanity is helping to develop the new subdivision. They along with builders and city officials have … (1 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Plans forming for Bozeman’s Second High School - 08/05/15 05:07 AM
By Fall of 2020, high school age students in Bozeman may not all be attending the same school for the first time in the town’s history. Starting this year, plans for a second high school will be taken on in earnest, and Bozeman School District officials hope to present a finalized plan to voters by November 2016.
In order to have a finalized plan by then, school officials will need to put plans in place that work with their budget and local Bozemanites’ hopes for the school. This school year will be focused on open dialogue and communication between the district and … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: New Mixed-Use Property to Add Home Inventory in Bozeman - 07/23/15 03:43 AM
A new Mixed-Use Property is slated to be built to the North of Bozeman’s Main Street. The building will have both commercial and residential spaces and will span nearly a full city block. The building should help with Bozeman’s low home and rental inventory that has lead to high rental rates and home values.
In order to build the new development, 8 older rental units will need to be demolished. Of the 8, three are uninhabitable during the winter while others have repair costs too high to make renting feasible.
The building itself will be 5 stories with a ground floor reserved for … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Bozeman Cannery Annexation District Considered Tonight - 07/20/15 04:39 AM
Tonight, Bozeman City Commissioners will consider creating the Cannery Annexation District to extend city water and sewer services to the growing commercial district.
Cannery District was given its name for the pea cannery that did business there in the early 1900’s. Developers are fast at work creating a new commercial hub in Bozeman, where restaurants, coffee shops and breweries have already opened up shop. Creating an annexation district will make these businesses water and sewer utilities through the City of Bozeman, rather than through other sources.
Locals will have seen the cannery building renovations that have taken place since March. Crews have been … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: How Exempt Well Ruling May Affect Subdivision Growth in Bozeman - 07/08/15 07:46 AM
I read a great article by Troy Carter of the Bozeman Chronicle, detailing the effects of the exempt well ruling on Gallatin County growth. In mid-October of last year, a county judge ruled that subdivisions pumping over 10 acre feet of water per year would need to apply for a water rights permit. Before the ruling, subdivisions could pump up to 1,000 acre-feet of water without a permit, while farmers and ranchers using the same amount needed a permit.
The article details how the well ruling has affected development in Gallatin County since its inception. Many people have been worried it will … (2 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Bozeman Airport Reflects Town's Growth - 07/06/15 07:56 AM
Bozeman’s Airport, much like the town itself, has seen fast growth over the past few years. After continuing its population growth and seeing high tourism numbers, its no wonder Bozeman has seen increased activity at its airport.
Last year, commercial passenger traffic increased 15 percent. Each month in 2015 has seen higher numbers than the previous month. Both of these facts contribute to the narrative that Bozeman is growing quickly and has become one of the most sought after locations in Montana.
Bozeman has been attracting airline travelers for vacation and for permanent stay, or perhaps a little of both.
Bozeman has had some … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Additional Apartments Hoping to Impact Bozeman Rental Market - 06/10/15 09:54 AM
As many local Bozeman residents have surely figured out, a new apartment complex will be coming to the MSU area, south of the football stadium, to help ease the rental vacancy issues in Bozeman. Bozeman has been attracting more and more new residents of late as it has become one of the nation's most liveable towns. Both the local public schools and MSU have seen increased enrollments--also putting strain on the rental market. The apartments will add nearly 500 renters, but whether that will make any major changes to the overall market are yet to be seen.
According to the Bozeman Daily … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Bozeman Awarded 1 Million for Solar Research - 06/09/15 07:35 AM
In late April, Bozeman planners and commissioners were exploring the possibility of providing solar alternatives to its residents. Early last week, Northwestern Energy awarded the city $1,000,000 to explore the benefits, the utility and likelihood for creating some form of solar program in Bozeman.
The city will team up with the Montana State University to go over potential options for a new solar program. One idea has been to allow customers to tap into a community-based solar system. For ‘opting in” to the solar program, customers will receive a credit on their utility bill without having to pay for expensive solar panels.
Other … (1 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Homebuilders and Homebuyers Going Green - 05/22/15 03:32 AM
Homebuilders have been incorporating sustainable features and getting more green certifications to respond to a growing buyer demand for green homes. Having a ‘green home’ can be beneficial for lowering utility costs, raising its resale value, and of course easing a buyer’s environmental conscience. As buyer demand has increased, builders have been doing more and more to sell green.
Recent data is based on analysis of the builder 100 list which ranks only the top builders in the country (but for some odd reason is greater than 100).  Of the builders who responded, 110 builders reported they met green standards in 2012, … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Pet Friendly Bozeman Adds New 20+ Acre Dog Park - 05/18/15 04:24 AM
The Gallatin County and Run Dog Run, a local non-profit, will be creating a new off-leash dog park that organizers are calling the best dog park in Montana. The new park will be in Gallatin Regional Park and will be 23 acres in total. The first phase, which is on track to be completed by September 2015, will be 13 acres in size.
According to those working on the project, the new park will be a thick slice of doggy heaven. The park will include ponds, docks for diving and playing fetch, berms, shaded areas and hills. The whole park will be … (2 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: All Cash Home Sales Trending Down - 05/15/15 03:51 AM
All Cash transactions on existing home sales accounted for 24% of sales in March. That number fell by 33% in comparison to March 2014 numbers. In general, smaller amounts of all cash deals suggest that investors are not as active and that the slack has been picked up by long-term homeowners.
The drop in all cash sales relates to the drop in investor activity. As distressed properties for sale have decreased and home prices have gone up, investors have been seeing thinner profit margins of late. Distressed sales took a 10% share of home sales in March, which was down from 14% … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Potential New Development off Manley Road? - 05/11/15 09:02 AM
Tonight, Bozeman City Commissioners will decide whether re-zoning a piece of land out in the Manley Road area for residential use is feasible and makes sense for the city moving forward. If they decide yes, the owner of the land will move forward developing the area.
The 6.5 acre piece of land in question has had some zoning confusion to say the least—a very boring sounding topic that somehow can end up quite fascinating. Currently, the city has that land designated for future use as parkland. However, the County has the land designated for light industrial use (pretty mutually exclusive from parkland). … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Renters Still Struggling to Keep Up with Inflating Prices - 05/08/15 07:41 AM
Renters across the United States have been struggling to deal with rising rental prices and now 1 in 4 uses at least half their income towards their rent and utility bills. Sometimes, this kind of statistic may be warped due to the high percentage of Americans living in sought after cities like New York and San Francisco. But it’s not just a few states that are pulling down the nation. Minus Alaska, South Dakota and Wyoming, every state had at least 20% of its residents using more than half their income to rent.
In census data taken by Enterprise Community Partners, the … (2 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: New Eco-Friendly College of Business Building Complete at MSU - 05/05/15 07:05 AM
After two years of construction, the new College of Business will open on Thursday for MSU students and the public alike. The building will help open up study space for a rising student population while improving the college’s and overall University’s reputation in business and entrepreneurship.
Jabs Hall, the name of the new building, cost 18.5 million to complete. It will be home for (on average) around 1,250 business majors for Fall 2015.
MSU has been hard at work to expand and improve campus. Bozeman and MSU have been attracting more young students than they ever have before. In order to keep up, … (1 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Housing Start-Ups Up, Permits Down in March - 04/30/15 04:38 AM
March gave some mixed results regarding the health of newly constructed homes in 2015. New permits shrank by 5.7% from February to March, yet housing start-ups rose by 2.9 percent.  Both directly affect the number of homes available on the market. How home inventory will be affected is yet to be seen.
Building permits and housing start ups are the leading indicator for the health of the new construction industry. On the positive side, single-family start-ups increased by 4.4% in March. Another positive note, the lack of building permits in March may be just a small dip because housing permits have increased … (0 comments)

bozeman montana homes for sale: Montana Unemployment Rate Lowest Since 2007 - 04/22/15 06:55 AM
March unemployment numbers were released, bringing more positive news to Montana and the Gallatin County. Montana’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.1 percent, down from 4.4% seen earlier this year. That rate is the lowest seen since October of 2007.
The Gallatin County had even lower totals. Only 3.6% of people are unemployed.
The national unemployment rate currently sits at 5.5 percent, also down from 5.7% from earlier this year.
Although the state dropped payroll employees by 500 in March, the state added 8,873 new jobs in the first quarter of 2015.
Coupled with Bozeman’s average cost of living, it makes sense why Bozeman continues to … (1 comments)