bozeman real estate: Bozeman Montana Company Wins Award from US Department of Commerce - 05/25/16 03:34 AM

The U.S. Department of Commerce rewards companies across the nation for making a substantial contribution to the expansion of US exports.
The “E” award, created by President John F. Kennedy, is the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive from the department.  
Simms Fishing Products from Bozeman, Montana received the award in mid-May, showing the company’s growth and its consistency in delivering top quality goods.
The awardees this year contributed $2.23 trillion dollars worth of goods and services in 2015. These companies also provided 11.5 million jobs that were supported by exports.
Bozeman becomes more worldly each and every day. Business is not limited … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Old Bozeman K- Mart to Be Demolished for New Development - 05/18/16 03:15 AM

The building that housed the Kmart in Bozeman will be demolished. Bozeman’s planning office approved a demolition permit this week as city officials continue to try to attract new development, both commercial and residential, in Bozeman’s Midtown district.
Kmart closed in Bozeman in 2014 due to financial struggles from the national brand. The land under the building was rezoned in early May by the Bozeman City Commission in an attempt to spur more business development in the area.
The demolition permit has approved tearing the building down to its concrete slab. Workers will remove the building material and then fence the remaining site … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Montana State helps Bozeman Update Historic Home List - 04/28/16 02:47 AM

Montana State University architecture students helped survey Bozeman’s historic district and Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District, inputting and updating the city’s historic homes in the area.  Students looked at over 500 homes and structures nearby campus and then logged their findings to help Bozeman determine what changes, if any, they will make to Bozeman’s historic district regulations.
Currently, the historic district and the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District both require residents to file for certificates of appropriateness when renovating their home, particularly its exterior. Rising home prices, a booming economy and bureaucratic slow down have lead City Commissioners to OK plans to revise the … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Northwestern Energy and Bozeman Green Light Solar Project - 04/27/16 02:41 AM

Bozeman will begin providing solar power to residents on the grid, thanks to an agreement between the city, Northwestern Energy and a local solar panel company in Bozeman. Ideally, the project will help pave the way for additional solar projects, helping lower utility costs in Bozeman for all residents.
Bozeman will donate land along Frontage Road between Bozeman and Belgrade for the new solar project. Northwestern Energy will invest up to $1 Million for the project, which they will use to research the advantages and pitfalls of potential future projects. As the project is primarily research based, Northwestern customers will not see … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman, Belgrade and Gallatin to Coordinate Land Planning Efforts - 04/14/16 03:18 AM

The Gallatin County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a new committee designed to improve coordination between Bozeman, Belgrade and Gallatin County planners. The Bozeman City Commission and the Belgrade City Council are planning on approving similar measures in the coming weeks.
The new committee has been approved to help the whole valley better address the rapid growth seen in the area in the past few years. Both Bozeman and Belgrade real estate markets have been extremely fast paced and new residents come almost daily to Bozeman or Belgrade.
Currently, incorporated cities like Bozeman and Belgrade are responsible for planning and development within their … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Gallatin Valley Single Family Home Sales Through February 2016 - 04/13/16 02:37 AM

This month, we will compare the first two months of single family home sales in 2015 to the first two months in 2016. Here are some statistics:
Total home sales decreased by 15.98% in January and February this year. (253 sold in Quarter 1 of 2015, 169 through February 2015. 142 sold through February 2016.) Total dollar volume decreased by 6.90% in January and February this year. ($104,984,245 in Quarter 1 of 2015, $69,989,501 through February 2015. $65,158,535 through February 2016.) Homes have spent 13.91% less time on the market this year. (115 days on the market in Quarter 1 of … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman Book Mobile Ready to Roll - 03/28/16 04:00 AM

The Bozeman Public Library has officially raised enough money to purchase their Book Mobile, a mobile library designed to bring library amenities to all Bozeman residents.
The library purchased the mobile libray for $320,000. Originally, the library had hoped to raise $600,000 for costs. The library has raised $400,000, with extras going towards an endowment designed to maintain the vehicle. They received a $300,000 dollar donation in mid 2015. However, $600,000 will eventually be needed to stay within budget. The Book mobile will be 40 feet long, come with solar panels and will be handicap accessible. It will also have wi-fi, allowing … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Job Market Spurs US Housing Market Forward - 03/25/16 02:27 AM

Job growth in 2015 certainly helped spur the housing market forward. Most experts believe 2016 will follow the pattern, with job creation leading to increased activity in the United States Housing Market. Most believe the two sectors are linked and that as people find new, higher paying jobs, home values and activity will both rise with it.
The job market created 2.6 million new jobs in 2015. Unemployment hit 5% in 2015, down from 5.8% in 2014. Urban centers and high tech hubs experienced the most growth in both job creation and housing activity. Places like San Francisco, Denver and Seatlle all … (1 comments)

bozeman real estate: Land Trust Donates to Future Bozeman Park - 03/22/16 03:17 AM

The Trust for Public Land bought a 5-acre piece of land from the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Montana. The parcel adjoins the to-be-built Story Mill Community Park to the Northeast of town. The Trust for Public Land intends to donate the property to the City of Bozeman for the new park.
Adding new, adjacent public land to the park will make the public area near Bridger Canyon all the better. The park received $75,000 in 2015 as well, helping park officials carry out their goals.
The park already plans to develop 54+ acres, creating a top tier park for Bozeman residents. … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman Addressing Wages and Cost of Living - 03/15/16 03:38 AM

Bozeman’s new mayor, Carson Taylor, has probed interest from residents and city officials to see how they would react to a potential minimum wage hike in town. The query comes in response to the cost of living in Bozeman, coupled with its average wages.
Bozeman’s cost of living is slightly above average. Bozeman’s score for 2015 hit 102.7. An average cost of living scores a 100 flat, so Bozeman’s cost of living is 2.7% above the national average. Last year, Bozeman living sat at 0.8% above the national average. Manhattan, New York has an average cost of living at 27% above the … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman Planning for Growth in 2016 - 03/09/16 02:05 AM

Bozeman officials made it clear they are planning for growth in 2016 when they outlined their goals and hope for the town for the coming year. With the fastest growing economy in Montana and part of the fastest growing county in the state, officials will need to continue working to stay ahead of growth.
The city wants to focus on improving infrastructure, streets and transportation and affordable housing. Street maintenance and traffic have both been impacted by Bozeman’s booming housing market—a market that has driven up home values in the area. As Bozeman continues to grow, officials will need to continue staying … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bridger Alternative Program Now Montana’s First Charter School - 03/07/16 02:11 AM

In late February, the Bozeman School Board agreed unanimously to turn Bridger Alternative into Montana’s first Charter School. The school had originally been founded as an alternative program within Bozeman High School to help at risk teens graduate from high school.
Bridger Alternative’s program utilizes a competency model to determine how and when a student graduates. In traditional public schools like Bozeman High School, students complete a minimum number of days to graduate and also need passing grades. Bridger alternative students can earn credits by showing clear mastery of a skill, such as math, physics, English etc, allowing students to move quicker … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman A Top Ten Ski Town from USA Today - 03/04/16 01:58 AM

The USA Today honored Bozeman as a top ten ski town in the United States, christening it the “adventure capital of the Northern Rockies.” From their website, the national paper pointed to Bozeman’s university town feel, its laid back vibe, and its restaurants and breweries as major factors towards highlighting it as a premier ski destination.
Bozeman’s great location to premier skiing made Bozeman stand out compared to other winter towns. Just 16 miles from Bridger Bowl and less than an hour away from Big Sky, Bozeman also maintains a level of affordability compared to other major ski towns.
In similar news, … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: For Sale/For Rent Properties To Improve Affordability in Bozeman - 03/03/16 01:07 AM

Over the past few months, the City of Bozeman and local builders alike have worked hard to continue making homes more affordable in Bozeman.
For Rent
Bozeman has partnered with developers GMD Development from Seattle and Homeward out of Missoula. Together, they are building a 136 unit for rent, affordable apartment complex. Bozeman helped fund $200,000 for the project using the workforce housing levy.
The complex will be made for residents who earn 60% or less of Bozeman’s median income. Rents will range from $560 to $940 a month. The units will be subject to a rental control clause that will keep rents at … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman Looks to Expand Cottonwood, Durston Intersection - 02/24/16 02:25 AM

In early February, the Bozeman City Commission focused their efforts towards road expansion and reconstruction on the west side of town. With Bozeman's growth rate in the top ten nationally, road expansions and construction will continue to be needed. The city wants to expand the intersection of Cottonwood and Durston Road to better address the growth in the area. Bozeman has and will continue to find additional funding for city streets so long as growth continues.
Ideally, the commission would like to expand Cottonwood to four lanes and widen Durston to three lanes. The plan would also add a new light on … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman's New "Midtown" Gets Started - 11/23/15 02:49 AM
Bozeman has gone forward with plans to input a new urban renewal district on the North 7th area to beautify and densify the district.
The area, now rebranded as Midtown or Midtown Bozeman, has struggled with its lack of connection to the other parts of Bozeman and it’s urban, box-store feel. The area grew during the 60’s and 70’s, and has a basis in automobile transportation. For this reason, most of North Seventh has strip-mall style commercial businesses.
In the proposed plan, the district would try to foster developments that attract both commercial and residential patrons, ideally in mixed-use buildings. Bozeman wants to … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Building on Bozeman Main Street Renovated and Open for Business - 11/20/15 02:10 AM
An older building on the corner of Grand and Main Street in Bozeman finished their renovations in late October and is once again open for business. The building, known as the Dutton Building, sits near the entrance into Bozeman and will help add more visual appeal to Bozeman’s downtown.
The building had housed several restaurants over the past few years. After a few of them went out of business, the owners took the opportunity to tear down and renovate 2/3 of the building while adding a second floor.
The City Beautification Advisory Board bestowed and award on the building for its appearance and … (1 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman Commission Passes Inclusionary Zoning Plan - 11/19/15 02:16 AM
After nearly a year of discussion and research from residents, consultants and builders alike, and after a voted delay in September, the Bozeman City Commission decided to move forward with a two-stage plan to help lower home values in Bozeman.  The plan, ideally, will help Bozemanites with modest means better afford to buy homes within the city limits.
Although the areas surrounding Bozeman have more reasonable home and rent values and although Bozeman’s cost of living is not outrageously above national averages, the city made it clear, by their decision, that they want Bozeman itself to remain a diverse and affordable place … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Study Recommends Bozeman Montana Update Historic District Regulations - 11/13/15 01:58 AM
A study commissioned by the City of Bozeman in April has concluded that the city should reconsider the intensity of its regulations in its Conservation Overlay District. Downtown residents within the district, currently have to apply for a certificate of appropriateness before being allowed to make exterior modifications to any properties. The study concluded that although district regulations had helped preserve historic buildings in the area, it was also a major contributor to the lack of infill development in the city, keeping home inventory low and affecting home affordability in Bozeman.
According to the study, there are not any detached, single-family homes … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate: Bozeman Montana School Expansion Bond Passes - 11/13/15 01:11 AM
The Bozeman School district received great news from the Bozeman community on November 3rd, when voters passed 21.5 million dollars worth of bonds to expand both the Hawthorne Elementary School and Sacajawea Middle School.
Now, district officials can turn their sites towards a second high school in Bozeman.
As Bozeman grows, the community will need to continue funding the schools to help them address the rising student population and keep Bozeman the wonderful community that has attracted so many new residents.