bozeman real estate news: Bozeman Will Pay 7.5 Million to Settle Landfill Suit - 05/10/16 03:41 AM

A settlement has been reached between the City of Bozeman and disgruntled residents in Bridger Creek Phase 3. The lawsuit, filed by 22 property owners in the neighborhood, came in reaction to the discovery of gases leaking into homes from the nearby landfill.
Bozeman City Commissioners approved to settle with the home owners for $7.5 million. The settlement will also wipe any liability from the City of Bozeman, minus a few outstanding lawsuits also affiliated with the landfill leak. Taxpayers will pay $750,000 for the case, while 2.5 million will be paid by Golf Course Partners (developers of nearby Bridger Creek Golf … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Montana State helps Bozeman Update Historic Home List - 04/28/16 02:47 AM

Montana State University architecture students helped survey Bozeman’s historic district and Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District, inputting and updating the city’s historic homes in the area.  Students looked at over 500 homes and structures nearby campus and then logged their findings to help Bozeman determine what changes, if any, they will make to Bozeman’s historic district regulations.
Currently, the historic district and the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District both require residents to file for certificates of appropriateness when renovating their home, particularly its exterior. Rising home prices, a booming economy and bureaucratic slow down have lead City Commissioners to OK plans to revise the … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Land Trust Donates to Future Bozeman Park - 03/22/16 03:17 AM

The Trust for Public Land bought a 5-acre piece of land from the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Montana. The parcel adjoins the to-be-built Story Mill Community Park to the Northeast of town. The Trust for Public Land intends to donate the property to the City of Bozeman for the new park.
Adding new, adjacent public land to the park will make the public area near Bridger Canyon all the better. The park received $75,000 in 2015 as well, helping park officials carry out their goals.
The park already plans to develop 54+ acres, creating a top tier park for Bozeman residents. … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: For Sale/For Rent Properties To Improve Affordability in Bozeman - 03/03/16 01:07 AM

Over the past few months, the City of Bozeman and local builders alike have worked hard to continue making homes more affordable in Bozeman.
For Rent
Bozeman has partnered with developers GMD Development from Seattle and Homeward out of Missoula. Together, they are building a 136 unit for rent, affordable apartment complex. Bozeman helped fund $200,000 for the project using the workforce housing levy.
The complex will be made for residents who earn 60% or less of Bozeman’s median income. Rents will range from $560 to $940 a month. The units will be subject to a rental control clause that will keep rents at … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Bozeman Looks to Expand Cottonwood, Durston Intersection - 02/24/16 02:25 AM

In early February, the Bozeman City Commission focused their efforts towards road expansion and reconstruction on the west side of town. With Bozeman's growth rate in the top ten nationally, road expansions and construction will continue to be needed. The city wants to expand the intersection of Cottonwood and Durston Road to better address the growth in the area. Bozeman has and will continue to find additional funding for city streets so long as growth continues.
Ideally, the commission would like to expand Cottonwood to four lanes and widen Durston to three lanes. The plan would also add a new light on … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Bozeman Parks Exceeding 2012 Funding - 12/15/15 01:53 AM

In order to address Bozeman’s fast paced growth, the city has been hard at work to continue adding and enhancing the recreational parks in the area. Most of the funding has come from a 15 million dollar bond that passed in 2012. Unfortunately, as more visitors have taken up permanent residency in Bozeman, it appears that funding will fall short for the 6 major projects on Bozeman’s agenda.
The projects include the Bozeman Sports Athletic Complex, the Front Street Connector Trail, the Pass to the M, the Bozeman Pond Park expansion, the Bozeman creek work at Bogert park and the Story Mill … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Bozeman's New "Midtown" Gets Started - 11/23/15 02:49 AM
Bozeman has gone forward with plans to input a new urban renewal district on the North 7th area to beautify and densify the district.
The area, now rebranded as Midtown or Midtown Bozeman, has struggled with its lack of connection to the other parts of Bozeman and it’s urban, box-store feel. The area grew during the 60’s and 70’s, and has a basis in automobile transportation. For this reason, most of North Seventh has strip-mall style commercial businesses.
In the proposed plan, the district would try to foster developments that attract both commercial and residential patrons, ideally in mixed-use buildings. Bozeman wants to … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Building on Bozeman Main Street Renovated and Open for Business - 11/20/15 02:10 AM
An older building on the corner of Grand and Main Street in Bozeman finished their renovations in late October and is once again open for business. The building, known as the Dutton Building, sits near the entrance into Bozeman and will help add more visual appeal to Bozeman’s downtown.
The building had housed several restaurants over the past few years. After a few of them went out of business, the owners took the opportunity to tear down and renovate 2/3 of the building while adding a second floor.
The City Beautification Advisory Board bestowed and award on the building for its appearance and … (1 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Bozeman Commission Passes Inclusionary Zoning Plan - 11/19/15 02:16 AM
After nearly a year of discussion and research from residents, consultants and builders alike, and after a voted delay in September, the Bozeman City Commission decided to move forward with a two-stage plan to help lower home values in Bozeman.  The plan, ideally, will help Bozemanites with modest means better afford to buy homes within the city limits.
Although the areas surrounding Bozeman have more reasonable home and rent values and although Bozeman’s cost of living is not outrageously above national averages, the city made it clear, by their decision, that they want Bozeman itself to remain a diverse and affordable place … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Study Recommends Bozeman Montana Update Historic District Regulations - 11/13/15 01:58 AM
A study commissioned by the City of Bozeman in April has concluded that the city should reconsider the intensity of its regulations in its Conservation Overlay District. Downtown residents within the district, currently have to apply for a certificate of appropriateness before being allowed to make exterior modifications to any properties. The study concluded that although district regulations had helped preserve historic buildings in the area, it was also a major contributor to the lack of infill development in the city, keeping home inventory low and affecting home affordability in Bozeman.
According to the study, there are not any detached, single-family homes … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Bozeman Commissioners Use Eminent Domain for Traffic Improvement - 11/12/15 12:47 AM
After flirting with eminent domain for the second time in a year, this time, commissioners approved and will move forward with plans to use eminent domain to acquire an easement at the corner of Davis and Baxter Lanes.
The city has been trying to widen the two roads and add crosswalks and signals to the intersection. More often than not, owners adjacent to these streets would lose part of their land to the road expansion. Usually, the city and property owners can strike a deal in payment for land, but sometimes owners do not want to give up a piece of their … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: YMCA Community Center Progressing in Bozeman - 10/20/15 08:31 AM
With initial plans being submitted to the City Planning office for a new YMCA community center, it appears the project only needs to secure funding in order to move forward with plans.
The building, designed to be 20,000 square feet, will be approximately a 6 million dollar project, slightly up from March projections of 5.5 Million dollars. In March, the Gallatin Valley YMCA had raised 2.5 million for the project. Now, they have secured $300,000 in additional donations and are 1.2 million short of the 4 million needed to move forward on the project. The 4 million dollars would be used to … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Bozeman Fiber Optic Network Receives Big Boost - 10/08/15 04:26 AM
Bozeman’s attempt to lay fiber optic wire in town to improve internet prices, speeds and reliability for local business received a big boost from eight local banks recently. Bozeman Fiber Inc, the non-profit put in charge of the fiber optic project by the City of Bozeman, announced it has successfully negotiated 3.85 million in private financing.
The non-profit intends to develop an open-access network for private internet providers in Bozeman. They were put in charge of the project after the City of Bozeman moved away from earlier suggestions that would make the new cable public. Under the current plan, the project will … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Bozeman Montana Schools Look to Expand - 10/06/15 04:31 AM
On November 3rd, voters will decide whether to expand the Sacajawea Middle School and Hawthorne Elementary School. School officials believe that with Bozeman’s growth over the past years, now is the time to expand these schools to better address the growing Bozeman population.
School officials will put a proposal to expand the Sacajawea Middle School before voters, costing 16 million dollars. They had considered building a new school, but the costs could have been nearly double.
The middle school has struggled with space issues. The school uses one gym for 700 students, its orchestra and band rooms are a little small and additional … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Off Leash Dog Park in Bozeman Progressing - 09/30/15 09:07 AM
Bozeman’s new off leash dog park has been progressing well and should be have a full, walkable loop by the start of winter. The loop should be completed by Halloween. As Bozeman’s west side continues to grow, adding another dog park will help keep Bozeman dogs happy and healthy.
Phase 1 of the park will consist of 13 acres. Run Dog Run, the non-proift heading the project broke ground in May and have been working on fundraising for the park since then. So far they have raised $30,000 for the park and received matching funds from the Land and Water Conservation fund.
The … (1 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Fed Keeps Rates Near Zero, Mortgage Rates Fall - 09/29/15 04:25 AM
In light of the Federal Reserve’s decision to not raise the Federal funds rate, mortgage rates for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage fell to 3.86 percent this week.
The Federal Reserve continued to hold off on raising their interest rates, choosing to keep rates close to zero percent. The Fed attributed their lack of action to the lack of global growth that could potentially slow the domestic economy as well as the fact that inflation in the US remains subdued. The Fed committee also wanted to see additional evidence from the labor market to make sure it has and continues to … (2 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Commissioners Delay Vote on Affordable Housing Plan - 09/22/15 02:53 AM
I wanted to quickly apprise Bozeman locals and potential residents of the impending decision Bozeman Commissioners need to make regarding affordable housing. On Monday, Commissioners heard arguments from all sides on whether they should move forward with an inclusionary zoning proposal that would try to lower costs of home within Bozeman city limits.
Commissioners received solid opposition from members in both the real estate and building industries.  Both the Gallatin Association of Realtors and the Southwest Montana Building Association raised concerns about the new proposal. These two groups worried the proposal would set back a rebounding Bozeman housing market while also encouraging … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Element Hotel Takes on Growing Bozeman Tourism - 09/21/15 04:30 AM
With tourism spending in Montana close to $4 billion, with 662 million of those dollars being spent in the Gallatin County, its no wonder Bozeman has looked to take advantage of growing tourism in the area. After reports that hotels had their weekends booked through summer before the end of May, it makes sense that new hotels might try to grab some of the growing tourism market. This coming week, Bozeman will welcome a new hotel to its downtown—the Element hotel.
The Element will be 5 stories and have 104 rooms. It will be located on East Mendenhall, just a block from … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Commissioners to Address Bozeman Affordable Housing - 09/15/15 05:49 AM
In a great article by Eric Dietrich of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, he outlined the affordable housing proposal that commissioners will consider on September 21st as well as outlining the comments and concerns about the proposal from the two most prominent, opposing parties.
The proposal was made in light of rising values in the for-sale housing market in Bozeman and whether it’s the local government’s responsibility to help keep a certain segment of homes at the affordable level. Currently, there is worry that some residents will need to move to outlying communities to keep their homes affordable. Bozeman has had experts, non … (0 comments)

bozeman real estate news: Yellowstone Park on Pace to Break Visitor Record - 09/14/15 04:32 AM
After 8 months, Yellowstone National Park is on track to break the most visitors it has had in its recorded history. After the high season starts to wrap up in late August to early September, park officials generally have a good idea of how well the year has gone and will go—so far, Yellowstone continues to trend more visitors each and every year, with old highs quickly becoming the new baselines. 
After August, the park had a total of 3.1 million visitors. That number is 15% higher than the total seen after 8 months in 2014. In 2014 through August, Yellostone had … (0 comments)