home builders: Average Home Requires 22 Subcontractors to Build - 09/17/15 04:39 AM
When faced with putting down 200k plus for a new single family home, some buyers may wonder if their builder is walking away with huge profits. Although the builder may very well be making a good profit on the home, many buyers forget the organization and costs required to subcontract out the work needed to build the best home possible—tasks best done by experts in a specific industry. Buyers want to know that their home has been wired, plumbed and floored with the best of them, but having that guarantee does come with a higher price tag.
Builder’s use of subcontractors is … (2 comments)

home builders: Building Across US Still Strong - 08/26/15 08:13 AM
Building across the US remained strong with single family housing starts increasing, while multi family starts leveled off from a an exceptional month of June.
Single-family start-ups increased 13% from June and have now topped an annualized rate last seen in January 2008. The total number of single-family housing starts has increased over a three month moving average for every period since 2011.
Due to the unusually high level of multi-family start-ups seen in June, July housing starts fell slightly. In June, housing starts went up 28.6% compared to May and hit an annualized rate of 476k homes per year. July fell back … (1 comments)

home builders: Home Builders’ Top 5 Concerns and Obstacles for 2015 - 04/28/15 08:25 AM
Builders across the nation were surveyed by the National Association of Homebuilders regarding obstacles that may cause problems to their personal business and the overall housing market recovery. Here is a list of their top 5 concerns.
Cost/Availability of Labor – 68% Cost of Building Materials – 66% Bank/Financial Institution regulation – 61% Cost/Availability of Developed Lots – 57% Federal environmental regulations and policies – 57% Although all of these seem like common sense issues when building a home, its always good for buyers to better understand the perspective of the person selling their home. If a buyer can understand the … (3 comments)