home values: Home Value Increase Doubles Inflation Rate - 03/30/16 02:31 AM

Home values in the United States are increasing at twice the rate of the nation’s inflation rate according to Mortgage News Daily. S&P/Case-Shiller released a home value index for January, suggesting that values in the US rose by 5.4% since January 2015, year over year. That rate is the same rate seen in December as well as the whole 3rd quarter of 2015, helping confirm that real estate values are still trending up.
The western region of the United States drove most of the home value appreciation in the nation. Several cities saw 10% home values rise by more than 10 percent. … (0 comments)

home values: Home Inventory Improves in July, New Home Sales & Values Up Too - 09/10/15 08:25 AM
New home inventory increased by 218,000 units in July – great news for the overall housing market as it deepens and strengthens. The market has not seen such a high month-to-month improvement since March in 2010. Homebuilders continue to put more faith in the housing market by adding more homes to lure in prospective buyers. Although this time the rise in inventory did not lower home prices, steadily increasing inventory should help normalize the market—ideally to a consistent growth rate.
The housing market can take a big step forward by increasing existing home inventory in the future. Previous homeowners buy most new … (0 comments)

home values: US Home Prices Reach All-Time High, Inventory Low - 08/13/15 04:24 AM
Home Prices in the United States have reached an all time high according to the National Association of Realtors. The median sale price in June for all real estate housing types reached $236,400, up 6.5% from June 2014. Not only that, that figure hit above the 2006 record of $230,400 and is an all time high.
Limited inventory and high demand have been leading to the higher prices. Home sales increased by 3.2% in June to the highest level of sale activity seen since February 2007. Steady job growth and an improving economy have been pegged as the leading cause for the … (1 comments)

home values: Rental Market Hit New Highs in June - 08/07/15 04:33 AM
Rental prices continue to grow in the United States Housing Market making many wonder when and where the tipping point may come. The national effective growth rate for rental values went up by 5.1% in June to a 47 month high. Effective rent growths have also been at 5% for 5 consecutive months, a streak not seen since April 2009.
Tight occupancy has pushed rent even higher as the intense competition has allowed landlords to consistently raise rates while still finding tenants. The US rental occupancy rate now sits at 95.3 percent. Although renters have struggled to keep up with the recent … (3 comments)

home values: Housing Sales, Inventory, Values, All Up in March - 04/27/15 08:37 AM
Existing home sales hit their highest annual rate since September 2013, good news for the overall housing market. Existing home sales rose to 6.1% in March to an annual rate of 5.19 million. That figure is 10.4% higher than a year ago. Low mortgage rates and a strengthening job outlook locally and nationally have fueled the increased sale activity. As home buying and selling activity increases, the overall market will deepen and be more immune to shifting conditions—again, positive news.
Home values are still rising—generally good news for sellers. Across the nation, a median priced existing home sold for $212,000, up 7.8% … (0 comments)