new homes for sale: Average Home Requires 22 Subcontractors to Build - 09/17/15 04:39 AM
When faced with putting down 200k plus for a new single family home, some buyers may wonder if their builder is walking away with huge profits. Although the builder may very well be making a good profit on the home, many buyers forget the organization and costs required to subcontract out the work needed to build the best home possible—tasks best done by experts in a specific industry. Buyers want to know that their home has been wired, plumbed and floored with the best of them, but having that guarantee does come with a higher price tag.
Builder’s use of subcontractors is … (2 comments)

new homes for sale: New-Home Buyers Walk and Bike More Than the Rest - 12/05/14 05:34 AM
Today I stumbled upon an article with a really out there fact that I felt like I had to share. Apparently, residents of newly built homes are more likely to bike or walk as a form of transportation than homeowners of previously owned homes. According to the article 44% of residents in newly constructed homes either bike or walk compared to 40% for houses in general.
In general, new-home buyers are more likely to walk than bike, if they were to  choose one exclusively. A quarter of those surveyed walk but don’t bike while fewer than 4% said they bike and … (1 comments)