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Can the Right Accessories in a Home Make a Difference? One of the services my Atlanta Georgia home staging company, Georgia Interior Solutions, LLC, offers is an "accessory" package for occupied homes. And while the majority of our stagings focus on vacant homes, we do, on occasion, receive calls...
Can a Single Home Staging Consultation Help Sell a Home? The answer is yes. Here's why. The challenge many homeowners experience is that not only are they emotionally attached to the home, they're attached to the items within the home.  There's also a tendency to believe that the layout of the fu...
Is Your Home Capturing the Buyers Off the Internet? In the case of this home (see before picture below), we have a completely vanilla kitchen (minus my bin of accessories, of course). The cabinets are white. The appliances are white and we have a light-color countertop. If left empty, it's likely...
  Here's an awesome set of yard staging tips brought to you by Corinne Kaas, a home stager out of New York City. If you have a home you're looking to sell in NYC, Corinne Kaas with Harmonizing Homes makes the perfect solution.   Kathy   Over the weekend I wrote a a blog about a  house that was fo...
Will Dated Furniture Hinder The Sale of Your Home? A common practice for homeowners with vacant properties is to utilize furniture that they have hanging around. They make the assumption, and with reason, that something in the room is better than leaving it vacant.  And while most buyers benefit ...
Semi-Staged.  Is it Effective? Let me start by sharing an example of what I mean when I say "semi-staged." As you can see in the photo above, there are a few accessories scattered on the bookshelves. The homeowner had added these to help warm up the space. Don't get me wrong, the accessories were...
Your Active Rain Profile - Simple Changes, Great Reward!   The following post was created and posted by Karen George back in the beginning of '07. I had only been following Karen for a couple of months when she had made this post.  I knew so little about SEO back then. However, I felt confident t...

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