atlanta real estate: FHA Anti-Flipping Waiver Extended - 12/04/12 11:52 AM
FHA Anti-Flipping Waiver Extended Good news for Atlanta real estate investors, renovators and buyers who want to take advantage of FHA’s low down payment mortgages!  The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) announced that the temporary waiver of FHA’s 90-day “anti-flipping” rule has been extended through 2014. This extension is going to have an enormous — and positive — impact on our Atlanta real estate market.  What’s so exciting about this announcement?  For many years FHA had a rule that forbids “flipping” a home (i.e. updating/renovating a home and reselling in less than 90 days). This meant that Atlanta real estate investors … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate: Atlanta Bidding Wars are BACK! Tips to Beat the Competition - 07/06/12 10:30 AM
It's official, Atlanta Bidding Wars are Back!  Tips to Beat the Competition and get your dream home. More and more, Atlanta home buyers are finally finding their “dream home’…. only to learn that it is also the “dream home” of four or five other home buyers.
So how do you beat the competition when there are multiple offers for that perfect Atlanta home?   We’ve assisted dozens and dozens of buyers in multiple offer situations and were able to secure the home for at least 95% of them and wanted to share some simple tips that will help you stand out from the … (5 comments)

atlanta real estate: Learn something new today... 10 Cool Tools for your real estate business - 11/09/10 08:45 AM
One of the featured posts yesterday discussed the importance of learning something new every day.  With search engines, blogs, webinars and resources like ActiveRain, it isn't hard to do.  I spent 40 minutes yesterday doing a bit of research and found 10 cool new tools that will help me (and hopefully you) enhance or grow your real estate business.
Here's what I found after only 40 minutes...
Stopped by my favorite website (ActiveRain!) and read through 2 or 3 featured posts.  The first inspired me to learn something new every day and the next was a great summary of the RainCamp … (9 comments)

atlanta real estate: Let's Get Blogging - 101+ Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog (Part II) - 09/08/10 03:55 PM
The battle with "Blogger's Block" is officially OVER!     Thanks to all of my fellow ActiveRainers, we now have list of not 101 ideas for your blog -- but 125 fantastic ideas!  
Sometimes it can be difficult to break through our writer's block and come up with new things to write about.  Now, there are NO EXCUSES! 
Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog
Metro Area Quarterly Market reports Neighborhood Market Reports / Sales Data How's the Market in XYZ Neighborhood? Local Adsorption Rates Most expensive recent sales in XYZ neighborhood or town "Dream" homes for sale in XYZ neighborhood or city Celebrity home … (83 comments)

atlanta real estate: We did it again... - 08/03/10 06:40 AM
... Keller Williams was rated #1 by JD Power for the 3rd Year in a Row!
According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Home Buyer/Seller StudySM, Keller Williams Realty, Inc., the third largest real estate company in the United States, has received the highest overall satisfaction ratings from home buyers among the largest full-service real estate firms for the third year in a row.
>>> See the full press release

I also found another interesting artile from PR News Wire that discusses the increase in home buyer satisfaction and the DECREASE in home seller satistfaction.
>>> Read the article … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate: Tips for a Successful Short Sale on Your Atlanta Home - 07/28/10 02:54 AM
7 Tips for Short Sale Success
Article From
By: G. M. FiliskoPublished: March 19, 2010
Have to sell your home for less than it's worth? Our seven tips will help you get the best price.
When you owe more on your home than it's worth, but you have to sell, you need to squeeze every dollar possible from the sale. Here are seven tips for navigating the short-sale process.
1. Know who you owe
A short sale has to be approved by any company that has a mortgage or lien against your home. That includes your first, second, or … (1 comments)

atlanta real estate: Georgia Real Estate Update - Possible Changes to Property Tax System - 02/09/10 05:10 AM
A much-needed overhaul of Georgia's property tax system might be on the horizon. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) introduced a 47-page bill that features more than 40 changes in the current property tax system and would, according to Rogers, grant homeowners more power. 
"The collection of taxes should be fair, transparent and easy to understand. Sadly, the property tax system in Georgia accomplishes none of these things," Rogers said. "This legislation attempts to bring fairness to an unfair system." He said that while home values have dipped across the state, property tax assessments have remained artificially high. His … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate: Atlanta Real Estate Market - See what homes are selling for in your Atlanta Neighborhood - 08/14/09 05:39 PM
Atlanta Home Search - Search for Homes by Intown Atlanta Neighborhood
If you are thinking of buying or selling a home, there are quite a few fantastic (and not-so-fantastic) sources out there for home values in your area.  To follow is a no-nonsense list of ALL the homes that have sold in 2009 (as of July 31, 2009).
Please click on the links below to view the Atlanta and Decatur homes that sold and see how your home stacks up!
OAKHURST Decatur - Zip code 30030
>>  See ALL the Oakhurst home sales in 2009
>>  View ALL the current Oakhurst … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate: DEKALB COUNTY GA - 2009 Property Taxes - Important Update - 08/11/09 04:00 AM
If you listen to the evening news, I'm sure you've heard about possible property tax increases in several Georgia counties as well as the City of Atlanta. I was visiting the Dekalb County Tax Commissioner's website today and the following information was posted...
Dekalb County Tax Commissioner Claudia G. Lawson says "homeowners should brace themselves for additional property taxes this year and the next. The State Homestead Tax Relief Grant that funded an increased homestead exemption for homeowners for the last several years will not be available this year."
"Declining state revenues during the current recession means there is no money for the … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate: Too many Tweets? - 05/26/09 10:33 AM
I will admit that I was a little hesitant to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but now I've been tweeting for several months and lovin' every minute of it!  :-)
Today I discovered that I must not be alone.  Thanks to the media, the Twitter jokes and even Oprah's Twitter show, Twitter has officially grabbed the attention of so many, that their servers are on OVERLOAD. 
I've tried to send out a few tweets to my peeps today and received this message...

It didn't know it was possible to have too many treats... I mean Tweets! 


atlanta real estate: Why isn't my home selling? - 04/15/09 04:35 AM
Good question -- and one that you hear often in today's Atlanta real estate market.
The answer is that your home is probably overpriced.
If you REALLY want to sell your home in the shortest amount of time for the HIGHEST PRICE - no matter what the market conditions -- there is ONE thing that you absolutely have to do:
That may mean pricing it 1% to 4% below market value in order to stay ahead of the declining home values, but the upside is that it will SELL QUICKLY and may even generate multiple offers.
According to … (5 comments)

atlanta real estate: Everything you need to know about the 2008 and 2009 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credits - 03/14/09 04:27 AM
First time home buyer - Federal Tax Credit -- $7500 vs $8000
For many potential first time home buyers, the 2008 and 2009 "First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit" has been a bit of a mystery. 
I've had many questions such as -- When do you get your tax credit?  Do you have to pay it back?  What if you sell your house within 2 or 3 years?  What if I'm a first time home buyer but my husband isn't? created a "Cheat Sheet" that covers EVERYTHING and should answer 99% of your questions about the 2008 and 2009 First time home buyer … (2 comments)

atlanta real estate: Atlanta Real Estate - Another good sign for the Atlanta housing market - 01/18/09 08:19 AM
 Atlanta Real Estate - Atlanta Home Search
I've had a very GOOD feeling about real estate in 2009.  On New Year's Day, my phone was ringing with potential home buyers who wanted to start their Atlanta home search... and the phone hasn't stopped ringing since thanks to the historically low interest rates, forecasts of the market bottoming out and the number of foreclosures.
In a recent article by the Daily Real Estate News, titled "10 Cities Boasting Mini Sales Booms", the experts say that Atlanta is one of the cities where it makes the most sense to buy now. 
Here are all … (1 comments)

atlanta real estate: Preparing to Buy a new home -- Credit Scores & FREE Reports - 06/26/08 12:41 PM
Atlanta Real Estate - Buying a Home
Thinking of buying your first (or 2nd or 3rd) home? 
To ensure that you are able to take advantage of the best and lowest interest rates available, I highly recommend that you take the following steps to ensure that your credit report is accurate and that you understand your credit score at each of the bureaus.
First and foremost, start EARLY!
Review your credit reports to ensure that there are no discrepancies.  If there are errors, usually the credit bureaus can resolve in 30 to 45 days.
By law, Georgia residents are allowed a … (2 comments)

atlanta real estate: Home Foreclosures in Metro Atlanta - View all foreclosures - 03/03/08 08:37 AM
Atlanta Real Estate - Foreclosures
Whether your are an investor, first time home buyer or just looking for a rental property, foreclosures are a great option.  Before you begin the search for a foreclosure, keep the following items in mind:
1)  Are you pre-approved?  Bank-owned homes require a pre-approval letter with an offer
2)  Plan to have some money set aside to address home repairs -- a high percentage of foreclosed homes require repairs.
3)  All (or most) of the foreclosed homes are sold "AS IS" and you are not able to ask for repairs.  As part of your contract, you will … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate: Atlanta First-time Home Buyers - How many lenders should you contact to compare interest rates? - 02/23/08 04:25 PM
Weekly Q&A: How many lenders should I contact to compare interest rates?
Some of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a Realtor have been with first-time home buyers.  I've found that they ask some VERY good questions, and thought it might helpful to other new buyers if I started documenting the critical questions and answers that are essential to the home buying process...
Q:  How many lenders should we contact to compare rates?
A:  I would recommend that you compare rates with at least 2 or 3 lenders, but that interest rates are not the only thing you should keep in … (0 comments)

atlanta real estate: Real Estate Pricing Strategies... new research - 02/21/08 01:30 PM
I just heard about a recent study completed by Cornell University, regarding the pricing of listings... and the perception of potential buyers.  Cornell's study evaluated 27,000 home sales in Florida and Long Island (including a control group) and found that customers perceieve round prices, such as $225,000, as being higher than prices such as $225,682.  
The study revealed that round prices (such as $225,000) resulted in a lower final sales price AND that for every zero in the in the last three digits directly correlated to a lower final sales price. 
I've always heard that your list price should end in 900 or 500, so after reviewing … (3 comments)

atlanta real estate: Atlanta Real Estate - First-time Homebuyer Mistakes - 02/20/08 01:59 PM
5 Common First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes
1)  Buyers don't ask enough questions of their lender and miss out on the best deal.  There are many different financing options out there, from interest only to lender-paid mortgage insurance.  You need a loan officer who will help you understand your options.
2)  Buyers don't act quickly enough to make a decision and someone else buys the house. 
3)  Buyers don't find the right agent whose willing to help them through the homebuying process... you need someone who is dedicated to the home search process and quickly notifies you of homes that just came on the … (0 comments)

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