california: Attorney Steve's Top 10 Copyright Liability Risk Areas for Brokers - 08/27/19 02:26 PM
Got a handle on social media IP issues?
Here is a podcast I did today on my poidcast.  Today, we are talking about use of photos, fonts, aerials and more in your YouTube videos, marketing, advertising, brochures, etc.  Some of the hidden legal risk areas you may not have been thinking of.  Also, dropping the seed on an upcoming (issue that is slowly brewing) on whether or not your website is ADA accessible.  This won't be addressed, but just to let you know this might have to get on your radar soon.  For now, here the podcast.  
If you need help with a Copyright … (1 comments)

california: Vondran Legal - Overview of our real estate legal services - 05/22/18 05:35 PM
Vondran Legal is a Premier Real Estate Firm with offices in California and Arizona!  We have helped countless brokers, real estate agents, homeowners and others in BRE accusations and licensing matters, arbitration, mediation and state & federal litigation.
About Us
Our law firm launched in 2004. We started small, incorporating real estate companies and helping financial entities obtain CFL lending licenses and handling general real estate compliance issues, including broker audits, investigations and accusations.  From there, we mushroomed into other areas of real estate law, including becoming a leader in California broker compliance law, foreclosure, predatory lending, zoning, and financial elder abuse.  We built … (0 comments)

california: Negligence issues in property management in California - 05/20/18 10:33 PM
Property Management Litigation & Arbitration Law Firm
Being a property manager is no easy task.  As a matter of compliance, property managers have quite a few legal compliance issues to keep in mind, from trust fund accounting to affiliate disclosures, record keeping, and everything in between.  But another important consideration for California and Arizona property managers is reducing their legal exposure on various transactions.  In the world of litigation, one of the biggest causes of action can be for negligence.
Negligence involves:
(1) Duty of care owed
(2) Breach of duty of due care
(3) The breach is the proximate and legal cause of Plaintiff's damages
(4) … (1 comments)

california: California BRE lawyer shares property management audit tips - 08/08/17 12:53 PM
Open Season for CalBRE property management audits?
Hi again everybody, Attorney Steve® here with some 2017 real estate updates.  Based on the number of phone calls I have been receiving lately from California real estate brokers and salespersons, it appears to be "open season" on real estate brokers, in particular, property management companies. Some of the things I believe are triggering audits are:
1. Property managers who post real estate listings for rentals on Craigslist and other websites that DO NOT have their broker license identification numbers.
2. Complaint filed with the BRE (either relating to short sales transactions, sales transations, or property management issues … (1 comments)

california: Overview of insurance subrogation for real estate professionals - 07/31/14 05:34 AM

The focus of this blog is insurance subrogation.
Many real estate brokers are familiar with the concept that when you have water, fire, or flood damage to residential or commercial property, this can trigger an insurance claim.  The insurance company then comes out and assesses the property damage, and writes a check to cover repairs and losses.  This is pretty straight forward.  But what many brokers don't know is that the insurance company does not have to just say "oh well, there goes $100,000 in an insurance … (0 comments)

california: Why are California homeowners being denied the right to reinstate? - 05/24/13 12:51 PM

The problem with the right to reinstate your loan in California 5 business days prior to trustee sale.   The California Association of Realtors has put out a nice timeline dealing wiith the foreclosure timelines in California.  This handy chart makes clear that a borrower has a legal right to reinstate their mortgage loan 5 business days prior to a trustees sale.  Why then are we still getting calls from borrowers that (after being told to stop making their mortgage payments with the false hopes and/or promises of a loan modification) are then refusing to accept the borrower's mortgage payments, … (1 comments)

california: Important Alert about the broker's duty to supervise rule 2725 - 05/08/13 04:04 PM

Are you ready to go from Real Estate Broker to Real Estate salespersons because you don't fully understand the duty to supervise?
This is an important notice about something that I know everyone already knows, but may not truly understand.  This article is based on things that I seen in my practice and that I am learning right now regarding how the California Department of Real Estate views the broker's duty of supervison versus how some brokers see it, and deal with it.  As a licensed real estate broker myself (I practiced real estate before becoming a … (0 comments)

california: Basic overview of the Administrative Hearing Act that applies to DRE disciplinary hearings - 07/16/12 09:52 AM
When a California DRE licensed broker or salesperson faces an administrative hearing involving their license (ex. a hearing to determine whether the broker's license should be revoked or suspended) the California Adiministrative Procudure Act applies.  This is a Primer of the CALIFORNIA ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT!
For example, say a California Real Estate Broker was charge with committing one or more of the following acts:
Comingling broker trust account funds (California business and professions code section 10176(e)) Improper use of unlicensed DBA (California business and professions code section … (1 comments)

california: General overview Understanding Private Arbitration of Ethics Violations, Real Estate Commission Disputes, MLS, and other Disputes for California Realtors. - 07/16/12 09:48 AM

We all know if you practice real estate long enough, you are bound to run into either a commission dispute with another real estate broker or salesperson (or a member of the public) or someone who wants to charge/threaten you with an ethics violation, or threaten your real estate license in some other fashion, for example threatening suspension or discipline.
So the question arises, what happens if you are a party to one of these disputes?  For example, what if another broker wants to sue you over a commission dispute?  Well, assuming you are a realtor, you would … (0 comments)

california: Loan Modification Lawyer takes Wachovia and World Savings Loans on Contingency Fee Basis! - 07/26/09 01:28 PM

Attention California and Arizona homeowners - (limited time offer) if you are facing foreclosure and cannot afford your loan in its current condition (i.e. you have an adjustable rate mortgage that is about to adjust or a negative amortization ARM that you cannot keep up with) give us a call to discuss our attorney loan modification service.  Basically, we have been having very good success in obtaining loan modifications for Wold Savings Option Arm Loans and Wachovia Option Arm loans.  Also for subprime loans for Wachovia and World Savings.
The best part about all of this is YOU PAY NO … (0 comments)

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