lawyer: Vondran Legal - Overview of our real estate legal services - 05/22/18 05:35 PM
Vondran Legal is a Premier Real Estate Firm with offices in California and Arizona!  We have helped countless brokers, real estate agents, homeowners and others in BRE accusations and licensing matters, arbitration, mediation and state & federal litigation.
About Us
Our law firm launched in 2004. We started small, incorporating real estate companies and helping financial entities obtain CFL lending licenses and handling general real estate compliance issues, including broker audits, investigations and accusations.  From there, we mushroomed into other areas of real estate law, including becoming a leader in California broker compliance law, foreclosure, predatory lending, zoning, and financial elder abuse.  We built … (0 comments)

lawyer: Negligence issues in property management in California - 05/20/18 10:33 PM
Property Management Litigation & Arbitration Law Firm
Being a property manager is no easy task.  As a matter of compliance, property managers have quite a few legal compliance issues to keep in mind, from trust fund accounting to affiliate disclosures, record keeping, and everything in between.  But another important consideration for California and Arizona property managers is reducing their legal exposure on various transactions.  In the world of litigation, one of the biggest causes of action can be for negligence.
Negligence involves:
(1) Duty of care owed
(2) Breach of duty of due care
(3) The breach is the proximate and legal cause of Plaintiff's damages
(4) … (1 comments)

lawyer: Duty to mediate under the standard form PSAG - 05/20/18 10:28 PM
Real Estate Mediation & Arbitration (ADR) under the California PSAG
When you get involved in a real estate dispute in California in a residential purchase or sale (either as the buyer or the seller) it is important to NOT FORGET the contractual duty to mediate any disputes that arise under the transaction.  This assumes you are using the standard C.A.R. residential purchase and sale agreement.  As mentioned in this BRE publication regarding basic real estate contract provisions for California residential transactions:
"Dispute Resolution The parties agree to mediate, absent some exclusions, all disputes and claims before resorting to arbitration or court action. A … (0 comments)

lawyer: California BRE lawyer shares property management audit tips - 08/08/17 12:53 PM
Open Season for CalBRE property management audits?
Hi again everybody, Attorney Steve® here with some 2017 real estate updates.  Based on the number of phone calls I have been receiving lately from California real estate brokers and salespersons, it appears to be "open season" on real estate brokers, in particular, property management companies. Some of the things I believe are triggering audits are:
1. Property managers who post real estate listings for rentals on Craigslist and other websites that DO NOT have their broker license identification numbers.
2. Complaint filed with the BRE (either relating to short sales transactions, sales transations, or property management issues … (1 comments)

lawyer: CalBRE Broker Office Survey - what's this? - 07/20/17 09:41 PM
2017 CalBRE real estate updates from Attorney Steve®
Our firm has helped numerous real estate companies across the state of California in a wide variety of BRE compliance issues.  From advanced fee agreements, to statement of issues response, to defending in BRE audits, investigations and accusations.  Recently, it has come to our attention that more brokers are receiving “broker office survey” letters which come across as very informal but which could pack a serious compliance punch.  This blog talks about these letters and what you should do when you receive a letter.
What does the audit  letter say?
The letter may come from an … (1 comments)

lawyer: Legal tips for selling property with tough tenants CC 1954 - 12/29/14 05:02 AM

Click on the picture above to jump to our Real Estate Video Case Brief on the Dromy case.

What do you do when you have a residential property owner that wants to sell their property, but has one problem - a tenant who wants their privacy and to have quiet use and enjoyment of their real property during the terms of their lease?  As a real estate agent or broker, you want a commission check, and you need access to the property so you can take pictures and market the property through open houses (open houses normally occurring … (1 comments)

lawyer: Home improvements gone wrong might invoke AZROC dispute process - 08/24/14 09:37 AM

  Overview of Arizona Registrar of Contractors (“ROC”) complaint process.  This article is written by Steve Vondran, civil litigation attorney handling cases in Arizona and California. The law is constantly changing and this article may not be accurate and should not be relied on.  Contact our firm to discuss your case at (877) 276-5084.  This is general legal information.
For many people, real estate is their most valuable asset and when the funds are available, home improvement is often one of the first things on the “to-do” list.  But what happens when the contractor you hire fails … (0 comments)

lawyer: How to prevent getting a take down letter for real estate bloggers! - 08/12/14 03:36 PM
Top 5 Intellectual Property & Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Blogger
We live in a litigious society, especially in California where I practice business and real estate law.  It seems companies and individuals will get upset about the smallest of things, including you writing a blog post about a particular community, real estate deal, or posting another broker's listings on your website, etc.  
We all know the practice of real estate involves having at least a fair legal mind and attention to all the details of the business. But what do you do when someone sends your … (60 comments)

lawyer: How to avoid a BRE audit in five easy steps - 08/06/14 01:51 PM

Attorney Steve's top five tips to avoid a real estate audit by the BRE
This article is a general legal overview of a few tips I have encountered over the years to help real estate brokers protect themselves and avoid a BRE audit.  Basically, the BRE (Bureau of Real Estate) will respond to complaints against real estate licensees and they may call you up and want to ask you a few questions.  Oftentimes it is in regard to a single transaction.  Other times, there is a disgruntled ex-employee that has an axe to grind that reports some type of wrongdoing … (1 comments)

lawyer: It's time to thank you, our active rain fans! - 07/26/14 05:25 PM

Lots of times we are posting on this website talking about new broker laws, real estate litigation and arbitraton, tips to stay out of lawsuits and general real estate coaching.  Today, we are just saying THANKS for supporting Vondran Law and for helping us become a great real estate law firm and for helping us build our REAL ESTATE YOUTUBE channel break the 30,0000 views mark.  While this may not rival "viral videos" it is very important to us and our ACTIVERAIN fans and viewers helped us get here.  So THANK YOU so much for liking and sharing our … (5 comments)

lawyer: Is your real estate business card compliant with California laws? - 05/10/14 05:14 AM

Attorney Steve's BRE Compliance Best Practices
In law it is always the little things that matter most.  In this case, it is the business cards (and other solicitation materials) and your real estate license number under the microscope.
Is your real estate business card compliant with the real estate law and the real estate commissioner's rules and regulations?  This is an area many brokers probably take for granted and think "aw, this is no big deal, it's just a business card."
It is true that it is just a business card, but it is also a BRE legal compliance issue.

lawyer: Company names the Arizona Department of Real Estate will NOT approve - 02/22/14 03:35 AM
  Howdy again everyone.  This blog is for Arizona real estate brokers who are getting ready to lauch their real estate brokerage business, basically, by incorporating and chooising a new business name to submit to the Arizona Deaprtment of Real Estate (AZ DRE). I can save you some time by telling you what company and business names NOT TO CHOOSE.  I recently found out there is a list of terms and words the new commissioner will not approve (even though it seems the previous commissioner would approve it).  This is not to criticize the commissioner, instead, my goal is to make … (0 comments)

lawyer: Attorney Steve's great tips for realtors, salespersons and brokers! - 06/11/13 03:03 PM
Okay, as a real estate lawyer I interface with a lot of very professional and successful real estate people.  As such, when I see or hear good real estate brokering ideas, i am going to start sharing them.  Some of them will probably be real obvious to alot of people, but that won't stop me because I have seen a lot of different things, and if my tips help just one real estate broker or salesperson make money, then all the better. Just don't forget me when you need a real estate lawyer!! … (3 comments)

lawyer: Will you lose your NMLS mortgage loan originator license in accusation - 05/13/13 11:08 PM
A word about NMLS licenses and California Business and Professions Code Section 10166.051 After you have been audited by the California Department of Real Estate ("DRE") - soon to be called the "bureau of real estate" ("BRE"), one question I get quite frequently is WILL I LOSE MY NMLS LICENSE and lose the ability to originate mortgage loans?  Well, the short answer is maybe yes. Under the law, the department could discipline your NMLS license when you are charge with wrongdoing, dishonest dealing, trust fund accounting violations, advance fee violations, willful violation of the real estate law, just for a … (0 comments)

lawyer: Important Alert about the broker's duty to supervise rule 2725 - 05/08/13 04:04 PM

Are you ready to go from Real Estate Broker to Real Estate salespersons because you don't fully understand the duty to supervise?
This is an important notice about something that I know everyone already knows, but may not truly understand.  This article is based on things that I seen in my practice and that I am learning right now regarding how the California Department of Real Estate views the broker's duty of supervison versus how some brokers see it, and deal with it.  As a licensed real estate broker myself (I practiced real estate before becoming a … (0 comments)

lawyer: What does an Arizona zoning and land use attorney do? - 03/23/13 09:10 AM


This is a question I get fairly often, even from other Attorneys.  As a Phoenix Arizona Zoning Attorney, there are many different types of things we do to help real estate owners, developers and investors.  Here are a list of the Top 10 things that a zoning and entitlement lawyer might do. If you have real estate clients looking to get entitlements or zoning for their real estate project, this will hopefully be a handy resource.

1.  We can help you … (5 comments)

lawyer: Attorney Steve podcast gives overview of buying an arizona business - 03/17/13 10:21 AM
The greater Phoenix Arizona area is poised for another growth spurt.  What does that mean?  It just may mean it is a good time to consider buying or selling an Arizona business or starting a franchise.  Listen in as Attorney Steve discusses some of the major things to consider when buying a business in any of the following Arizona cities or towns (or other towns and cities in the greater phoenix area):

Casa Grande
Sun City

Here is a video that discusses the top 10 things to think … (0 comments)

lawyer: Ten most common violations found in DRE audits - 12/27/12 03:05 PM
Hi everyone, for most of you this blog is nothing but a refresher course.  For some of you, there might be some good information here.  Wishing everyone success in 2013.  It's going to be a very big year!


lawyer: Upcoming real estate shows on Vondran Legal Hour - 12/04/12 02:14 PM

Hi don't forget to listen in to our Internet Radio Show.  We will be discussing two hot issues affecting real estate professionals.  The shows are on wednesday and Thrusday at 4:30 at
1.  The indepdennt foreclosure review - distressed homeowners may have a right to recover up to $125,000.
2.  Attorney Steve CLE seminar in San Diego (talking foreclosure and injunctions and the california homeowner bill of rights).
Click the Banner above to take you to the show!  We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you - Attorney Steve

lawyer: DRE commissioner's regulation 2773 are you complying? - 10/29/12 03:15 PM
Just a quick reminder to catch our internet radio show tomorrow - The Vondran Legal Hour - where we will be discussing regulation 2773 and a general overview of the requirements for real estate licensees.  If you have not heard about the law, it was passed in 2009, and requires real estate licensees to disclosure their real estate license number on certain print advertising.  I have seen a general lack of compliance on this so just thought I would touch on the topic briefly.
You can access the link to the DRE Advertising Regulation 2773 show here.

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