license: Cal Property Managers are you ready for trust fund audit? - 10/28/17 01:43 PM
I know, you are probably TIRED of hearing about another blog on real estate COMPLIANCE but this is an extremely important topic that most brokers are not even aware of, but the California Bureau of Real Estate (“BRE”), soon to go back to the “Department of Real Estate” name, is out in full force handling audits throughout the State of California through its four office locations (San Diego, Fresno, Los Angeles, and Oakland).  What does this mean for the California property manager?   It means you better be ready to “show your books” as we are seeing a major crack down on … (3 comments)

license: How to get a real estate license with a prior criminal conviction? - 05/31/16 11:10 AM

If you have ever dreamed of having your real estate license and getting involved in the amazing real estate business (either representing clients buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, quoting mortgages, handling property management, or even selling business opportunities), but have prior criminal convictions in your background – either a felony or misdemeanor, this blog is for you.   This blog will tell you everything you need to know about what your chances are to “get your ticket” to the real estate dance.  We have helped many … (0 comments)

license: Home improvements gone wrong might invoke AZROC dispute process - 08/24/14 09:37 AM

  Overview of Arizona Registrar of Contractors (“ROC”) complaint process.  This article is written by Steve Vondran, civil litigation attorney handling cases in Arizona and California. The law is constantly changing and this article may not be accurate and should not be relied on.  Contact our firm to discuss your case at (877) 276-5084.  This is general legal information.
For many people, real estate is their most valuable asset and when the funds are available, home improvement is often one of the first things on the “to-do” list.  But what happens when the contractor you hire fails … (0 comments)

license: Is your real estate business card compliant with California laws? - 05/10/14 05:14 AM

Attorney Steve's BRE Compliance Best Practices
In law it is always the little things that matter most.  In this case, it is the business cards (and other solicitation materials) and your real estate license number under the microscope.
Is your real estate business card compliant with the real estate law and the real estate commissioner's rules and regulations?  This is an area many brokers probably take for granted and think "aw, this is no big deal, it's just a business card."
It is true that it is just a business card, but it is also a BRE legal compliance issue.

license: What is a restricted real estate license in California? - 03/08/14 12:18 PM
An overview of restricted real estate licenses in California.
You may have heard of a broker or salesperson who has a "restricted" real estate license.  But just what does that mean?

Click on the picture above to go to our Attorney Steve Real Estate TV video on restricted licenses.  Here is another video that discusses removing restricted real estate license status.
In a nutshell, a restricted real estate license is what often results following a BRE accusation being filed (which is basically a complaint against a real estate licensee who is alleged to have violated the real estate law or … (2 comments)

license: Will you lose your NMLS mortgage loan originator license in accusation - 05/13/13 11:08 PM
A word about NMLS licenses and California Business and Professions Code Section 10166.051 After you have been audited by the California Department of Real Estate ("DRE") - soon to be called the "bureau of real estate" ("BRE"), one question I get quite frequently is WILL I LOSE MY NMLS LICENSE and lose the ability to originate mortgage loans?  Well, the short answer is maybe yes. Under the law, the department could discipline your NMLS license when you are charge with wrongdoing, dishonest dealing, trust fund accounting violations, advance fee violations, willful violation of the real estate law, just for a … (0 comments)

license: Ten most common violations found in DRE audits - 12/27/12 03:05 PM
Hi everyone, for most of you this blog is nothing but a refresher course.  For some of you, there might be some good information here.  Wishing everyone success in 2013.  It's going to be a very big year!


license: DRE has "clear and convincing" standard in accusation hearings - 10/28/12 11:11 AM

An interesting real estate license discipline case came down from the California Court of Appeals involving Grubb Company, inc. ("Grubb") and one of their real estate licensees.
Case Summary
The Grubb Company, Inc v. California Department of Real Estate, 194 Cal.App.4th 1494 (2011). This is an interesting case wherein Grubb, by and through one of its real estate agents ("Paul") undertook a dual agency position in a real estate transaction.  In the case, (Grubb and Paul - collectively "Grubb") represented two sellers of a particular property and after entering into the listing agreement, there was information provided to Grubb from the … (2 comments)

license: The duty to disclose criminal convictions to DRE and consequences - 08/02/12 04:49 PM

Criminal convictions sometimes occur, even to good people.  When a real estate licensee, or applicant for an original real estate license is convicted of a crime (for example rape, arson, robbery, burglary, DUI, shoplifting, embezzlement, etc.) whether a felony or misdemeanor, such persons need to be aware of the need to disclose the conviction at risk of losing the real estate license or facing license disclipline (via suspension or revocation following an accusation) or else having the original real estate license denied.


When applying for an original California … (11 comments)

license: Cashing in on Broker Fraud or Trust Fund conversion with the California DRE consumer Recovery Account! - 03/06/12 09:29 PM
Steve Vondran is a real estate lawyer serving clients throughout California.  We also have an office in Phoenix, Arizona.  Call us at (877) 276-5084.
Okay, here’s the situation.  You got into a dealing with a California real estate licensee (broker or salesperson) in a transaction requiring a real estate license (for example a mortgage loan refinance, or purchase or sale of a residential or commercial property).   During the transaction, let’s say the broker commits various acts of intentional fraud (ex. intentionally failing to disclose serious defects … (3 comments)

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