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Okay now I am a big fan of working virtually and using technology to your advantage but this just seems a little out there to me.Yesterday I was reading an article on MSN about a lady who was making some pretty big bucks by means of a virtual world the game she plays is called Second Life . Appar...
  In this day an age we all have about a million things that need to be done now and sometimes you can't keep track of what and who you are doing things for. Are you tired of having your computer covered with sticky notes and every scrap piece of paper you own has one note or another about an imp...
                  20 Ways to use your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Part 2        6. General Realtor® support~ Mail, eMail, bills, reminders, Birthday and anniversary cards Correspondence           7. Agent field support~   Schedule appointments and showings Coordinate fulfillment stock for prope...
             20 Ways to use your Real Estate Virtual AssistantPart 11.     Virtual Tours- A virtual assistant can create some pretty amazing virtual tours for you with online service providers (pictures provided by you or a photographer you have hired). Or they can work with a 3rd part Virtual To...
            Good customer relations, is it still out there?? I have heard of it's existence but I am starting to think it is a fond memory of the past.  With new technology and everyone meeting via web or via phone, sending emails because they are faster than snail mail.  When was the last time y...
            If you haven't been living under a rock you have probably heard the term Virtual Assistant or in the Real Estate Industry Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA). But what do these new age assistants do? How do they work? Could I use one with my business?  You like many other professiona...
            New Page 1 Search Engine Optimization:  How Long Does it Take to Get Listed     Here's the length of time it currently takes to get listed at each of the major search engines once you have submitted your web page. MSN Up to 2 months Google Up to 4 weeks AltaVista Up to 1 week Northern...
                 Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing Your Images "alt" Attribute There are several things, considered "spamming", that you can do to try to get your page listed higher on a search engine results page. Basically, you should never try to trick a search engine in any way, or you r...
                    Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing Your Images "alt" Attribute   Did you know that any images on your page can help your listings too? Each image on your page can include a keyword phrase or two that relates to the image. This text will also show up & help those that may h...
               Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing Your Meta Tags   Meta tags were originally created to help search engines find out important information about your page that they might have had difficulty determining otherwise. For example, related keywords or a description of the page itse...

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