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Real Estate Auctions are an important marketing and sales tool that benefits consumers and real estate professionals. This blog focuses on VOLUNTARY real estate auctions where sellers want a time-defined sale of their real estate thru competitive bidding.
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I consider myself to be a Super Buyer Hunter. I probably need my own costume complete with mask and tights - I'm that super! ok - just kidding.But - as a real estate auctioneer, we have a time crunch of usually 4 to 6 weeks to find any/every buyer/interested prospect of a particular property befo...
Did any of you catch the Early Show yesterday? Their financial guru Ray Martin talked about how more sellers are choosing auctions as way to sell their real estate.  I agree.  Even we can see some effect of this on ActiveRain - as there are now 91+ auctioneer members - which I'll toot my own horn...
OK - I'm not trying to judge nor am I really looking to find out your religious affiliations.  However, have you noticed in the past 5-10 years how churches are being redefined.  I'm talking about the real estate aspect of course.  Churches have unique property needs, financial situations, and us...
As a real estate auctioneer, it's not uncommon that many of the calls I get are from sellers whose properties have been on the market for some time - and the property has not yet sold.  The initial line of questions and answers is often similar.How long as it been on the market?Why hasn't it sold...
This is Part 2 of the blog I wrote yesterday - "Whaaat? Sellers pay for the marketing expenses?"The seller may ask: "Why should I pay for the marketing expenses?  My agent has to take care of that. Afterall, that's why I'm paying the big commission." Very good question that allows an interesting ...
So here's the deal folks - especially true in a buyer's market.... You want to sell your property? You are motivated and have a genuine need to move on with your life?  Of course, we all know that you don't want to fire sale your property - and that you'd like to keep as much equity as possible. ...
Sometimes it's the small things that we're involved in or are witness to that give us pause for thought and can be very gratifying. We recently had a very successful real estate auction.  The owner was motivated and had an urgent need to liquidate his real estate holdings.  Two small adjacent pro...
Name your own price at this live auction on 9/27/07.  No Minimum and No Reserve.  Property is 6.65 undeveloped acres 2 miles from downtown Austin TX in the Del Valle area near I-35/Hwy290.  Download a Bid Package from for property information along with auction r...

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