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Real Estate Auctions are an important marketing and sales tool that benefits consumers and real estate professionals. This blog focuses on VOLUNTARY real estate auctions where sellers want a time-defined sale of their real estate thru competitive bidding.
There's a new group on Active Rain - just for discussion about Real Estate Auctions.  Here's what the introduction says:Open to all and focused on discussions regarding real estate auctions. Share your experiences, ask/answer questions. Find out how brokerages are incorporating the Auction Option...
We are real estate AUCTION educators!  Want to learn more about how the Auction Power Option can be turned into a profitable tool for your business?- distinguish yourself from the pack- offer clients creative options (a sale in 30 days w/no contingency contract and 10% non-refundable deposit)!- e...
Real estate auctions provide owners of prime/trophy properties the opportunity to transition their home quickly and at top market value. I've met Ron Laird on several occassions and even interviewed him for an article I wrote on real estate auctions for the Texas Auctioneer Association.  Ron's in...
AuctionFirst taught several hundred agents last year about the AUCTION POWER TOOL!  AuctionFirst is a CE provider in several states and teaches 3 & 4 hour courses on "Real Estate Auction Fundamentals".  We have also developed a more intense eduational course that includes certification as a real ...
The Today Show had a feature today on "How to Be an Auctioneer". It shows an industry that's part of the fabric of our economy - and "not your grandfather's auction" anymore.  Suited business folks, women!, well articulated comments - all help show new faces of the industry.  No longer stereotype...
There are basically three aspects to selling real estate: price, time and terms.  When a seller has chosen an auction, he/she has stated the sale date i.e. "time".  An auction also allows sellers to pre-determine the terms of the sale. Most auction sales contracts are without contingencies, as-is...
This link came across my google news alert that's set up to find any articles on "real estate auctions".  Now I know very little about NFL and don't pay too much attention unless my husband's going nuts during a Redskins game - or it's discussion about what to take to our neighborhood SuperBowl p...
Some agents believe that instead of including a property in a real estate auction, the Seller should just reduce the list price.  This is conventional real estate agent thinking because auctions did not used to be an option for an agent.  Now that auctions are becoming known not only as an option...
Having moved to Austin from Los Angeles, I was delighted in the buying power of my money for real estate. All looked well from a new home, great subdivision, etc.  Until we needed various services. Compared to Los Angeles, services are more expensive and getting doctor appointments is a lengthy w...
This past weekend, JPKing, a luxury real estate auction company, auctioned six new townhomes in SE Austin. The auction was held ballroom style at the Intercontinental Hotel downtown with many bidders and even more spectators.  The townhomes had all been on the market previously without selling.  ...

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