If you have never spent time in Our Nation's Capital as a tourist, you need to add it to your bucket list.  I live in the DC suburbs of Montgomery County Maryland and I admit that I do not visit the City nearly enough.Yesterday, Saturday, was the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  It one of ...
  So, I joined Active Rain about the middle of January.  I have been hooked ever since.  I admit it I have spent more than my fair share of time here on AR.  When I first joined I looked through the groups and thought what groups do I join?  There are only about 3400 to choose from?  Where do I s...
 Welcome all Darnestown residents it is time for the Darnestown Civic Association's 9th annual Spring Social!!  It is a place to meet your neighbors, bring the kids and enjoy the afternoon!  The Spring social will be hosted and sponsored by Smokey Glen Farm.  It will be Wednesday, April 23th, 200...
  Isn't that what you buy a home for anyway?When I talk to my husband in the evening and we exchange the happenings of our day, we listen and exchange points of views from different perspectives. He works in the Biotech industry. Yes, HE is finding a cure to save lives - real life and death stuff...
This is not web based marketing, this was good old belly to belly stuff!Another agent and I would go on Wednesday mornings to the local bagel shop, buy bags of bagels with different cream cheeses.  We would drop these bags of bagels ( about 20 to 30 in a bag) off at different local business in ou...
 We had "Show and Tell" at the office yesterday.Well, not REALLY, but it was close.   About twice a month our office has a "Group Think".  It is a very casual meeting.  We meet in our computer room, which is a sizeable area, pull up a chair and brainstorm about different ideas.I don't usually go ...
I just came from one of my listings.  I was there with my stager trying to figure out what we can do to give this listing some umph!  It is a single person who travels a lot for their work and they don't spend much time in the house, therefore it is pretty basic.  It has very nice features, just ...
KILL YOUR TELEVISION!Today our society is bombarded with bad news that the media spews out everyday.  If you really believe them, you are in for a battle of wills.   We all know bad news sells and gets our attention, but at some point we all have to turn the television off.  If you listen to the ...
 I have a listing.  It is my dear friend who has been an agent for 20 some odd years.  She used to be one of the top ten agents in my association.  She has sold her fair share of real estate.  It was a total compliment that she would ask me to help her.  She has now slowed down a bit.She lost her...
Do you do the two step?Over the years I have gone back and forth as to whether I was being more effective in doing a one appointment listing appointment or a two step style listing appointment.?I feel the one step is just that, one time to make your impression on the sellers. You have to be ever...

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