montgomery county maryland: Spending Some Green, Making Some Green, and Keeping Mother Earth Green . . . - 04/21/09 05:09 PM
Seems I have been green longer than I care to admit.  Ever since I was a kid, like 40, there I said it, years ago.  My mom is from Germany and they have always recycled and reused as part of their culture for years before we showed up. 
We never wasted anything, brown grocery bags, they were our trash bag, when they changed to the plastic kind, ditto. If we ever got food in those plastic containers, we reused them to save leftovers.  We always found at least a second use for everything.  Thanks Mom, who knew you were so cool??
We had … (17 comments)

montgomery county maryland: Social Networking and The Montgomery County Women's Council of REALTORS(R) - 04/16/09 04:11 PM
I was asked by the Montgomery County Maryland Women's Council of REALTORS® to give a presentation about what I have learned about social networking in the last couple of years.  I was honored to be asked and so I went last Wednesday to see the members of WCR
I put my presentation together, keeping it simple for myself and for the members to not be overwhelmed by the massive amount of information that goes along with social networking.   I thought Blogs, Social Networks and Micro-blogging would be the a good place to start. I am  far from being and über geek or … (14 comments)

montgomery county maryland: Our Prices In The DC Suburbs of Maryland Are Back To "NORMAL!!" - 02/27/09 09:39 AM

Do you think we will ever learn?  I don't.  You know, when something is going gang busters, you throw money at it and you make money that blows your mind and makes you laugh all at the same time?
I say STOP all the doom and gloom on television.  They have no clue what they are talking about.  Yes, are the banks screwed up, sorry but most of that is their own fault.  Well, this post is not about that and I am not going there right now.  We are at a normal price range for the most part in … (6 comments)

montgomery county maryland: Mandatory Home Energy Audit with Home Sales Montgomery County Maryland January 1, 2009 - 11/14/08 02:09 PM
This January 1, 2009 a home energy audit will be required to be conducted in conjunction with a home inspection when selling a home in Montgomery county Maryland.  Bill 31-07 was passed in April 2008 by the Montgomery County Council.
The Bill states;
"If a home inspection is completed in Connection with the sale of a single family home, the home inspection must include a home energy audit conducted by a qualified home energy performance rater".
A home energy audit means that someone certified in the home energy field will test the home with the appropriate equipment to test the home's … (12 comments)

montgomery county maryland: Instant Emergency Information In Gaithersburg - 11/08/08 03:08 PM
These days we all want instant everything.  From our Internet connections, to our cell phones connecting right away and answers to our questions should have been five minutes ago.  We are in tune and on the move. 
But what about an emergency?  Bad weather?  Storms coming, you know we have had a few tornadoes in this area in the last few years.  They are so rare, but if one was coming wouldn't you want to know?  How about a tree down blocking a road after a storm.  What about a water main break that stops traffic.  These are inconveniences, but wouldn't you … (11 comments)

montgomery county maryland: Montgomery County Maryland Branch Of Habitat For Humanity to Buy Foreclosures - 11/07/08 02:44 PM
The Montgomery County Maryland Branch of Habitat for Humanity has had a Memorandum signed by County Executive, Isiah Leggett to purchase foreclosed properties in the County.   The plan is to purchase up to 10 foreclosure homes in the county and refurbish the homes for Habitat families.
Leggett has increased the Housing Initiative Fund from $20 million a few years ago to $53 million dollars in the current fiscal budget.
The county will budget up to $350,000 per property to be purchased and refurbished.  The benefit is two fold;  The first benefit is to clean up vacant properties in County neighborhoods.  The second is … (8 comments)

montgomery county maryland: The Jewel Of Montgomery County Maryland . . . - 09/27/08 08:36 AM
The Jewel of Montgomery County, can you guess what it is?  It is located in on the Border of Rockville and Bethesda.  It is very easy to get to, it even has it's own Metro access.  No one lives there, and everyone is welcome.   You can sing, eat, learn and be amazed.  Rich and poor alike flock to see the famous and maybe not so famous.
Have you already guessed?  It is the Strathmore Hall Art Center and they are celebrating 25 years of Art.  The Strathmore Art Center is located on the Grovsvenor Metro stop, perfect for anyone to get to!!  You would … (6 comments)

montgomery county maryland: Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS® Summit and Economic Report - 09/27/08 06:41 AM
Friday, September 26, 2008 and GCCAR Summit was held at the North Bethesda Marriot in Rockville, near White Flint.  It was a meeting of agents from all companies and our board leaders to listen to reports on the economy , take continuing education classes for our licenses and discuss the impending use of the Sentrilock Keyboxes.  It is also fun to see folks you have not seen in a long time.
I was most interested in what in what Ken Fears, Manager, Regional Economics,  who speaks to NAR on housing trends had to say.   Listening to an economist speak is not the most exciting thing … (0 comments)

montgomery county maryland: I was Found on ActiveRain Today!! - 05/08/08 03:35 PM
I have been reading post after post about getting business from AR. My friend, who I got to sign up and has NEVER done anything with her blog, says to me "someone found me on AR today."  I thought, wow, you don't even participate in the community or anything?  I was getting worried, thinking I am never gonna get one!!
 Finally, I got a call today.  It was kind of funny because I was sitting at my desk answered my phone and this voice was very friendly and said, Hi, we want to come and meet with you right away.  I just so … (23 comments)

montgomery county maryland: Add Washington DC to your "Bucket List" - 03/30/08 07:44 AM
If you have never spent time in Our Nation's Capital as a tourist, you need to add it to your bucket list.  I live in the DC suburbs of Montgomery County Maryland and I admit that I do not visit the City nearly enough.
Yesterday, Saturday, was the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival.  It one of the most beautiful sites you can see.  It started when the Japanese gave the United States the gift of the Cherry Blossoms and they were planted around the Tidal Basin.  Several years later the Parks service has planted many more and several different species. If you didn't make … (19 comments)

montgomery county maryland: @#$%& I did it again! - 02/07/08 09:56 AM
Okay, you would think after two times I would get it through my thick head, but no.  A little background.  Here in Montgomery County Maryland we are some sort of a test site for these speed cameras?  I would think our county is quite happy with their investment.  In about 6 months time they have generated around $2,000,000.00, yes million, in revenue for our county. I think I have personally been one of the major contributers to their test!!  A study seems to show that they do increase fender benders because everyone is so freaked out to not get a ticket they … (21 comments)

montgomery county maryland: Here I Go. . . - 01/17/08 09:47 AM
So where have I been?  This fabulous world of blogging was right under my nose and I was missing out.  But no more!  I am excited to be here and have learned so much in a very short time.  I am so impressed by all of the suggestions, links to really fun stuff on the internet!!  I am a bit nervous about posting my first blog, don't want to mess anything up.  There are all sorts of rules I am trying to make sure I abide by!!
I live and work in the Suburbs of Washington DC, Montgomery County Maryland.  I have been … (23 comments)

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