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Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate information including houses for sale, rent and home buyer/seller tips. Also includes wisdom and insights from Lola Audu, CRS Associate Broker. The information provided on this blog belong to Audu Real Estate. Audu Real Estate is not responsible for the opinions, thoughts or ideas expressed by visitors.



 At my house, food passes through a couple of different stages based on it's palatability. Maybe it's because everyone in my household can really cook. We're picky about food.  We know by looking at it if it's fresh or simply being passed off for fresh.  Well, sometimes we're fooled.  A trip to t...
 It's almost the end of year...the time when most funding programs tend to run low on funds for buyers without down-payments.  In a surprising and refreshing reversal this November, the Federal Housing Authority Administrations (FHA) Philadelphia Homeownership Center has approved several Sales In...
 Would you Sell Your Words to Make a Buck? There is an interesting trend emerging in the on-line world.  According to an article in the most recent issue of Business Week, entitled "Pitching Between the Lines", advertisers are exploring a new goldmine of potential targets for their ads...Web surf...
 * This blog post is Part 2 of : Maximizing the Value of Specialization...Understanding Foreclosures & Short Sales. Refer to links below for other blog posts in this series about Effectively Marketing Your Real Estate Skills to Provide Value and Optimize Your Income.There are many challenges asso...
Earlier this month, an insightful discussion occurred within the comments of a blog post entitled "A Sure Fire Method to Rapidly Increase Your Income."  The post opened with this statement about the reality which many in the real estate community are facing as we enter into the holiday season... ...
 Depending on your perspective, this post has nothing to do with real estate or everything to do with it.  This is a follow up to a post I wrote  about underestimating the value of a penny. In looking for larger, more important looking notes, there have been many small blessings which escaped unn...
  What Was the Deal With That Turkey? There must have been something about that Thanksgiving Turkey...The past 48 hours have spawned one of the most far reaching discussions that I've ever read on Activerain about the foreclosure crisis in different parts of the country.  The value of this discus...
I've never had Thanksgiving roll around so fast and be over so rapidly!  This year, Thanksgiving dinner was a "community" effort.  Our oldest is back for a short break from college. We decided that instead of mom doing all the cooking, each member of the family would contribute to making Thanksgi...
I'm not sure exactly how many MLS systems we have in Michigan...but there are a lot of them!  I pay to have access to one local Board and fork out more money to have limited privileges on a second.  I recently took a listing which caused me to investigate the possibility of listing privileges wit...
A RendezVous is a place to relax, share and be inspired.  That being said... Tonight the RendezVous in Black & White on Fraiche Aire Celebrates in the Spirit of Thanksgiving.  We're thankful for each of the 163 members of this Group.  Fraiche Aire was created solely to share the unusual, the inte...

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