blogging: How to Use 'Short URL Clicks' to Increase Your Blog Traffic. - 09/22/12 06:49 AM

Are you someone who spends a lot of time reviewing traffic stats to your website or blog?  Do you understand what the meaning of those stats is? But probably the most important question is...are you using the information from the statistical report to assist in determing where you should focus your blogging efforts?
I'll be the first to admit that I should probably pay more attention to my stats.  Well, today I was looking at the Active Rain stats for 'Short URL clicks' to my blog.  As you can see, I do not consistently create a Short URL. (pretty simple … (43 comments)

blogging: "Say It Isn't So...Breaking News of the Premature Demise of the Real Estate Blog" - 12/13/10 11:50 AM
The real estate blog is dead! heard right.  And the hand that struck the fatal blow was none other than real estate agents.  Agents who insisted on blogging about things that NO ONE wanted to know about such as listings and other forms of trivial data.
I was stunned!  Who pronounced the verdict?  Who did they talk to?
The pronouncement came from the lips of an industry expert.  It was delivered to during a real estate trends update report. I'm sure the news was welcome relief to some in the room who have been wishing this troublesome trend to just … (74 comments)

blogging: Are You Playing Hide & Seek With Your Real Estate Site? ...Remembering an Inspiring Active Rain Pioneer! - 08/26/10 03:24 PM
I had totally forgotten about this post, until Dena Stevens dropped by to comment this evening. Once again I was reminded of just how much Laurie Manny impacted our blogging efforts and encouraged us to mature as bloggers far beyond the capacity many of us would have thought we had.  I'll never forget the post, "A Parable...The Acorn and the Butterfly" in which I shared a parable about the process of discovery shortly after adding my picture to my profile for the first time.  Laurie's encouragement in Featuring that post is something I will never forget.  We will all remain forever … (31 comments)

blogging: Where Are Your Leads Coming From...Does it Matter Where You Spend Your Virtual Prospecting Time? - 07/09/10 02:12 PM
You know, sometimes it's good to take a look at your back end...not as in derrière, but rather as in back end of your website. Web site statistics can provide a lot of very helpful data.  This evening, I pulled up my Advanced Access website ( and was reviewing my stats.  
I clicked on a tab for Referral links and went back about a month to review the traffic over the past 30 days.  It was very interesting to observe the trends of where traffic to my website actually comes.  These are folks who are very likely to be looking for … (10 comments)

blogging: Moving Beyond Baby Steps...Unleashing the Next Level of Potential in Social Media! - 05/13/10 06:36 AM
"It's ALWAYS better to be a content CREATOR than a content CONSUMER if you want to be an INFLUENCER.  AND if you're in BUSINESS, you want to be an INFLUENCER"  
Jeff Turner @ the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors® Social Media Summit. May 2010
There was a part of me that winced when he said it.  The reality was that 600 blog posts on Active Rain since December of 2006 had me flirting with the idea that maybe, the blogging portfolio could stand on it's own into perpetuity.  It's definitely a lot easier to click a button or post … (56 comments)

blogging: Who's Viewing Who... Do You Change Your Online Personality to Match Your Audience? - 01/18/10 06:57 AM
A segment of a TV interview about online profiles arrested my attention.  It was a discussion about the fact that many people now prefer to have their lives segmented into different profiles.  Some even incorporate totally different personalities which they share with friends as they deem appropriate.
Facebook recently modified its platform to not only enable segmentation of who sees what on your profile, but also who you choose to pay attention to.  With just a few clicks, individuals can be effectively obliterated from view even if they are friends.
Now, there may be some things you'd prefer that your parents not see, but … (48 comments)

blogging: Can Your Tweets Be Used Against You? Google Indexing of the "Random Stream of Babbel" - 10/22/09 11:03 AM
It made headlines on national news and was the focus of considerable debate on "Hot Topics" for the View television program today.  The story of former school teacher Nicole Howell's acquittal after being falsely accused of having sexual relationships with a sixteen year old student.  Although, this was not the first time that the nation's attention has been riveted by a story like this, what was unique about this situation was the role of electronic media. 
Apparently, the young man had been sending sexually explicit messages to his teacher and there had been an exchange of hundreds of text messages between … (53 comments)

blogging: So...Do You Know Who is Paying a Social Call on Your Blog Today? - 07/16/09 06:04 AM
I've had a series of world travelers visit my blog today.  This one was all the way from Namibia...
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*Link underlined and disabled
These anonymous commentators look for old posts … (12 comments)

blogging: "Our Clients Are On Sale Today...Would You Like to Buy Some?" - 04/15/09 10:16 PM
It's one of those mornings when I'm rushing around trying to get too many things done before I head out the door.  Yet, my eye catches the flash of my phone which I've turned OFF precisely to avoid this type of distraction. I can't help myself.  I pick up the call.
The voice on the other line is friendly...and unfamiliar.  I instantly regret my mistake in picking up the phone. He launches into a sales pitch. This guy is good!  He starts out by telling me that he's got referrals that he has to get placed today.  Folks are coming in … (81 comments)

blogging: Less than Six Degrees...How the Rapidly Shrinking Human Web is Changing Real Estate! - 02/25/09 03:13 PM

They say, that we are all separated by just six degrees from every single person in the entire world.  This theory about the Human Web is a powerful reminder of the fact that we're all connected...and that connections and relationships matter!
Last week, I was in Ann Arbor, MI to teach a series of two Real Estate Continuing Education Classes, Blogging Basics for Real Estate Professionals (K1061) and Blogging Basics for Real Estate Professionals K(1062).
Prior to my experiences on the blogosphere, I would have walked into a room of complete strangers.  But, the blogosphere has a way of making strangers into friends.
Karen Moorhead … (14 comments)

blogging: Why We Need to Tell Our Stories... - 02/17/09 01:42 PM
Sometimes, a conversation with someone outside the 'industry' can put a fresh perspective on things.  This week, I had one such encounter.  In talking with some longtime clients, I had a discussion about the history of the Grand Rapids real estate market and one mans' experiences as one of the first minority agents in the area.  It was fascinating and educational.
During the conversation, I remarked about how much I would have loved to talk with some of the pioneers of that era who were now gone.  It struck me that this history might likely be lost forever, because it is largely oral history, consigned to the memories … (58 comments)

blogging: Ann Arbor, MI Real Estate Continuing Education ~ Blogging is the New Business Buzz! - 02/05/09 10:22 AM
The Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors has scheduled 2 New Blogging & Web 2.0 Continuing Education Classes for February 19, 2009.  Here's a snippet from the website promo: 
"It seems everyone, from celebrities and athletes to CEOs, heads of nonprofits, and members of Congress have a blog. Some corporations, such as Verizon and Cisco have even successfully used blogs to affect legislative change. Blogs often rank high in search engines, offer better communications, opportunities in relationship building, and media and public relations. Blogs are a low cost way to market yourself, gain insight to your customers, appear authoritative, build, and maintain your … (9 comments)

blogging: The #1 Ingredient for Social Media Success...Moving Beyond Bits of Conversation Into True Connection! - 01/08/09 11:55 AM
If the noise level is an indicator of conversational buzz, then 2008 was certainly the year in which the conversation online moved into the mainstream of public consciousness. 
This was due, in no small part, to the effective use of social media in the presidential campaign.  No one captured the essential core of this technology as skillfully as Obama's team did through their use of social media to raise awareness and campaign funds.  In addition, the news media integrated social media sites, bloggers and iReporters into their broadcast.  Everyone was talking to anyone...
In 2008, the main event was the conversation.  Twitter … (67 comments)

blogging: Is There Magic Brewing In Your Blog? - 10/18/08 02:02 PM
Have you ever been in a conversation with someone at a networking event and been struck by the fact that they seemed taut and alert to everything...but you!  Fidgeting half-smiles and darting eyes belie the fact that they're they're eager to make a connection with....the NEXT person, more important than you are.  And as soon as they think they've spotted them...OFF they go. 
People like this are actually involved with three conversations.  The FIRST with themselves...omnipresent and all important in their own minds.  The SECOND being the current half engagement within the conversation at hand, and the THIRD conversation, well it's the one they intend … (97 comments)

blogging: Are You Playing Hide & Seek With Your Real Estate Site? - 09/24/08 05:54 AM
If 2007 was the year I really became engaged by the blogosphere, then 2008 ranks as the year I began to understand the power of connectivity.  And..No, they're not the same thing.  Although, I must admit, I used to think they were.
When I first started blogging about two years ago, it was all about communicating my message and getting a handle on commenting. 
Active Rain provided the perfect platform and I embraced everything the community had to offer, rarely venturing out to the wider world. 
Initially, it was hard to understand how videos, podcasts, pictures and a short 140 bit … (71 comments)

blogging: Faces...How Many Of Them Are There.... - 08/16/08 01:09 PM
Recently, I watched a segment of a TV interview about online profiles.  What arrested my attention was the discussion about the recognition that many people now prefer to have their lives segmented into different profiles and even totally different personalities which they share with friends as they deem appropriate.
For instance, there may be some things you'd prefer that your parents not see, but you are OK with friends seeing or vice versa.  The interview also explored different business avatars to reach alternate markets.  My impression from listening was that the profiles might be so unique that one might not connect … (5 comments)

blogging: How To Avoid Costly Blogging Adventures... - 06/16/08 03:40 PM
Earlier this year, the State of Michigan approved 2 Blogging courses for Real Estate Professionals.  One of the courses, Blogging Basics for Real Estate Professionals, (K1062) could not have been more timely.  My newsfeed just came across the most recent article from Inman News by Glen Roberts entitled 'The Long Arm of the Law Reaches Bloggers.'
According to Roberts, millions of dollars have been awarded to plantiffs who have filed cases against bloggers; one of the most famous being the lawsuit against this Miami agent.
It's not just about defamation and slander or even copyright infringement.  An issue which many real … (37 comments)

blogging: What's Your Blogging ROI? - 05/30/08 07:07 AM
This past week, I had the priviledge of teaching two Continuing Education Classes,  Blogging Basics for Real Estate Professionals (K1061) and Blogging Ethics for Real Estate Professionals (K1061).  In addition, yesterday Gwyn Besner with the Acme Institute joined us here in Grand Rapids, MI at the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors headquarters to teach a very enlightening Code of Ethics Class.
It was fun!  At one point, I remarked..."should we be enjoying a continuing education class this much?"  It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet a fellow Active Rain blogger whose blogs I have enjoyed reading, Kris Whales. 
When Kris called about a week ago … (44 comments)

blogging: Sometimes the Wind Kisses a Wisp of Dandelion... - 05/15/08 04:03 PM
Have you ever blown dandelions?   As a kid, this was a game of endless fascination...watching those little puffs of white seed float away ever so effortlessly with the slightest whistle of one's breath. 
I remember being surprised when an adult told us that those little powder clouds were chock full of seeds which would land miles away, depending on where the wind took them and flourish and grow more seeds weeds.
Sometimes, I'd blow on those seeds and try to follow their path, but I never could.  They seemed to vanish like a wisp of smoke. Seeds landing in places which I would … (45 comments)

blogging: How To Fit 31 Hours Into Your Day... - 05/08/08 04:08 PM
I'm watching the news tonight.  The last segment is a lifestyle story about the fact that more and more people are now able to fit 31 hours into a 24 hour day!  Wow!  Fascinated, I rewind to make sure I heard right...What's the secret?  Well, you may have guessed.  It's multi-tasking. 
Today, Americans have become so efficient that we can have several conversations online while talking to people 'live'.  Vacation hotspots must be equipped with wireless access or we may avoid them because we can't stand being 'disconnected.' 
If a page download on our computer takes more than a couple of seconds...we … (47 comments)

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