grand rapids: Affordable Luxury...Lindsay Hoekstra Custom Design Specialist Brings Style and Beauty at a Price You Can Afford! - 10/06/11 11:00 AM
They say 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.  And if that's true, then Lindsay Hoekstra's passion for design and home decor has a way of transforming the unremarkable into stylisth items of artistic beauty. She has the ability to look way beyond what would be obvious to the casual observer, finding the hidden gem in a discarded piece of furniture or envisioning how a dramatic play of colors can radically transform the appeal of a living space.
And that's exactly what happens when Linsday works with begins to live again.  I discovered this talent first hand while helping Lindsay and … (3 comments)

grand rapids: Summer Real Estate Traffic Report~ Grand Rapids, MI Real Estate Summer Statistics - 08/10/11 06:05 AM
It´s been a pretty nice summer in West Michigan! There´s been more rain than normal which has sustained beautiful green lawns and fairly temperate weather. The other summer tradition which we have all come to expect is road construction.
With the harsh winters in Michigan, the roads take quite a beating with all the salt and sand poured on them to provide traction against slippery conditions.
So summer is when we repair and renovate. Which also translates to possible travel delays as traffic is routed into single lanes. So depending on where you are in the traffic pattern, you might … (6 comments)

grand rapids: Leading With An Ear to The Ground...Grand Rapids Association of Realtors® Breaks New Ground In Leadership! - 12/23/10 07:24 AM
It is said that music is the language of the soul.  A universal tongue, spoken in countless variations of tribe and tongue.  Every instrument has it's own particular rhythm of communication.  As a young girl, growing up in West Africa, the drum was a central component of the musical dialog in a literal and figurative sense.
The 'Talking Drum' is a unique element within African cultural heritage.  Drumming is a highly developed skill in native cultures as a means of communication, not just an instrument for social enjoyment. Historically, the talking drum was used to introduce new arrivals, announce departures and transmit information … (4 comments)

grand rapids: The One Week Short Sale Miracle on Brookmeadow... - 08/17/10 04:21 PM
The View from the House on Brookmeadow...
The idea started to percolate after reading the article.  A small write-up about a local real estate agent caught her eye. She had toyed with the idea of putting the house up for sale before, but this time the process proceeded rapidly. Signs, pictures, internet promotions and potential buyers all appeared in rapid succession.
As November blustered its' way into December, the cold chill of winter finally yielded to the unrelenting sunshine of spring.  But, it seemed that inside, an eternal winter had settled in for the long haul.  Potential buyers remained skittish about … (20 comments)

grand rapids: Why Hiring a Real Estate Agent Can Be Scarier than Going on A Blind Date! - 08/07/10 06:28 AM
A blind date has got to be one of life's scarier moments! Many of us have been the recipient of this form of 'relationship assistance' at some point in our lives.
Although, it's exciting to not know exactly who you will be meeting, the experience is fraught with much angst and trepidation for precisely the same don't know exactly what you'll get when your date shows up in person!
Yet, today, online dating has spawned hundreds of thousands of successful unions. I know at least eight happily married couples who met online and are still going strong years later.  However, we all … (42 comments)

grand rapids: A Place At The Table...Emerging Dynamics for 21st Century Real Estate Leaders! - 06/30/10 12:32 PM
What does leadership require?  In an profession rocked by unprecedented upheaval, the importance of a good leader cannot be overestimated.  In May, I attended the Real Trends Leadership Conference in Dallas.  I was struck by how often the topic of visionary leadership was noted as being the single most important predictive factor for surviving the current chaos being experienced in the real estate industry.
A google search on the topic yields over 314 MILLION results!  This is definitely a hot topic in.  It is also a recognition that the role of leaders has changed significantly in response to the increased complexity of … (28 comments)

grand rapids: Jeff Turner Kicks off Social Media Boot Camp for Grand Rapids Association of Realtors®! - 05/10/10 04:58 PM

Members of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors are looking forward to welcoming Jeff Turner of Zeek Interactive and Real Estate Shows to the Grand Rapids, MI area on May 12th, 2010.  Jeff will be kicking off a three part summer series called the Social Media Boot Camp which is designed to help real estate agents understand the WHY,  WHERE and HOW TO  for creating intelligent strategies and solutions that provide value within social networks.
By now, much of the business community has come to terms with the fact that social media  and social networks are ideas which they need to understand. … (6 comments)

grand rapids: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas... - 12/17/09 11:17 PM
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...
I'm crossing my fingers on this view for Christmas this year.  We had a snow storm last week which dumped a heap of snow in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Schools were closed and events canceled.  However this week things have cleared up considerably and there's talk of a warmer weekend as shoppers head out to complete last minute Christmas shopping.  So...wondering if the white stuff will stick around until Christmas?  What's the view from your neck of the woods?

grand rapids: Healing in our Backyard...How one local Grand Rapids, MI Real Estate Agent is Making a Difference with HIS! - 12/04/09 06:18 AM

You never know just where a real estate deal will take you! When the agent contacted me about a pre-view request for my listing, I thought it would be simply a routine home showing request.
But as the conversation proceeded, I learned that Marcia Vander Woude who is also an Adjunct Professor at Grand Valley State University  was involved in much more than a part-time real estate career.
Marcia began to share her passion about Health Intervention Services and invited me to come by and take a tour.  Prior to our connection through a showing request, I had never heard of Health Intervention Services … (8 comments)

grand rapids: The 'Headless' Classroom...A Sneak Preview into the Class of 2012 - 11/17/09 12:55 PM
 Like many folks on the blogosphere, I've become pretty good at drowning out 'noise' especially electronic noise.  So, I missed most of the discussion about the recent Virtual Real Estate Bar camp because I wasn't tuned into the frequency that was broadcasting the event.  
And I might never have tuned in were it not for a series of @lolaaudu tweets on Twitter  Some young professionals in our area were discussing the possibility of meeting together for a shared educational experience.
In record time (less that 48 hours) & with the cooperation and assistance of … (42 comments)

grand rapids: Our Just in Time Listing...6471 Avalon Dr. SE, Caledonia MI 49316 - 07/27/09 11:26 AM
Several months ago, I was sitting in a real estate class when the instructor asked a question:
What's going to happen on June 30,2009?
The crowd of real estate brokers looked around at each other perplexed.  You could see folks turning over their mental inventory trying to figure out what we had all missed.
Finally he broke the suspense and told us...'There will be the most lucrative turnover of real estate inventory in history. The number of real estate listings which will expire coupled with the impetuous for using the $8,000 tax credit will place those who take listings on July … (15 comments)

grand rapids: Pew Twitters...Can Twitter Change Sunday Morning 140 bits @ a time? - 07/11/09 12:43 PM
I just read an interesting article from our local newspaper about a church in the Grand Rapids, Mi area which is using Twitter broadcasts during the sermon to enlarge the conversation of faith amongst followers.  Fascinating!
Leaves me wondering 'What Would Jesus Do?' if he lived in our global culture today?  In his day, he preached sermons on mountains and from a boat adrift on the shoreline to amplify his message to crowds.  So, would this be a medium he would embrace?
Jesus was a master of communication and chose to use simple stories and parables which captivated the imagination to … (10 comments)

grand rapids: Grand Rapids Real Estate Agent, Sue Prins ....Stretching Threads of Compassion. - 06/29/09 06:34 AM
Grand Rapids, MI agents don't have to wait for the yearly announcement of the 'Good Neighbor Award' to support and celebrate one of our own local Realtors®.  It's wonderful to live in a community in which so many individuals give of their time and talents to serve our local community.  
And then, there are some agents like Sue Prins, a real estate agent with Five Star Real Estate, who stretch arms of compassion across the globe to touch the lives of those who are less fortunate.
I recently completed a transaction with Sue; one which took about 3 months to negotiate. … (10 comments)

grand rapids: Celebrating 50! Spring Parade of Homes Tour Dresses in Green... - 06/01/09 12:44 PM
There are a number of metrics which one can use to get a handle on the current housing market in Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, the one which captures my attention as we head into what is traditionally the busiest season in real estate is the Spring Parade of Homes. Here's what I wrote about the tour last year...
It's a spring time ritual in Grand Rapids, Mi.  For residents like myself and many others who love to peek into gorgeous homes and pick up the latest tips for home decor and furnishings, the Spring Parade of Homes Tour is an event which is highly … (4 comments)

grand rapids: Grand Rapids, MI Home Buyers: You Don't Have to PAY for Listing Information! - 05/07/09 11:32 AM
Recently a call came into the office from a prospective buyer.  After talking with her briefly, I asked her if she was being assisted by an agent who could get her real time updates of newly listed homes when they were listed.
She seemed surprised that this was possible.  But it wasn't until she began to share her online experience with me that I became startled. Apparently, she had clicked on a link on a website to get information about a home listing and didn't think anything of it...until she was presented with a $15 charge on her phone bill the next … (27 comments)

grand rapids: The $1,000 Foreclosure Prevention Option - 04/24/09 04:22 AM
This past week, I attended a Foreclosure seminar which was part of the Fair Housing annual educational and awards presentation held in Grand Rapids, MI.  The event drew a significant number of individuals representing different areas of government, business and the non-profit sector.  
The foreclosure session was led by Kym Spring, the coordinator for Foreclosure Response, and featured several presenters as well as discussion and questions from the audience.  I learned a lot about the profound impact that foreclosures are having in the West Michigan area including the unsettling statistic that 10% of the housing stock in our area is … (14 comments)

grand rapids: Reving Up the Spring Real Estate Market...March Roars Out in 2009! (Grand Rapids, MI) - 04/21/09 01:31 PM
If the beginning of the year 2009 was somewhat tepid for real estate sales in Grand Rapids, Michigan…things changed in March.  March roared in and out with numbers which had many in the real estate community chattering with delight.
Activity increased with home buyers sending sales into an upward spiral which eclipsed the same period of time in March of 2008 by 19.46%!  For agents on the ground working with home buyers, this translated into multiple offers or Sold signs on many desirable properties.
In addition, although foreclosures and short sales continued to depress pricing, the overall number of homes for … (4 comments)

grand rapids: How to Avoid the Trade-In Trap When Buying Your New Home! - 03/27/09 08:19 AM
With interest rates dropping to their lowest levels since 2004, the home equity loan re-finance bug is itching a lot of folks again. As we approach the Spring Market which traditionally swings into full gear around March, home buyers will be able to take advantage of low interest rates and a large inventory selection of homes to buy as well. 
If you currently own a home and intend to sell it, it's important to coordinate your transactions properly so you do not find yourself making two mortgage payments.  Failing to sell one home before purchasing is a tremendous source of financial hardship to many home … (40 comments)

grand rapids: Guess Who Came For Dinner? - 03/25/09 01:22 PM
Last night, I attended a huge dinner party.  Our neighbors at the Temple Emanuel invited members of the greater Grand Rapids community to attend a Model Seder.  I had never been to a Sedar celebration before although I am very familiar with the old Testament story of the Jewish Passover.  The invitation was posted in the local paper and my husband and I registered to attend.
The hall was full when we arrived.  The tables were set with the symbolic foods and each table had at least one member of the congregation present to answer questions and welcome the guests.  Rabbai Michael … (15 comments)

grand rapids: Striking in Black & White...Grand Rapids, MI - 03/21/09 09:51 AM
When you take a look at things in black and white, you see things in a different way.  This past year, I've taken several snapshots of a variety of areas in Grand Rapids, MI and converted them to black and white images.  This slide show done with Real Estate Shows captures some of these images which are as diverse as a giant cabbage rose at the Fulton Street Farmers Market to a downtown highrise taken from and adjacent parking ramp.  To view more of my images from my walk-abouts in Grand Rapids, Mi....vist my Flickr profile.

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