inspiration: The Art of RE-Membering How to Be Human... - 04/20/12 01:51 AM
Pain demands a response.  An urgent messenger who will not be denied the access of a hearing.  Even if the witnessing acknowledger is merely an audience of one.  The message is always delivered.  But, not always heeded or understood.
As the keynote speaker got up to speak during the West Michigan Fair Housing Center luncheon this week, a projection of a public lynching emerged on the screen. A jarring image in any setting.  One designed to provoke a  visceral response.  I wondered where he was going with this...
My gaze was drawn to the two figures who were hanging by nooses … (6 comments)

inspiration: Why I will NOT be 'Pinning' OR Pine about not doing so!~ - 03/19/12 06:13 AM
One can hardly turn on any form of media today and not hear about Pinterest.  The latest 'HOT' social media portal has garnered incredible media attention.  Many gurus of the real estate industry and business in general are urging folks to get around to 'Pinning Stuff' as a means of enhancing online influence.
Thus far, I've refused to be enticed.  Somewhat unusual for me as in the past, I've been on the bleeding edge of many innovative moves.  I well remember talking to a real estate Broker in 2006 about my initial foray onto the blogosphere and being met with a … (8 comments)

inspiration: Why I LOVE a Good Salesperson! - 01/11/12 10:54 AM
Have you ever been in a class where the instructor asked the real estate agents to name what the public thinks of real estate agents?  Inevitably, someone will raise their hands and say...they think we're like used car salespersons?  The tone & subsequent commentary indicate that this is NOT a good thing...
In a recent class setting, the instructor went further and asked everyone to raise their hands IF they LIKED salespeople.  Only a few brave souls dared to raise their hands.  We all felt was not cool to 'like' salepersons.  One brave soul actually said he enjoyed a purchase … (68 comments)

inspiration: Focus...Lessons on Living More Fully. - 11/22/11 06:15 AM
Lately, I've been thinking about Focus.  And the way our focus impacts our lives.  Focus is a magnifier.  It enlarges whatever it is directed towards.  Focus also is an attractor.  It brings to us whatever we pay attention to.  
Focus is not just a mental activity.  It incorporates just about every dimension of our being.  And, it's not optional.  We are all focusing on something.  It's just a matter of WHERE we are choosing to place our focus at any given time and to what extent.  Even folks who have a hard time at focusing are actually doing so.  The … (34 comments)

inspiration: A Simple Declaration... - 09/11/11 09:29 AM
It's a beautiful day.  An achingly beautiful day.  One in which the clouds are plump as cotton puffs swirling adrift a pristine palette of sky.  
A day in many ways similiar to the one which haunts our nation almost a decade later.  The day of September 11, 2001.
Today is Sunday.  Reflections and prayer coupled with sober assessments punctuate the airwaves and fall gently upon the church pews.  
Almost a decade later, we still do not fully understand or comprehend the why.  
Even with the confirmed demise of America's enemy no. 1. Even with billions of dollars and … (4 comments)

inspiration: Following Your Passion...Engaging A Personal Active Rain Full Circle Moment. - 06/22/11 01:25 PM
Never, ever underestimate the power of a blog post OR anytime you click with that mouse.  Never undermine the impact of what you're doing when you get online.  Through the last 5 years, I've developed renewed respect for the potential power of this world behind my computer screen. 
Today, I met a dear friend.  Rocky Turner and Jeff Turner came to Grand Rapids, MI for the Social Media for Social Good Summit. The first one our Association has held on this topic.  And it all started right here, on Active Rain in 2007!  I met Rocky for the first time through her … (18 comments)

inspiration: Why One 30 Day Period Can't Right the Injustice - Re-examining the Issue of Fair Housing... - 04/19/11 01:15 AM

I initially read the words inscribed on the Lincoln Memorial almost three decades ago.  As a young foreign student, staring upwards at the enormous edifice, I was startled by the frankness with which President Lincoln addressed the nation on March 4, 1865 about the Civil War and the consequences of the gruesome legacy of slavery. A portion of the second Inaugural Address inscribed on the walls of the memorial reads thus:
“Fondly do we hope-fervently do we pray-that this mighty scourge of war, may speedily pass away.  Yet, if God will that it continue until all the wealth piled by … (26 comments)

inspiration: Bed Rock Business...How to Thrive while Travelling the Tide of Shifting Sand! - 01/29/11 03:25 AM

Almost 16 years ago, I obtained my real estate Salesperson's license.  So much has changed!  I can still remember buying my first laptop computer.  I couldn't access the Internet and the dial up connection to the real estate MLS system was at best a hit or miss proposition when I connected via a land line. The listing agreement back then was two pages of it is six! The leading real estate companies all advertised in the paper.  Hardly anyone had a website. No one had heard about a blog.
But in spite of the dramatic shifts in the business, I … (24 comments)

inspiration: Relationship Stickiness...Why Wounded People Wound Others. - 01/08/11 11:39 AM
I don't know about you, but I suspect that most of us can remember the genesis of most close friendships in our lives. And most of the time, it's not an earth shattering moment.  Just being in the right place, having the same needs... a desire for companionship.
But no matter how innocently a friendship develops, if  it's going to last, it always becomes deeper.  To thrive, it has to. And that's where friendships start to get tricky...and sticky.  I used to think that meeting new friends was a random act and for the most part, life just happened.  But, … (3 comments)

inspiration: On Simple Pleasures... - 12/24/10 06:40 AM
We've all had the experience of over-eating and suffering a tummy ache as a result.   When the feast before our eyes overwhelms our better judgement, it’s easy to turn off the natural sensors which tell us that it is enough.
But we pay for it long after the tickling sensations which enticed our taste buds have been satiated.  It is during these moments of miserable regret that we ache for simple things.  The simplicity of being able to eat without pangs of pain and digest without regurgitation.
Excess is not limited to the arena of food, it’s become a large staple of modern western … (14 comments)

inspiration: Repeat: Second Round Real Estate ~ Survival Tips for Landing On Your Feet When A Transaction Goes Bust. - 10/21/10 06:06 AM
This post re-surfaced as I browsed my blog today.  I'm struck by how timely this advise is to me today even though I first wrote the post 2 years ago.  Yesterday, we celebrated the closing of a Short Sale transaction that began a year ago, almost to the date.  The process included forestalling a foreclosure proceeding and repelling an attempt to prematurely condemn the property to abandonment by an overly zealous loss/mitigation team. Reading this post today reminds me that this counsel still holds true...perhaps, even more so today.
"Time and chance happen to all of us"
"I'm sorry, … (5 comments)

inspiration: This is My Father's World... - 09/11/10 04:12 AM
Several years ago, a meandering trip through the back roads of northern Michigan revealed a seemingly never ending expanse of sunflowers, stretching as far as the eye could see.  I was mesmerized; for up to that time, my sightings of sunflowers had been limited to garden flowerbeds in the city where these majestic plants seemed overgrown and gangly spindles towering over the smaller plants.
But here in this field, unadorned by artificial constraints, they were in their element.  Unfettered and free to be, their beauty was resplendent against the horizon.  It made me wonder about the limitations we place … (12 comments)

inspiration: Are You Playing Hide & Seek With Your Real Estate Site? ...Remembering an Inspiring Active Rain Pioneer! - 08/26/10 03:24 PM
I had totally forgotten about this post, until Dena Stevens dropped by to comment this evening. Once again I was reminded of just how much Laurie Manny impacted our blogging efforts and encouraged us to mature as bloggers far beyond the capacity many of us would have thought we had.  I'll never forget the post, "A Parable...The Acorn and the Butterfly" in which I shared a parable about the process of discovery shortly after adding my picture to my profile for the first time.  Laurie's encouragement in Featuring that post is something I will never forget.  We will all remain forever … (31 comments)

inspiration: The One Week Short Sale Miracle on Brookmeadow... - 08/17/10 04:21 PM
The View from the House on Brookmeadow...
The idea started to percolate after reading the article.  A small write-up about a local real estate agent caught her eye. She had toyed with the idea of putting the house up for sale before, but this time the process proceeded rapidly. Signs, pictures, internet promotions and potential buyers all appeared in rapid succession.
As November blustered its' way into December, the cold chill of winter finally yielded to the unrelenting sunshine of spring.  But, it seemed that inside, an eternal winter had settled in for the long haul.  Potential buyers remained skittish about … (20 comments)

inspiration: On Becoming a Sneaker Warrior... - 07/09/10 08:51 AM
The Project RED sneaker advertisement by Converse brand & featured in  (Vanity Fair magazine  (June 2007) captures my interest. 
Re-defining Healthy Cultures...according to Converse:
"Healthy Cultures Nurture Creativity.  They help breathe life into the people who live within them.  They offer an array of perspectives to agree with, to fight against, to expand on or challenge."
"A Healthy Culture Welcomes Dissent.  Listens for the sound of new voices.  Supports original imaginations."
"Healthy Cultures are full of artists.  When hope dies, so does creativity.  When culture is lost, so is the Future."
"Indifference is the enemy.  Nothing is inevitable if you're willing to think.  … (6 comments)

inspiration: 'Under the Land" ~ A Call to Remembrance - 06/19/10 01:47 PM
Under all is the land.
Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival and growth of free institutions and of our civilization. REALTORS® should recognize that the interests of the nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership. They require the creation of adequate housing, the building of functioning cities, the development of productive industries and farms, and the preservation of a healthful environment. 
opening excerpt: The Preamble of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors®
For the past couple of days, those words..."Under all … (38 comments)

inspiration: The Conversation...Medium vs Message? - 03/29/10 01:27 PM
I vividly recall the look of that room.  The one which held the computers in my freshman year of high school. Everything felt sterile to me...white walls, white desks, white ceiling and a black screen that blinked with electronic gibberish.  Instead of facing my fellow students or the teacher, I was staring at that screen and trying to comprehend WHY I had to have anything to do with this box.  I remember leaving the class and determining never to have anything to do with computers again if I could help it! The year was 1979.
What a difference a few decades … (47 comments)

inspiration: Putting Fear in it's place...Is Real Estate A Numbers Game or A Mind Game? - 11/24/09 04:03 AM
"If you follow the usual prescription, not only will you put yourself on a path to burnout but you'll also miss a singular opportunity to turn the issue of fear to your advantage" 
Tyler Lewke - Founder of Lewke Partners in Crystal Lake Ill.
Mr. Lewke made this arresting statement in the Commentary section of the latest issue of the Realtor magazine.  It was response to a question posed about the biggest challenge facing today's unsettled marketplace. 
How would you have answered the question?  Would you say our biggest challenge is technology, new national players in the real estate marketplace, broker … (56 comments)

inspiration: Fair Weather Friends & Bell Bottoms... What the Shifting Tide is Revealing About the Under-Side of Real Estate - 11/08/09 01:18 PM
I remember the early 70's when bell bottom pants were all the rage.  The bigger the flare the better.   Everything was just a tad 'puffed' up and that included 'big hair' like the Afro. Sometimes, it was difficult to have a sense of how tall a person really was.  Several young men I knew used the cover of bell bottoms to add several inches of height with platform shoes!
Bell bottom pants were also handy for 'sweeping streets' clean.  Many kids wore their bell bottoms so long, that the bottoms actually frayed from dragging across the street. But this was … (64 comments)

inspiration: Before you Walk Out That Door for the LAST TIME... - 10/20/09 10:29 AM
The world of real estate has always held a fascination for folks like me.  But things have a way of getting really strange when people who don't spend their waking, working moments around the mayhem and milieu of the brokerage world start telling astounding tales about their recent 'encounters' in real estate country.
Over the past month, I've had several conversations which would have been considered 'beyond bizzare' just a few short years ago.  Folks talking about people they know walking out the door of their homes and just giving the home back to the bank as casually as they might refer to … (8 comments)

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