real estate: Back Pocket Real Estate: Exclusive Buying Groups and Pocket Listings - 04/13/15 04:34 AM
There's a myth that pervades the discussion of real estate amongst professionals in the real estate industry that goes something like this:  Just about everything for sale/on the market is on the Multiple Listing Service.  And...most FSBO's (For Sale by Owner) will eventually land there too.
While, there is a lot of truth to the statement, as REALTORS through their networks and the Multiple Listing Service do facilitate the vast majority of successful real estate transactions, there's a less well known subtext which is also true.  
Today's real estate market is far more fragmented than a cursory overview would suggest.  In fact, Pocket Listings which are … (26 comments)

real estate: Re-Invigorating the Engines Of Productivity...Forging A New Way Forward. - 03/18/11 11:31 AM
There's something invigorating about the thought of spring!  Even though much of the ground is still snow covered, the fact that the days are lengthening gives rise to hope.  A sentiment aptly captured in the words of an old African proverb that says...'No condition is permanent in this world.’
Change…The New Constant…
If ‘Change’ is a constant, it is one which members of the real estate community are familiar with.  Last month, members of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors® completed a survey about their needs in the year ahead.  According to the survey, here are the top 5 areas … (37 comments)

real estate: Future Talk via Gen Y ~ A Conversation About Real Estate - 06/06/10 04:30 PM
"What keeps me awake at night is the thought of four 21 year old University of California, Berkley graduates sitting in a garage in Seattle re-thinking what real estate should look like and then doing something about it"
 Alex Perriello, Realogy Franchise Group in response to a question posed to CEO's of the Top 5 Global real estate networks by Steve Murray at recent Real Trends Conference about what keeps them awake at night. May 2010
You know, if you had a crystal ball and could predict the future, somebody would be there to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. … (31 comments)

real estate: Raising the Service Bar...Real Estate Nightmare or Window of Opportunity? - 02/13/10 08:39 AM

RE-Thinking the Customer Service Business...
Today, while going through a very busy car wash, the attendant who is wiping off my windshield indicates that they have a' new service' They are going to check your windshield for dings & dents PRIOR to taking your car through the car wash.
I'm surprised & even a little impressed...
Being Pro-Active is a term under-going metamorphosis. When I started my real estate business almost 15 years ago, pro-activity meant that you quickly took care of the problem once it was brought to your attention.  It … (63 comments)

real estate: Zillow Unleashed... A Blizzard of Activity that Changes the Scoreboard Big Time! - 12/18/09 09:42 AM
This has been a busy, busy week. Have you found that Christmas has the same effect as planning a vacation when you're in real estate?  But, my busy week has been nothing compared to the fireworks that have been springing up all over one very popular consumer site aka Zillow.
Wow...these are the headlines just since the 15th of December, 2009!
Zillow Annouces Rental Listings by Sara Bonert ...  
should have been required reading for EVERY Realtor on Active Rain...just 46 comments so far.
Zillow Goes Head to Head with, RPR and your Wallet! on the Agent Genius … (160 comments)

real estate: Putting Fear in it's place...Is Real Estate A Numbers Game or A Mind Game? - 11/24/09 04:03 AM
"If you follow the usual prescription, not only will you put yourself on a path to burnout but you'll also miss a singular opportunity to turn the issue of fear to your advantage" 
Tyler Lewke - Founder of Lewke Partners in Crystal Lake Ill.
Mr. Lewke made this arresting statement in the Commentary section of the latest issue of the Realtor magazine.  It was response to a question posed about the biggest challenge facing today's unsettled marketplace. 
How would you have answered the question?  Would you say our biggest challenge is technology, new national players in the real estate marketplace, broker … (56 comments)

real estate: Fair Weather Friends & Bell Bottoms... What the Shifting Tide is Revealing About the Under-Side of Real Estate - 11/08/09 01:18 PM
I remember the early 70's when bell bottom pants were all the rage.  The bigger the flare the better.   Everything was just a tad 'puffed' up and that included 'big hair' like the Afro. Sometimes, it was difficult to have a sense of how tall a person really was.  Several young men I knew used the cover of bell bottoms to add several inches of height with platform shoes!
Bell bottom pants were also handy for 'sweeping streets' clean.  Many kids wore their bell bottoms so long, that the bottoms actually frayed from dragging across the street. But this was … (64 comments)

real estate: The 3 Biggest Hurdles Your Real Estate Career Will Face As You Head From There! - 08/10/09 05:58 PM
"If the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, you can rest assured that the water bill is higher there too." Maya Angelou
In the world of real estate, my experience is not necessarily considered the norm. Prior to starting my own company, I have only worked with 2 other Brokers.  So, I'll be upfront in stating that my expertise does not come from a lengthy history of jumping ship.  
However, almost 15 years in the industry has allowed me to observe and experience some of the ramifications of changing the address on ones business card … (80 comments)

real estate: Green Signing...Real Estate Marketing for the New Global Economy! - 05/02/09 08:12 AM
Apart from my signs, one of the fist items that I purchased for my real estate tool kit more than 14 years ago was a brochure box.
Remember when color brochures were the latest in creative marketing? Brochure boxes hung around many signs, sometimes along side the 'talking house', a radio broadcasting network which allowed listeners who tuned in to listen to the agent describe the experience inside the home they were parked outside of.
Sometimes, brochure boxes were jerry rigged to ensure that they didn't fall off. Others were battered and cracked due to the rigors of banging … (80 comments)

real estate: What's On Your 'You Owe Me List?' - 07/08/08 08:40 AM
Lenn Harley always warns us when we are about to be challenged by HARD CORE REAL ESTATE TALK.  I've never been sure if this is Lenn's way of re-directing lazy commentators or a smart way to attract intelligent conversation.  Anyway, taking the cue from the reigning queen of the Active Rain Blogosphere, I warn you that the video embedded below is HARD CORE FINANCIAL TALK. 
I had taped the show on Charlie Rose earlier about the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon.  It's one of the most fascinating interviews I've ever watched; revealing and remarkable insights by one of the … (17 comments)

real estate: 8 Great Ways to Reinvent the Old Pre-View Home Tour! - 06/23/08 05:10 PM
Late last week, I posted a blog post about how one might re-imagine the Home Pre-View tour that has been a Tuesday Morning Tradition for agents across the Grand Rapids area for decades. I admitted that it had been over a decade since I had been on a Broker New Listing Pre-View Tour as this activity fell into disuse for a number of reasons...notably, more Independent agents working out of their homes, Virtual tours and the price of gas.
Since we have new agents in our office, they wanted to have this experience, so we arranged to tour some of our home … (47 comments)

real estate: Imagine... - 06/19/08 01:23 PM
It's been over a decade since I've participated in a real estate caravan. How about you?
So, a recent post I read 'Caravan... going, going, gone', by Margo Currie about some of her misgivings about the demise of this real estate weekly activity peaked my interest.  Many companies have stopped mandating the practise of going to pre-view new home listings.
Designated agency probably contributed to this trend by changing the fiduciary relationship that individual real estate agents had with clients whom they were not directly representing.  There have been a number of other factors which have made this option less attractive … (16 comments)

real estate: 3 Simple Things that Ordinary People Can Teach Big Banks About the Value of a Dollar! - 03/18/08 08:09 AM
I just picked up Business Weeks' latest issue which has a fascinating expose about why the lending industry is still not safe.  It's an in-depth analysis of the lending practices which continue to threaten the viability and integrity of many of the nation's largest banks.
Reading the article caused me to reflect on how different the act of balancing my checkbook  as a Real Estate Broker would be, if I used the accounting practises which were practised by many of the lenders who are now embroiled in the mortgage crisis. Here are 3 differences which were immediately evident to me...
Not Having to Worry about Having Enough Money...
For starters, … (26 comments)

real estate: Today My Winter Coat Became a Tired Old Habit... - 03/14/08 12:52 PM
It was one of those gorgeous winter days in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I mean really nice...not just the blue sky with nary a cloud to mar the brilliant sunshine, but the weather was actually WARM...which for the Midwest in winter equates to above 50 degrees!  It was a day in which winter seemed to be loosing it's grip although anyone who has lived in Grand Rapids long enough knows that she still has a couple more punches to throw.
As I prepared to go outside, I put IT on without even thinking.  IT, was my winter coat.  I climbed into my car in … (16 comments)

real estate: In Demise...A Requiem for the Weekly Real Estate Broker Office Meeting - 03/06/08 04:22 AM
Your time came...and went. For many of us, you were our main source of interaction with our fellow agents or broker.  Although we maligned you often, complaining miserably over the fact that attendance was mandatory; you served your purpose well. You forced us to jam ourselves into over crowded cars for trips across town to view every big and little house, farm, cottage and piece of vacant land that had been listed that week.  We learned about the community because we toured it frequently at your insistence.
It was within your recesses that we discovered the ins and outs, nitty gritty of real estate.  It was here that … (125 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Lessons: "How Instant Service Became a Relic of History" - 02/15/08 01:05 AM
I'll always remember my first one.  As a young girl in the mid-seventies, a good family friend brought a large box-like structure to our home and told us it was a new camera.  One that could take a picture and we would be able to see it within minutes.  We all stared at the thing in awe. 
No one in my family owned a personal camera.  When special moments needed to be recorded, we called a photographer.  It was always uncomfortable. And after the posing and primping, you were lucky to get a picture back to you in a couple of weeks.
Our … (25 comments)

real estate: How The Nine Big Ideas of Social Media Can Transorm How Real Estate Information is Shared! - 02/09/08 01:29 PM
Perhaps the most daunting task facing Multiple Listing Systems (MLS) systems and real estate boards today is issue of Relevancy. It would be misguided to assume that the search of choice for real estate transactions in the future will necessarily be the local real estate MLS.  Unless significant changes are made which combine the best features of expertise and professionalism amongst MLS members with the enhancements available through technology today, the industry may find itself sidelined as the destination of choice for professional real estate information.
Today, I came across a Slideshare show by Frank Meeuwsen entitled "Nine Big Ideas of Social Media."  Meeuwsen essentially details the movement from the static … (14 comments)

real estate: I Wouldn't Pay Thousands of Dollars for A Half an Hour of Data Entry Either... - 02/08/08 03:23 PM
I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but sometimes a comment turns itself into a blog post.  That's what you get when you blog a lot I guess!  So, I decided I might as well make an honest post out of it. 
The question asked by a potential home seller on Trulia was about Commission...a burning issue in the minds of home owners trying to figure out how to sell their homes these days. 
Here's my answer to the question about:  What's the Average Commission in Grand Rapids, Mi these days?
Dear Concerned Homeowner:
Thanks for your question. Commission is a significant part … (34 comments)

real estate: Zoning Straight Down the Line...or Around the Edges? - 01/31/08 01:20 PM
There was an interesting story in our local Northwest Advance newspaper (January 27th, 2008)  The article by Jeffrey Cunningham was entitled "City Council debates to to enforce local ordinances."  Zoning ordinances can sometimes become prickly issues and this was the case apparently when Fountain View Nursing Home in Coopersville, Michigan complained about neighbors who were letting junk pile up in their yards.
City officials stepped in and forced the offenders to clean up their trash by taking them to court.  However, it seems that the same standards have not been applied when the nursing home itself has violated city ordinance by parking a … (7 comments)

real estate: Office Diggs...Re-Working A New Approach To Office Culture - 12/28/07 10:11 AM
A recent story in the latest edition of the Realtor magazine had an interesting story about Ronald Stewart, broker-owner of 1st Choice Real Estate in New Hartford, New York. Stewart is pioneering an emerging New dynamic in which forward thinking Real Estate Brokers are making office space in their brokerages not only inviting place to meet & greet but also resource "hot spots" for their communities!
It makes so much sense. Real Estate purchases impact affect everything! They channel new business into area stores and businesses.  A home sale impact the schools and places of worship. Why not invite the community to meet at your place instead of somewhere … (75 comments)

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