zillow: Buying/Selling a Home ~Will Your Neighbors Know More Than They Should? - 04/19/14 08:06 AM
Imagine for a moment, a perfect world - one in which you had access to absolutely everything you need to know about the purchase of a potential new home.  And by everything, I mean exactly that.  Access to listing information, county data, mortgage history, neighborhood and demographic data, how much money your potential new neighbor made last year, if they had skipped a few payments on their mortgage note and even who they voted for.... By now, I know some of you are saying...Whoa...hang on Lola!
Let's face it, we are a voyeristic culture.  We love to snoop!  However, I daresay, that not many … (70 comments)

zillow: Is That What You Want? Why the Choices You Are Making May Not Be Yours! - 06/27/12 04:42 AM
The freedom of choice is one of the main tenants that defines what most of us value as individuals.  The loss of this basic right is something that we are prepared to fight for, defend and if necessary die for.  Yet, in so many seemingly insignificant way, I think that this freedom is slowly being eroded.  And what's most interesting to me is that we are willing participants in the process.  In fact...we're sometimes co-conspirators in the movement.  Although aiding and abetting might be more a result of ignorance than willful action.
Some recent instances come to mind. Today, I got … (30 comments)

zillow: Zillow Unleashed... A Blizzard of Activity that Changes the Scoreboard Big Time! - 12/18/09 09:42 AM
This has been a busy, busy week. Have you found that Christmas has the same effect as planning a vacation when you're in real estate?  But, my busy week has been nothing compared to the fireworks that have been springing up all over one very popular consumer site aka Zillow.
Wow...these are the headlines just since the 15th of December, 2009!
Zillow Annouces Rental Listings by Sara Bonert ...  
should have been required reading for EVERY Realtor on Active Rain...just 46 comments so far.
Zillow Goes Head to Head with Realtor.com, RPR and your Wallet! on the Agent Genius … (160 comments)

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