scratch repair: “Auto Dent Repair” Choosing a Method to Save Time and Money - 09/03/08 09:50 AM
You can only keep your new car looking new for so long. Eventually something will happen to both the inside and the outside to remind you that you are no longer the owner of a shiny new vehicle. It may be that someone spills a drink or some food on your upholstery on the inside or another car door opening beside yours in a parking lot gives you your first dent on the outside.
Your first reaction to one of these things happening may be a feeling of dread taking over you. This precious new piece of machinery you purchased is … (0 comments)

scratch repair: Auto Body Work Trends and Technology - “Auto Paint Repair” “Dent Repair” “Scratch Repair” - 09/03/08 08:40 AM
If you've been involved in a wreck, a tree has fallen on your car, or you have just gotten a big dent in the side panel from someone opening their car door haphazardly in a parking lot, you may be considering getting the damage repaired so your car can look like it used to. But this is a process you should step into carefully and know your options.
When it comes to traditional dent removal or repair you will be dropping your car off at a body shop, allowing them to do their magic, and expecting to get your car … (0 comments)

scratch repair: About Auto Body Work - “Dent Repair” “Scratch Repair” - 09/03/08 08:34 AM
If you are like a lot of people, you are struggling with the tough economic times that are looming over the country.  This is only compounded when you have to deal with an unexpected expense, like damage to your car.
Whether it's from an accident, a hit and run, or a falling branch, it doesn't take a lot to leave a dent in your car.  In this case most people think they have only two choices. 
Body Shop
The first is to take the car into a body shop to have the repairs done. While this will make … (0 comments)

scratch repair: Real Estate Agents in Phoenix, Arizona Acknowledge Mobil Auto Body Shop for Unique Niche that Saves Time and Money on Auto Dent and Scratch Repair - 08/26/08 11:18 AM
Collision on Wheels is a collision auto body shop on wheels, in which the repair shop travels to the customer to perform minor dent repairs and repaint the repaired area to match perfectly
Phoenix, AZ--Collision on Wheels is a company who specializes in repairing minor auto dent repairs, which are bumped out and expertly painted so the vehicle appears like new.  The unique feature of this company is they come to your home or office to provide you a free estimate.  They can repair dents and paint the car on site.  The entire repair is often complete within 1 day, saving … (0 comments)

scratch repair: New Trends in Auto "Dent Repair" and "Scratch Repair" On-Site"Auto Body Shop" and Auto Paintless 'Dent Repair' (PDR) - 08/26/08 09:39 AM
With the birth of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) as a common trend, on-site auto body repair for small dent removal is a new emerging trend. Repair companies offering PDR now offer driveway services for busy customers who cannot afford to leave their vehicles in the shop for even an afternoon.  
Advantages of On-Site Auto Body Repair
No need to go without a vehicle while your car is in the shop
Competitive pricing
Small repairs completed immediately
Convenient: you choose the location and the time
PDR is a dent removal method comprised of several techniques used for repairing minor … (2 comments)

scratch repair: Auto Body Paint Repair: Minor Auto Body Work-Dent Repair and Scratch Repair - Avondale, Arizona - 08/26/08 09:35 AM
Real estate agents and small business owners who use their vehicles for business appreciate our time saving services, with no need to leave their vehicle in the shop for up to a week.
Dents happen! Motorists encounter scratches and dents during normal driving conditions, minor accidents, and even parking in garages, on the street, or in a parking lot. Most insurance policies cover minor body repair, but charge consumers a hefty deductible. Worse, making an insurance claim often raises the vehicle owner's policy premiums. All of this, for a small blemish. Often, the deductible on a policy is almost as … (2 comments)

scratch repair: Paintless Dent Repair -vs- Bump and Paint: Advice from Auto Scratch and Dent Repair Specialist - Anthem, Arizona - 08/26/08 08:00 AM
Many companies offer paintless dent repair (PDR) for small and very minor dents. In some cases, repairing the dent without repainting the area is acceptable. However, in many cases, this leaves the vehicle with visible damage or areas that will show visible damage after weathering and with age. There are several techniques for repairing dents without repainting, but these techniques only work in very optimal situations. When there is already paint damage or the dent has deep or sharp creases, painting is usually required. Other factors that limit successful repair using PDR include the flexibility of the paint, the amount the … (0 comments)

scratch repair: Auto Insurance Claims Raise Premiums: Minor Auto Dent and Scratch Repair Options - 08/23/08 12:48 PM
In the US, the average car insurance deductible is between $200 and $500. The increase in insurance premium can cost hundreds of dollars annually. Considering these factors, consumers should determine whether the rise in insurance premium is worth making an insurance claim for small dents, scratches, and other damages. Often, using a local repair shop and paying the repair bill without making an insurance claim is cheaper and faster than going through the red tape and hoop jumping of the insurance claims process.
Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is one common form of repair for minor dents. PDR is an acceptable … (14 comments)

scratch repair: Collision on Wheels Expands in Arizona; Awards Auto Body Franchise to Steven Leon in Metro West Valley - 08/23/08 12:46 PM
Referred to as a "mini body shop on wheels," CW services save consumers time and money                             
Phoenix, AZ - Greg Longe, President of Collision on Wheels (CW), We Come to You, announced the awarding of a CW franchise in Arizona.  Local resident and former Manager at Fry's Foods, Steven Leon, will service the Metro West Valley area.
Collision on Wheels (CW), We Come to You is a national franchise company specializing in mobile paint and collision repair.  The franchise services a niche market of consumers who don't have time to take their vehicle to a … (1 comments)

scratch repair: Former Retail Manager, Steven Leon, Turns Collision on Wheels Entrepreneur; Provides Money Saving Tips to Glendale, Arizona Consumers - 08/23/08 12:45 PM
People are busy; it's difficult to be without one's vehicle while it spends days in a body shop.  Mobil auto body service comes to home or office to do minor repairs quickly
Glendale, AZ Steven Leon, a retail manager at Fry's, traded his business suit for a logo-ed uniform to own and operate a Collision on Wheels (CW), We Come to You franchise in the Metro West Valley.  "I liked that CW provided a much needed solution to consumers' minor collision repair problems which ultimately saves time and money," says Steven. 
Collision on Wheels (CW), We Come … (1 comments)

scratch repair: Technology Distinguishes Collision on Wheels in Mesa, Arizona, from other Auto Body Dent and Scratch Repair Shops - 08/23/08 12:43 PM
Real Estate Agents and other people who use their vehicles for business appreciate the time and money saving benefits of using this company for minor auto body repairs
Mesa, AZ-How interesting can auto body repair possibly be?  Quite interesting when they pull up in a van and perform auto body repairs right there where the car sits, at one's home or office.  Several people gathered in the parking lot of a local real estate office to observe a team putting a tent-like structure over a car to be repaired.  One of the technicians on the site explained to the observers … (4 comments)


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