value: Activerain Does It Again...And Hopefully I've Returned The Favor - 06/03/08 10:40 AM
It started last Saturday.  I got a call from someone who "found me on the internet."  He Googled "Auto Broker - Conejo Valley and found not my Milestone Motoring Website, but my last Activerain Blog "Top Ten Most Fuel Efficient Sedans 2008" which led him to my Activerain profile, which led him to me.
The irony was that he is a Real Estate Agent who...dare I say it...had never heard of Active Rain.  Perhaps I should have been telling him why the Lexus RX400 Hybrid was the perfect car for a busy Real Estate Agent, but instead I spent the next … (15 comments)

value: Brokers, Babies and Blogs...Keeping All Your Balls In The Air - 04/25/07 06:07 PM
My life is a constant juggling act and I have to admit, I'm not that great at keeping all my balls in the air.  I'm a single mother with two children, I have a very busy career, I have a life outside of children and work (okay, that one's not true), but I would LIKE to have a life outside of children and work, there just isn't enough time.  I see all my Active Rain idols like Neal Bloom, Jeff Turner, George Tallabas, Broker Bryant, TLW, and Jeff Belonger, just to name a few.  They blog, they post, they comment, and … (28 comments)

value: Those Were The Days My Friend....But They're OVER! - 04/03/07 06:52 PM
As a Hard Money and Sub-prime Wholesale Lender, I'm still getting about 20 - 30 calls a day from brokers looking for 100% financing for their borrowers with FICO scores in the sub 500 or 500 - 600 range.  Those days are over and for good reason.  So many people are losing their homes because we thought it would never end.
In California it was practically insane.  The house I purchased in 2004 had nearly doubled in value by 2006.  100% LTV's seemed like a good idea because everything was going up, up, up.  Where was Sir Isaac Newton when we needed him?  … (10 comments)

value: What do Cemetery Plot Salesmen and Hard Money Lenders have in common? - 03/28/07 06:32 PM
Well, for one, both have reputations of having a less than stellar code of ethics. Sleazy cemetery salesmen are notorious for taking advantage of vulnerable people in their time of need, and Hard Money Lenders are categorized as loan sharks without the henchmen.  For me, the commonality is that I've had careers in both industries.  While there is always a "bad apple in the bunch", my experience has been one of caring individuals filling a very real need with both compassion and professionalism.
Not that anyone is interested in my life story but people do wonder how a blonde from Calabasas, California ended … (13 comments)


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