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Greater Seattle, Washington offers a beautiful diversity of natural and technological wonders. This is a blog about the real estate that connects it all together, and the people who enjoy living, working and playing in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.



We all know the 80 - 20 rule.  "20% of __________ account for 80% of __________."  Well here's a backward twist that will expedite the growth and value of your business. Most of us want to get better at what we do.  To do this we work on our weaknesses.  We get training to gain knowledge that we ...
When Patricia Kennedy included one of my blog posts from last week in her Last Week On Active Rain: March 21st-28th post, I felt honored and I appreciated the recognition.  I had no idea what was going to happen next. My inbox started filling up early in the morning with notifications from Active...
In the midst of one of the busiest real estate weekends I've ever had, I spent some time with a potential short seller.  My story is short, too, because the seller deserves privacy and I'm not going into a great amount of detail. I nearly shed a tear when I saw their home.  I thought it was stage...
During this last week I have hit a stride with something that up to now has not been a part of my real estate business; blogging.  In the process I've been accumulating points, I've been featured a couple of times (thank you!), and I've exercised my brain to boil down what have been some importan...
What I find to be one of the most annoying aspects of working with fellow real estate professionals is hearing arguments to my feedback.  What I find to be one of the most difficult aspects of working with fellow real estate professionals is maintaining the discipline to hold back arguments to th...
When buying a home that is served by a septic system, hopefully the septic system is the dirtiest system serving the home.  That is as it should be.  When it comes time for the septic system to be inspected prior to the sale, buyers often don't want to be around.  But it is quite important that t...
Client feedback is great.  They see things in ways we don't expect, and they express their appreciation for our work in unpredictable ways. Today a client called me and told me that when his lender told him the rate she locked for him yesterday, he just wanted to kiss me! Before we wrote his offe...
I occasionally take a few minutes to do a year-over-year comparison of my streams of business.  Today was my day to do this.  When is your day? My approach to growth is to start things that are long-term sustainable, and add new ones as I have available resources AFTER whatever necessary resource...
To some degree our colleagues in our respective local markets are our competitors.  But don't lose sight of the fact that they can also be our team. Some of the best streams of business we can build, grow out of teaming with our local competitors, whether they are within our brokerage or competin...
Today, and today only, you have an opportunity and an obligation to yourself to improve your business.  You can't wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow brings a new opportunity and obligation.  Today, use it or lose it. Real estate businesses like all businesses grow one piece at a time, gaining ...

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