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Snohomish County Home and Living Guides™ feature original photography, articles, photos, and illustrations from Stacey Mayer and family.
Remodeling and repair can add usability, and restore enjoyment, to a valuable real estate property.  But, it needs to be done efficiently, and correctly, in order to save time, and preserve the family from added stress. Any builders with this reputation are gold; some clients won't even share the...
Are you looking for VSP eye care providers in the Edmonds or Shoreline area, for regular or contact lens exams? Your participating VSP optometrist is happy to take VSP insurance for eye exams, new eyeglasses, and contact lens fittings. VSP eye care insurance is one of the most widely used eyecare...
Attention! Here's possibly the most important advice you'll ever get on buying a home; see below. If your parents haven't already made you promise you'll obey these tips, they ought to. If you value your own money, you'll take this advice easily; if you love your spouse, you'll obey these words o...
Growing up in Seattle, I attended Sacajawea Elementary, just a few blocks from our house. My years there pleasant, and most memories were good. Until fourth grade; it was a nightmare. I was frequently belittled by the teacher when I asked questions, or tried to participate. Our teacher, "Mrs. W",...
Fall Yard Clean Up Time Approaches Seattle's summer has been wonderful. Puget Sound lawns are in their browning, dormant phase, so we're mowing a lot less. But as fall approaches, pine cones, branches, seed pots, and horse chestnuts, need to be removed from the lawn before you mow. Anything left ...
It's hard enough being seen as, "a renter", but to be looked upon as, "undesirable", because of where the loan is coming from is awful. More neighborhoods have homes in need of rehabilitation now, than ever. If the home has a qualified buyer; rejoice. Somebody will finally be there to; mow the la...
Local Snohomish County home sales are seeing a great deal of activity. But is it your neighborhood, or just pricey areas of Kirkland or Bothell? Not every home an hour out from Boeing is selling quickly; sales prices are soft on homes farther from urban centers.Seattle homes are strong, but Stanw...
There used to be a time in real estate marketing when every real estate agent signed up for one of those, "cookie cutter" IDX pages, sold to them for big bucks per year on contract. They thought they were good; all their marketing was done. Now, the search engines are smarter; templates are toast...
LOCAL REAL ESTATE MARKETS ARE HOT!There are so many social media marketing options online, it's making a lot of you nuts. Let's clear up some of the confusion, and find out where you really need to be found.Who are your competitors; have you visited their websites? Do you know where XYZ Company i...
Outrageous.  Of all the nerve. Someone at BOA royally failed. I am outraged as an American. There was obviously a personal hand in this terrible error, and thankfully, another personal hand has issued a stay; for the moment. What if this had happened to one of our family, friends, or neighbors? W...

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