green marketing: City Cabins: Health, comfort and joy - 12/19/14 08:22 AM
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City Cabins: Health, comfort and joy
Martha Rose’s  newest high-performance City Cabins™  in Seattle are designed and built to be extremely energy efficient , healthy and comfortable to live in. Rose’s new homes have an extreme tight well sealed building envelope and an advance insulation package which help reduce the amount of pollutants that seep through.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks poor indoor air quality as one of the top five health risks in the … (5 comments)

green marketing: Green Built Building for sale in Seattle - 11/16/14 01:59 AM
Award winning green builder Martha Rose and architect Craig Anderson put a high priority on energy efficiency and indoor air quality for the Eva Rose Building in Seattle, Washington.
The buildings indoor air quality is maintained with a multi-port, low volume ventilation system in the residential units that cycles on and off on a regular schedule and draws fresh air through in each bedroom and living area.
The mixed used building was one of the first buildings in Seattle to receive a 3-Star Built Green Certification. For more information regarding purchasing this building contact Adrian Willanger @ 206 … (2 comments)

green marketing: High-performance homes in Seattle gets pervious pavement - 08/05/14 07:59 AM
High-performance homes in Seattle get pervious pavement
Seattle high-performance home builder Martha Rose, President of Martha Rose Construction, Inc.,  has fully embraced low-impact development (LID) strategies when developing the new collection of City Cabin®  homes.  The high-performance homes being built in Seattle’s Licton Springs neighborhood is being designed and built to capture stormwater run off before it gets back into the local water ways.
One component of our stormwater infrastructure is pervious concrete which allows the rain water to drain through and get purified by the rock underneath. The crushed rock basin under the road also holds the rain water until … (1 comments)

green marketing: Stay cooler in Seattle in a Green Built home - 07/15/14 03:54 AM
Stay cooler in Seattle in a Green Built home

Built Green homes are designed to provide homeowners with comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly homes that are cost-effective to own and operate. These resource-efficient homes are crafted to exceed building codes and provide homeowners with years of healthy, quality living, while protecting the precious Northwest environment. Built Green homes are known for their energy efficiency that goes for summer cooling. A Built Green home is designed and built to stay cooler in the summer months.  Extra insulation and high performance windows and doors help keep a Built Green home cooler in the … (7 comments)

green marketing: First Glimpse of the new High-Performance homes at Indian Wall - 01/22/14 01:51 AM
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green marketing: High-performance equipment found in City Cabin homes - 08/23/13 02:09 AM

High-performance equipment found in City Cabin homes
Spotlight: Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs)
It can be argued that with the tighter building envelopes a Heat-Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is perhaps the most important piece of equipment in the new High-performance City Cabin Homes in Seattle.
The HRV is designed to bring a continuous supply of fresh air into a home while exhausting an equal amount of contaminated air 24/7, acting like the lungs for the home, the core of the HRV system transfers heat from exhaust air stream to the incoming air stream.
The fresh filtered incoming air is tempered by the heat of the … (8 comments)

green marketing: An interview with City Cabin builder Martha Rose - 08/11/13 09:15 AM
City Cabin builder Martha Rose With Renovation Nation's Steve Thomas 
When Planet Green's Renovation Nation hosted by Steve Thomas kicked off their inaugural show they featured Seattle award winning green builder Martha Rose. This is the FIRST of three shows in which Steve Thomas, host of Planet Green's Renovation Nation, features the green building of Seattle homebuilder, Martha Rose. In this show, Martha shows how she conserves, recovers and drains water in the Green homes she builds.

green marketing: City Cabins Saturday's Grand Opening - 08/08/13 07:49 AM

 City Cabins Saturday's  Grand Opening  
      Martha Rose's newest collection of High-Performance Homes
        Join builder Martha Rose Saturday August 10, 2013 from 12 pm-4 pm for  the Grand Opening of City Cabins in Columbia City.  Food | Refreshments | Tours
 2860 S. Nevada Street |   Seattle, WA. 98108
        Map  | … (9 comments)

green marketing: High-performance home builder chooses to source locally - 06/17/13 07:40 AM
For years Seattle Green home builder Martha Rose has been working with her supply chain to make sure that the products sourced for their new homes are environmentally friendly to help reduce the overall building impact on humans and the environmental eco-system.
Rose has identified specific construction techniques and building materials that aid in reducing waste, pollution and ensures that a greater part of the economic value stays in the local economy.
High priorities for sourcing materials that go into the construction of the new City Cabins in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood are:
Manufactured within a 500 mile radius High content … (8 comments)

green marketing: New high-performance homes in Seattle coming in July - 06/16/13 03:23 AM

The City Cabins collection in Seattle to be released in July
The much awaited release of Martha Rose’s collection of high performance homes in Seattle’s Columbia City are undergoing final finishes for their July 5 week-end release.
The four high-performance homes are waiting to be fitted with stainless steel counter tops and drought tolerant xeriscaping prior to final detailing before their public release.
For more information about the multi-certified high-performance new homes please visit or contact Adrian Willanger @ 206 909-7536.

green marketing: New Green built homes in Seattle with some Craftsman swagger - 06/09/13 03:32 AM

New Green built homes in Seattle with some Craftsman swagger
Home builder Martha Rose’s newest collection of  hi-performance City Cabin homes, currently under construction, in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood are a blending of old school cabin design elements into an  extremely  energy-efficient building envelope .  Rose, once a finish carpenter, has a keen eye for adding a bit of swag to functionality when finishing her new high-performance homes.
Borrowing from the Arts and Crafts movement Rose is strategically integrating bits and pieces of the pre-industrial faction into City Cabins, carefully blending natural building materials into finished products while adding interesting architectural elements throughout.  Blacksmith-Artesian Silas … (6 comments)

green marketing: 4 Things you need to know about the new City Cabins - 05/21/13 07:23 AM

 4 Things you need to know about the new  City Cabins
Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood is a perfect fit for the high-performance City Cabins, located within a community that has a strong sense of place where residences hold diversity and inclusivity as sustainable values.
Currently about 25% of new homes in the Seattle area are built green, projected to reach 50% in the upcoming years, Rose’s Columbia City’s  City Cabins™, are being built for higher indoor air quality, lower utility bills and lower cost to maintain by  incorporating smart sophisticated design features. Much of the bling in these homes are incorporated … (4 comments)

green marketing: Rose’s high-performance homes in NW GREEN HOME TOUR - 04/24/13 11:40 PM
Rose’s high-performance homes in NW GREEN HOME TOUR
This year our Seattle Chapter has joined forces with Built Green to host the NW Green Home Tour on Saturday, April 27th! 26 sites in Seattle and around the Sound, an impressive display of green home systems and features, DIY info and resources, plus sustainability stops in between! And it’s all FREE!
Experience low impact living this Saturday April 27, 2017 when Martha Rose’s new high-performance City Cabins® at Columbia Station will be open to the public as part of the Green Home Tour.
Visitors will have the opportunity to tour these 4 high-performance townhomes before … (8 comments)

green marketing: City Cabins- “Build it right and seal it tight” - 03/12/13 08:41 AM
City Cabins- “Build it right and seal it tight”
Two of the last remaining defenses used to divert moisture penetration in new construction are the windows, doors and exterior cladding. The siding and windows are being completed this week at the new high-performance City Cabins in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood.  The windows have been installed last week completing the “lock up” phase.  The selection of Ply-Gem triple-pane windows was made because of their overall thermal and acoustic performance along with stainless steel hardware.
Controlling rain water and moisture penetration is especially important when Seattleites experience seasonal rainfall and dampness without many sun breaks that would normally … (9 comments)

green marketing: “Behind the Walls Tour” Done - 02/24/13 11:57 PM

“Behind the Walls Tour” Done
Last Saturday’s “behind the walls tour” of Martha Rose’s collection of high-performance City Cabin homes in Seattle’s Columbia City was very well attended by wide variety of people eager to learn about the new City Cabins.
“The interest in whole-house system of design and building has been overwhelming” mentions Rose, reflecting after the event. The open house was well attended by sales professionals, builders, and architects mixed in with neighbors and home buyers looking for green built homes.   
Columbia City is a perfect fit for the high-performance City Cabins, located within a community that has … (16 comments)

green marketing: City Cabins' Simplistically Chic Masters Suites - 02/01/13 01:08 AM
City Cabins' Simplistically Chic Master Suites
After my latest walk-through of Martha Rose’s newest high-performance  City Cabin™ homes currently under construction  in Seattle’s Columbia City I couldn’t help but get  very excited about the specialness of the top-floor master suites.  The sequestered top floor suite has all the amenities that are common at this price point; well appointed master bath, walk-in-closet and extra storage spaces.
What is unique is the design and openness of the bedroom portion of the suite. Vaulted ceilings that are high enough to allow a 180 square foot loft to be added, the loft is easily accessed by metal Lapeyre stairs. The Lapeyre stairs, with its … (7 comments)

green marketing: The terroir of Rainier Vista - 01/17/13 01:29 AM
The terroir of Rainier Vista
Seattle’s Rainier Vista community can be described as an edge community, located just 12 minutes from downtown Seattle and 15 from SeaTac Airport by Link Light Rail.  The geographical location and connectivity gives Rainier Vista its  terroir, its sense of place.   Rainier Vista is populated by people who choose to live, work and play in the city.  A large number of residences in Rainier Vista are not dependent on large corporations for employment but rather choose careers in the “hidden tech” fields.  Home based businesses, entrepreneurs that are well connected to the information economy as investors, graphic artists, freelance writers, architects, … (13 comments)

green marketing: Next-Gen homes in Columbia City - 01/08/13 10:11 PM
Next-Gen homes in Columbia City
Seattle home builder Martha Rose, President of Martha Rose Construction, has embraced sustainability building standards. Rose voluntary targets various “beyond code” green building programs.  Her newest  City Cabins in Seattle’s Columbia City is an example of building a high performance that aligns with DOE’s Building America, Built Green and Energy Star goal of reducing a home’s energy use by 30%-50%.
Rose’s building and design focus is on the building envelope, emphasis is placed on air sealing techniques, advance wall assemblies that include 1” of foam sheathing, high performance windows & doors and beyond code insulation. With the goal … (7 comments)

green marketing: Framing begins on next-gen City Cabins in Seattle - 11/29/12 05:59 PM
Framing begins on next-gen City Cabins in Seattle
Builder Martha Rose’s latest collection of high-performance City Cabin homes currently under construction in Seattle’s Columbia City will be a nice fit in the existing neighborhood. Rose purchased the last 4 remaining lots in the first phase of Rainier Vista, many of the existing homes were built between 2006-2007.
The new City Cabins™ at Columbia Station are packed with smart design features that are rarely seen at this price level.  The high-performance green homes built by Martha Rose are truly next-gen housing being built with today’s homeowner in mind.  Rose is including a long list of features … (6 comments)

green marketing: New City Cabins have a long lineage of green building behind them - 11/28/12 12:00 AM
New City Cabins have a long lineage of green building behind them
The new high-performance homes, City Cabins at Columbia Station, follow a long lineage of green built homes built by Martha Rose of Martha Rose Construction. The new City Cabins in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood are destined to be energy efficient, durable and extremely comfortable to live in.
Rose carefully selects indoor finishes to minimize any off-gassing from adhesives, paints, cabinets, and floor and wall coverings. In addition to incorporating building techniques that reduce air and moisture penetration which can lead to mold and pollutants entering into the home each of … (2 comments)

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