andrew payne real estate: Come Enjoy Tres Machos Mexican Restaurant for Richmond VA Area Meetup! - 08/04/14 10:31 PM
Come Enjoy Tres Machos Mexican Restaurant to network with local business people and experience a popular casual dining experience!
How would you like fresh guacamole made at your table?  What about having some authentic Mexican food at lunchtime special prices?  If any of this sounds good to you, come join us tomorrow at noon - 1 PM, Aug. 6th, 2014, for a delicious meal and #RVA networking at Tres Machos Mexican Restaurant.  The address is: 11521 Midlothian Tpke, North Chesterfield, VA 23235.  It's easy to find, and we'll have a large table in the back of the restaurant.  Just look for me, … (6 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Upgrading Kitchen Will Add Value & Enjoyment to My Richmond VA Home - 07/04/14 08:18 AM
Upgrading Kitchen Will Add Value to My Richmond VA Home
Currently, I happen to be undergoing a kitchen addition at my own home right outside of the Fan District.  Although I plan to remain in my home at least for several years after the completion of my kitchen addition and renovation, the process helps remind me what Richmond VA area home buyers really look for in a home.

Above is a work-in-progress photo of the foundation and joists in my kitchen addition project.
One thing that local home buyers tell me they like is a nicely updated … (3 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Bunnyhop Bike Shop Helps Give Oregon Hill Homes More Travel Options - 06/26/14 03:11 AM
Bunnyhop Bike Shop Helps Give Richmond Virginia's Oregon Hill Homes More Travel Options
Bunnyhop Bike Shop definitely offers people residing in Oregon Hill homes more travel options.  When is the last time you rode a bicycle?  Just be honest.  Well, it's been quite a while for me.  However, Bunnyhop Bike Shop in Oregon Hill would make it a lot easier to choose regular cycling as an option for more of my transportation needs.
There are various neighorhood bike shops in Richmond Virginia---otherwise known as RVA---and I probably would look at Bunnyhop Bike Shop as one of my top choices for my … (1 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Smart Landscaping Adds Curb Appeal to Byrd Park Area in Richmond VA - 06/16/14 11:57 PM
Smart landscaping adds plenty of curb appeal to Byrd Park area neighborhoods in Richmond VA 
Lately I've noticed one of my neighbors on our block especially putting a lot of effort into to beautifying his front yard in our Byrd Park vicinity neighborhood in Richmond VA.  I've noticed that he and his spouse even carried away some soil last week wrapped in a large sheet.  It appears to be a very enjoyable family activity at his home.  
A lot of other homes have attractive front yards in our area.  Actually, several neighbors lately have put a lot of … (1 comments)

andrew payne real estate: What Makes Excellent Quality of Life in the Byrd Park Neighborhood? - 05/30/14 01:03 PM
Living Near a Beautiful Park Often is Viewed as a Perk
What helps make excellent quality of life in Byrd Park neighborhood in Richmond Virginia?  Various criteria can help determine a higher quality of life.  Simply living near a park can be considered a major perk for many people.  Byrd Park happens to be close to my home, so often I refer to it as being in the vicinity of where my actual neighborhood is located.

 These three white ducks (above) lately have been frequently seen residents at Fountain Lake.
Being a Pedestrian Friendly Area Has its Advantages
On … (2 comments)

andrew payne real estate: How a Blower Door Test Can Help a Richmond Virginia Home Save Money - 05/25/14 12:39 PM
Many homes in Richmond Virginia, like my home located near the Fan District and Carytown, likely would benefit from having a residential blower door test to see where specific air leaks are located that can drive up energy costs for a home.  Last week I had Blake Waring of Home Energy Remodeling, a subsidiary of Bain-Waring Builders, conduct an energy audit at my home, and the primary test to check air-tightness in a home is called a blower door test.
Probably if you asked me just a few years ago what blower door test means, my initial thought would be … (1 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Nolde Bakery Condos is Fast Becoming a Familiar Church Hill Address - 05/15/14 12:49 PM
Are you looking to plan a move at Nolde Bakery Condominiums?  Also known as Nolde Bakery Condos, the original building dates from 1892 and has a history of several recent sales and some more units currently are still available.  Conveniently located in Church Hill, considered a neighborhood portion of downtown Richmond Virginia, this former bakery offers some of the best features of city living. If you happen to enjoy easy pedestrian access via sidewalks, locally owned coffee shops, proximity to various cultural attractions and the convenience of being so close to downtown, then this former bakery could offer just what you're seeking!

Above … (0 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Putting Together A Black Lutyens Bench at Home Can Be a Fun Project - 04/01/14 11:41 AM
How many of us would ever use kits to build outdoor furniture?  As long as the kit appears to be relatively high quality, then I ask myself "why not"?  Building a four-foot wide Lutyens style bench last Saturday turned out to be much easier for me to accomplish than I had initially thought.  
Also, these benches are of relatively high quality.  Fortunately, Lewis Ginter Botantical Garden in Richmond Virginia sells these unassembled benches in boxes, and I also happened to be able to take advantage of the 15 % off "March Madness" sale available to members during last month. … (9 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Spring is Now Here & Oregon Hill Door Knocking Helps Raise My Energy - 03/27/14 01:56 PM
It's exciting that those Richmond Virginia winter blues definitely are heading behind us, and the resurgence of spring energy finally is here!  Recent sunny days really have helped inspire me to reach out to local residents while door knocking in Oregon Hill, one of Richmond's most interesting and historic neighborhoods!

Oregon Hill homes typically are close together and allow neighbors to get to know one another.
The sunny weather yesterday helped lift my spirits and energy level.  How about yours?  I happen to enjoy knocking on doors and speaking with local residents on an individual basis.  Almost everyone … (1 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Goochland County Virginia 12-Month Market Trends Show Promise - 03/18/14 01:26 AM
When residents in Richmond Virginia talk with me about nearby Goochland County, they often envision beautiful large homes on five-acre lots. Yes, those homes and lot sizes certainly do exist, and they often are beautiful. However, there's probably more variety in home prices and lot sizes that can suit a full spectrum of home buyers' budgets, needs and interests. 
For example, here are two bar graphs generated from the Central Virginia Regional Multiple Listing Service, or CVR MLS, to show single family home market activity in Goochland County over the last 12 months:

Above is bar graph showing … (3 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Monumental Church in Richmond Virginia Honors Those Who Died in Fire - 03/16/14 01:40 PM
Recently, I went to Richmond Virginia City Hall to contest a parking violation.  The aluminum signs for no parking in the alley had completely faded over the years.  Luckily for me, I eventually won, and my case was dismissed!
While walking back to my car the day that I had contested my parking ticket, I happened to notice a bit of Richmond Virginia history before my eyes.  It helped remind me of how rich our history is, and how various monuments still honor Virginians from decades past.
Once such monument once served as an Episcopal church and honored people … (5 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Berret's Makes a Delicious Destination While in Williamsburg Virginia - 03/11/14 07:31 AM
One of my favorite destinations in Historic Williamsburg Virginia in Merchants Square is Berret's Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse Grill.  The food is exceptional and the wait staff are very friendly and customer service oriented.
One of the nice things about Williamsburg is that it's only about a one hour drive from my home in Richmond Virginia near Byrd Park and Carytown.  Berret's always is my top choice for having lunch in Williamsburg.  If lunch is any indication, then I know dinners at Berret's must be wonderful as well.
A very good friend of mine and I both happen to … (4 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Williamsburg Salt Spa Helps Make for a Wonderful Saturday Road Trip - 03/10/14 10:39 PM
Williamsburg Salt Spa , known as the first salt spa on the East Coast, has become a popular destination in Virginia's Colonial Capitol in the last several years.  Opened in 2008, this spa contains over 15 tons of imported therapeutic salt.  The walls, floor and ceiling in the treatment room are covered with this special salt.
Fortunately for me, this wonderful spa is only about a one-hour drive from my home in Richmond Virginia.  Last Saturday, a friend and I spent 45 minutes in this spa's treatment room.  While in this room lounging in "zero gravity" recliners, a group of us … (0 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Eight Elevating Affirmations for People Looking to Buy or Sell Homes - 03/07/14 01:41 PM
Are you looking to have an exciting home buying or selling experience?  How's your mental attitude about buying or selling home in Richmond Virginia or elsewhere?  Are you looking for some inspirational words to set a positive tone?
In a nutshell, affirmations refer to positive, present tense statements declaring a positive condition or result desired for a specific situation.  It revolves around the theory that humans have the choice to focus their minds in ways to promote self-empowerment and positive thinking to achieve specific goals.  It all begins with having a positive mindset and positive expectations in life.  Taking positive … (5 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Try this Trick to Deter Squirrels From Devouring Bird Food at Home - 03/04/14 12:55 PM
For years I've been feeding birds that live in the vicinity of my home very near Byrd Park, the Fan District and Carytown in Richmond Virginia.  Unfortunately, squirrels tend to hog the food.  What's the best way to set aside food for birds without squirrels devouring so much of it?
Well, this often can be no easy task.  Perhaps some strict animal rights activists would disagree.  However, I think my method would be considered relatively humane.  
Here's something you may wish to try at your home.  Make a very spicy hot paste for squirrels, and put it on the … (10 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Caulking is One Way to Help Boost Home Energy Savings & Comfort - 03/03/14 04:21 AM
Are you ever surprised how small changes can bring great benefits in our homes?  Something even as simple as applying caulking can help boost home energy savings. estimates an average annual savings around five to 10 percent.
Typically, caulking and weather stripping are put around windows and doors to help reduce drafts and add comfort in homes.  My 1921 Richmond Virginia (nickname RVA) home, as shown below, likely can benefit from having more caulk applied to it.  Can yours?
 More caulking and weather stripping often can help add home comfort and energy savings. provides six easy steps for … (7 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Enjoy a Delicious Lunch at the Richmond Virginia Spring 2014 Meet Up - 03/03/14 12:16 AM
Are you a fan of Mexican food that's freshly made?  Be prepared to have an appetite---and maybe even save some room for dessert---at our Greater Richmond Virginia Spring 2014 Meet Up being held at 12:30 PM on Wednesday, March 26th, at Tres Machos.
Located at 11521 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23235, this locally owned restaurant actually is ideally positioned in Chesterfield County and simply has a Richmond mailing address.  Very close to Chesterfield Towne Center and found at the corner of Midlothian Turnpike and Courthouse Road, Tres Machos is a wonderfully authentic Mexican restaurant that offers probably the best food of its … (1 comments)

andrew payne real estate: One Saturday Afternoon Showing Nine Houses Can Be Time Well Spent - 03/02/14 06:02 AM
As buyer agents, we often may feel obligated to serve our clients' best interests.  By showing them as many properties as we can in a single day, we may have a sense that we're doing them a good service.  It's just part of having a strong work ethic, isn't it? 
For argument's sake, let's just say that showing more than five properties in one afternoon is reasonable number.  By showing them more than five properties, we can help them see a lot of properties in a relatively short time period in order to help them make comparisons.  But is that … (1 comments)

andrew payne real estate: Fan Single Family Home Trends in Richmond Virginia for Last 12 Months - 02/27/14 02:36 AM
Here are some informative bar and data charts for 23220, which often is popularly considered the Fan District.  However, there also are other smaller adjacent neighborhoods having that same zip code.  The Fan area is considered a very pedestrian friendly area for people who enjoy proximity to local restaurants, museums, local shops in nearby Carytown and other cultural attractions.
All charts below are generated via the Central Virginia Regional Multiple Listing Service, or CVR MLS.  By using a number of criteria choices for attached and detached single family homes in 23220, the user can generate specific charts developed by CoreLogic. 


andrew payne real estate: Street Parking for Many Richmond Virginia Homeowners Needs Improvement - 02/22/14 11:56 PM
There's no sense trying to hide it any longer.  For years residential street parking has been a major problem for a substantial number of Richmond Virginia homeowners.  For several years it particularly has been a problem in my neighborhood which is very close to Carytown and Byrd Park.  What can we do to remedy the situation?  The answer remains to be seen, and yet I still have hope.
One of the reasons that residential street parking is a such problem is the overflow parking from people who don't even live on our street.  Often people who rent from the apartment … (5 comments)

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