realtor: Reasons to Buy in a Down Market - 07/31/07 10:12 AM
More Choices
Even in a down market, people are still selling property. In fact, the inventory of homes in our area is greater than ever.
Because of the great amount of inventory, there is more pressure for the seller to accept your offer. The sellers have to compete, which leads to lower prices. Check how long the home has been on the market. The longer it was on the market, the more likely the seller will be willing to negotiate. Other benefits sellers may offer could include buyer bonuses, e.g. seller paid closing costs or vacation getaways.
Chance to Trade up
In … (0 comments)

realtor: Influence of foreclosures on property values - 07/30/07 09:18 AM
The increasing number of foreclosures in the current down market does not only hurt those homeowners who loose their properties, but it influences housing prices throughout entire neighborhoods.
Not only that low sales prices of foreclosed homes affect the market value of comparable homes in the area. Often these homes are vacant for months and nobody really takes care of them. What do you think will be the result for the neighborhood? Usually the values of the neighbor´s homes suffer, too!
If there´s only one home, there may not be much of an effect. But if there is more than one, you'll … (0 comments)

realtor: Bradenton, Sarasota - Local Home Sale Slide Up! - 07/26/07 02:25 PM
According to the National Association of Realtors, the Bradenton - Sarasota Real Estate Market rose 5 % in June, bucking the Florida trend.
Statewide home sales still fell 30 percent during the month, comparing ro a year ago. In contrast, the sales in our area rose 5 percent.
Only two other markets in Florida increased in June: Naples-Marco Island and Panama City.
But despite of the increasing number of sales, the median price continued to fall to $ 292,700 which is a decrease of 10 percent.
If you are looking for a home in the Bradenton - Sarasota area, give us a call @ 941.866.1666.
For … (0 comments)

realtor: Periso Island - Perico Bay Club - Bradenton - 07/25/07 12:34 PM
Perico Island is located only minutes from the finest sand beaches on Anna Maria Island. You will find a perfect winter get-a-way or the perfect home for you and your family. Easy living in a private, tranquil setting in Association with heated pool with BBQ area, sauna and a lakeside tennis court.
Perico Bay club is a bayfront community on Perico Island. It is surrounded by water and situated on an island in Palma Sola Bay. This gated + monitored community will impress you with it's elegant resort lifestyle, tennis courts, pools, walking paths,club house with library.
View Homes for Sale … (0 comments)

realtor: Lakeside II @ Creekwood, Bradenton - 07/25/07 12:17 PM
Lakeside II @ Creekwood is a popular neighborhood just minutes from I-75 and SR 70. You will find a quiet well established neighborhood of single-family homes.
Great location near to shopping and dining and only a short drive to the most beautiful beaches on the gulf coast or to downtown Bradenton and Sarasota.
The community features community pools, tennis courts and great events.
Homesites offer views of lakes, wooded preserves, parks and natural wildlife and are arranged in small, family-oriented villages where neighbors are likely to become friends.
See Homes for Sale @ Creekwood:

realtor: 2 Story Lakefront Home at Creekwood, Lakeside II, in Bradenton, Florida - 07/01/07 02:47 PM
New Price: 399,000!!!!
 Gorgeous waterfront pool home in Bradenton, Florida @ Creekwood, Lakeside II. See all information and more pics @ Visit our website for all our listings:

realtor: Best Buy in Perico Island, Bradenton, FL - 2/2 Condo with Lakeview! - 06/24/07 09:35 AM
Please visit for all information about this condo! … (2 comments)

realtor: Wonderful 2 BR / 2 BA Condo in Spring Lakes, Bradenton, FL - private setting! - 06/15/07 08:30 AM

realtor: English - German Real Estate Glossary A - B - 05/30/07 03:07 PM
Real Estate & Housing Glossary
agent, broker der Makler (-), die Maklerin (-nen)
annual (rent paid annually) jährlich, die Jahresmiete
apartment, flat die Wohnung (-en)   apartment share/roommates die Wohngemeinschaft (WG)   adjoining / attached flat die Anliegerwohnung   condo, condominium die Eigentumswohnung   3-room apartment das 3-Zimmerwohnung   studio apartment/flat, bedsit das Atelier, das Apartment/Appartement, das Wohnschlafzimmer, die Einzimmerwohnung
area, region der Raum   Raum Lindau in the Lindau area/region
arrangement, agreement die Absprache   by arrangement nach Absprache
attic der Dachboden, der Speicher
attic apartment, mansard flat die Mansarde
attic floor, level das Dachgeschoss (DG)
available, vacant frei   available as of... frei ab...   available immediately frei ab sofort
balcony der Balkon (-s or -e)
barrier-free … (0 comments)

realtor: English - German Real Estate Glossary C - E - 05/30/07 03:05 PM
C cable TV der Kabelanschluss (Kabel)
carpet, carpeting der Teppich (-e)   carpeted floors der Teppichboden   fitted carpet/wall-to-wall carpeting der Teppichboden
children welcome familienfreundlich, kinderfreundlich
classified ad die Kleinanzeige (-n)
(clothes) closet, wardrobe der Kleiderschrank (-schränke), die Garderobe (-n)
contract der Vertrag   rental contract, lease agreement der Mietsvertrag
constructed (year) das Baujahr
cowling (for chimney) der Schornsteinaufsatz (-sätze)
curtain der Vorhang (-hänge), die Gardine (-n)   lace/net curtains die Gardinen
curtain rod/rail die Vorhangstange (-n), die Gardinenstange (-n)
D deposit die Kaution (KT)
down payment die Anzahlung
E electric heat die Elektroheizung
elevator der Aufzug, der Fahrstuhl, der Lift
entrance, entry der Eingang   separate entrance eigener Eingang
entry hall die Diele (-n)
escrow (account) das Anderkonto   to put money … (0 comments)

realtor: English - German Real Estate Glossary F - H - 05/23/07 05:41 PM
first floor (Brit.) der erste Stock (1st above the ground)first floor (US) das Erdgeschoss (ground floor)
fixed/firm price der Festpreis
flat, apartment die Wohnung (-en)
floor (surface) der Fußboden   wood floors, parquet der Parkettfußboden
floor (story) die Etage, der Stock
floor area die Grundfläche
floor plan der Grundriss (eines Stockwerks)
floor suite die Etagenwohnung (flat occupying an entire floor)
floor tile die Fliese (-n)
flooring, floor covering der Fußbodenbelag
furnished möbliert
garret, mansard flat die Mansarde
gas heat die Gasheizung
ground floor das Erdgeschoss, die Parterre
gross, before expenses brutto   net, after expenses netto
half-basement, basement flat das Souterrain (-s)
hall, hallway der Flur
handicapped access barrierefrei, barrierefreies Wohnen
house das Haus (Häuser)   at my/our house … (1 comments)

realtor: English - German Real Estate Glossary I - L - 05/23/07 05:38 PM
insulated isoliert
insulation die Isolierung, die Dämmung   sound insulation, soundproofing die Schalldämpfung
kids OK, children welcome familienfreundlich, kinderfreundlich
kitchen die Küche (-n)
kitchenette die Kochnische (-n)
land, property das Grundstück
landlord der Vermieter, die Vermieterin
land register/registry der Katasterland registry office das Katasteramt
lease (v.) mieten (apt.), pachten (com.)lease out (v.) vermieten (apt.), verpachten (com.)
lease (n.) der Mietsvertrag (apt.), der Pachtvertrag (com.)

realtor: English - German Real Estate Glossary M - P - 05/23/07 05:35 PM
monthly monatlichmonthly/month's rent die Monatsmiete
mortgage die Hypotheke (-en)
needs fixing, renovation renovierungsbedürftig (ren.-bed.)
net, after expenses netto   gross, before expenses brutto
no commission provisionsfrei
offer das Angebot (-e)
oil heat die Ölheizung
parking space der Stellplatz (-plätze)
part of town der Ortsteil, der Stadtteil
patio, terrace die Terrasse (-n)
percent, per cent das Prozent
permitted, allowed erlaubt
pets allowed Haustiere (pl.), die Tierhaltung

realtor: English - German Real Estate Glossary R - S - 05/23/07 05:33 PM
real estate Immobilien (pl.)   piece of property for sale die Immobilie
real estate agent, broker der Makler, die Maklerin
renovated, remodeled renoviert, saniert
rent (n.) die Mieterent (v.) mietenrent out (v.) vermieten
renter, tenant der Mieter (-), die Mieterin (-nen)
room das Zimmer (-)
row house, attached house das Reihenhaus (-häuser)
shower die Dusche
square meters (sq. m) Quadratmeter (qm/m2)
storage room der Abstellraum (-räume)

realtor: English - German Real Estate Glossary T - Y - 05/23/07 05:19 PM
tenant, renter der Mieter (-), die Mieterin (-nen)
terrace, patio die Terrasse (-n)
tile die Fliese (-n)
tile(d) floor der Fliesenboden
tiled gefliest
underground parking (garage) die Tiefgarage (-n)
vacant, available frei
vacation apartment, flat die Ferienwohnungvacation house das Ferienhaus
view die Aussicht   great view herrliche Aussicht
window das Fenster (-)
wall-to-wall carpeting der Teppichboden
year of construction das Baujahr

realtor: Selling your home in Bradenton, Florida - Your Realtor of Choice - 05/18/07 09:21 AM
You want to sell your home in Bradenton, Florida? - Choose the right Realtor! 
In today‘s competitive real estate market, it takes highly dedicated, qualified professionals to provide the services required to purchase or sell your home quickly and at the best price. With choosing us as your Real Estate and Financing Consultant you get an outstanding professional team that is committed to building lifelong relationships by serving you with integrity, honesty and hard work.
We offer the following team competences:
- Lic. Real Estate Professional, FL- Lic. Mortgage Broker, FL- Notary Public, FL- German Attorney-at-Law, LLM, J.D.- BA, BSci, M.B.A.We offer a broad range of … (0 comments)

realtor: Important factors to consider when buying a (second) home - 05/09/07 03:50 PM
When buying a second home in Florida, there are various factors to consider.
At the beginning of the home buying process, make sure that you choose the right location for your new home. Consider recommendations of friends who already have property in this area, but be aware that their wants and needs may be different than yours.
Now, that you found the perfect house in the right location, make sure that the house and its condition are inspected by an independent home inspector. If there are any defects, clearify who is responsible for repairs.
The date of the property transfer (Closing Date) will be … (0 comments)

realtor: Bau und Kauf von Immobilien in Florida - die wichtigsten Faktoren - 05/09/07 02:48 PM

Beim Kauf oder Bau eines Hauses in Florida gilt es viele Faktoren zu berücksichtigen.
Zunächst spielt der Standort der Immobilie oder des Bauplatzes eine entscheidende Rolle. Achten Sie unbedingt darauf, eine Gegend zu finden, in der Sie sich auch tatsächlich wohlfühlen. Achten Sie nicht ausschließlich auf Empfehlungen von Freunden, denn Geschmäcker sind bekanntermaßen verschieden.
Ist erst einmal das richitge Objekt gefunden, ist es wichtig, den Zustand der Immobilie genauestens unter die Lupe  zu nehmen. Besonders ist hier auf versteckte Baumängel oder auf Termitenschäden zu achten. Der Käufer kann auch ein Gutachten eines unabhängigen Sachverständigen einholen.
Sofern erforderlich, sollte bei bestehenden Schäden vereinbart werden, ob diese … (0 comments)

realtor: Lakewood Ranch, Florida - 05/08/07 02:12 PM
Located east of Sarasota and just off I-75, Lakewood Ranch is a planned community on 7000 acres. Seven villages  offer a variety of lifestyles from townhomes to estate living with shopping, dining, entertaining, medical facilities, hotels, great schools all surrounded by lakes, golf courses, preserves, and over 50 miles of walking trails.
Lakewood Ranch Neighborhoods:
The Village of Summerfield The Village of Edgewater The Village of Riverwalk The Village of Greenbrook The Country Club of Lakewood Ranch  The Lake Club
If you are interested in buying Real Estate in Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Sarasota or the surrounding areas, please … (0 comments)

realtor: Village of the Arts, Bradenton, Florida - 05/08/07 09:53 AM
The Village of the Arts District is a the new jewel in the crown of downtown Bradenton, Florida. Bradenton's Downtown Development Authority sent out a call to artists interested in redeveloping a walk-to town community where artists could live, work and sell their wares.
Older cottages are being bought by those with an artistic flair or for those wanting to be a part of this renaissance community. Pick up the brochure, Village of the Arts, to explore this unique community where artists live and work.
Directions to Village of the Arts:
From I-75 & US 301: Exit SR 64 West to Bradenton. Left at … (0 comments)

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