Most home buyers today think that using a real estate agent to help them find a home comes with a fee.  I'm here to tell you this isn't true! :)  In fact, it is absolutely FREE for buyers to use an Agent to help them find the perfect home.  Where the Buyers Agent gets paid is at closing through a...
I ran across a really interesting article today on marketing to generation X.  Since I am a generation Xer - this topic and this "niche" usually have my full attention.  What I really found interesting in this article was the study done on direct mail and the X generation.  Michael Fleischner, Co...
Crystal Lake isn't just the name of a subdivision in Oldham County, Kentucky; it's also the name of the lake that Crystal Lake Subdivision surrounds.  This 80 acre lake is fully stocked and available to residence of the Crystal Lake community for boating, fishing, and other recreational activitie...
So I signed up for a free download article from and ran across a paragraph that I thought was such a great idea!  In this article the author, Bryan Rodger's, writes about leveraging - one of his leveraging ideas was "Instead of purchasing one large congratulatory gift for yo...
This is a spin off of Brande Bradford's post where she mentions being active in your childs school.  I've had this idea for a few weeks now - my daughter is in PreSchool, the children there are always coloring and doing other activities.  My...
The busy season is quickly approaching and being that I am still in my first full year of Real Estate, I'm trying to think of ways to drum up some extra business.  I've read about a number of agents who hold House Warming Parties for their clients after the closing (I'm guessing about a month lat...

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