kentucky: Localism Land Rush is not what I thought...that's a good thing! - 08/05/08 08:11 AM
Ok, so I waited with anticipation today because it was Kentucky's turn for Land Grab. In all honesty, every time I heard "register for a community" I was thinking City. For example, I live in LaGrange, KY, which is a small city outside of Louisville.  So, I thought I was going to be registering for LaGrange, KY when I signed up.  But instead, I was pleasantly suprised when I realized today at Land Grab that they actually meant Neighborhoods or Subdivisions. 
This is a great thing! 
What this means for you (and me) is that if you live in an area … (8 comments)

kentucky: Visit Historic Middletown in Louisville, KY - 07/14/08 02:01 PM
Middletown is a suburb of Louisville, KY located on the east end between I-265 and I-64. I have always enjoyed this area of town and find Main Street to be a hidden treasure to many. The street is lined with historic places, quaint shops and cozy places to eat and watch the day go by. If you have never spent much time in Middletown, stop by and give a few hours to the history that is Middletown, KY.


kentucky: Preparing Your Home To Sell - Top 5 Most Over-Looked Things to Do - 07/01/08 04:21 AM
This may not be everyone's Top 5 list, but it is mine.  I run across these things on a regular basis and even though some of them aren't huge, they can be important.  When you're preparing your home to sell, it's always good to look at the home from the Buyer's perspective.
This isn't a complete list of things to do to prepare your home to sell; this is just a small list of things that people usually forget about in the rush to get their house looking "Better Homes & Gardens" perfect.
Dust all of your picture frames. Vacuum up … (4 comments)

kentucky: Arts on the Green in Downtown LaGrange - 06/10/08 11:02 AM
This past weekend was Arts on the Green in historic downtown LaGrange, KY. If you're familiar with the St. James Art Festival held in Louisville every year, Arts on the Green is just like it only on a smaller scale. Vendors from across the state come to LaGrange to share and sell their creations to the public - some are just amazing!  I went to Arts on the Green with my family and took a few pictures of downtown LaGrange to share with you. I hope you enjoy the show!

kentucky: Coming Soon...Photos Of Kentuckiana - 05/29/08 08:33 AM
Ok, I'm SOOOO excited I can hardly stand it.  My old digital camera broke about 6 months ago.  I've been holding off on purchasing a new one because I just couldn't decide on what I really wanted.  So, after reading the reviews online and here no ActiveRain, I finally made a choice.  I ordered the
It's supposed to ship sometime next week and I'm just dying to get out and use it.  My first project is a photo tour of the LaGrange, KY area, so be watching for it in the next few weeks!  We're going to have fun!

kentucky: How about that earthquake, Kentucky? - 04/18/08 03:29 AM
OK, so the earthquake was actually centered in southern Illinois.  I don't know about you, but I felt it quite well in my little LaGrange, KY home.  My husband and I woke up to a shaking house and a bed that felt like we had just dropped a quarter into one of those old (and a little questionable) hotel beds! 
Now, if you are from out west where earthquakes are common - you have to remember that like a foot of snow in the winter, earthquakes just don't happen all that frequently here in the midwest (they probably happen just as frequently … (4 comments)

kentucky: Do You Remember Hunting for Easter Eggs? - 03/13/08 06:50 AM
Hunting for Easter Eggs is always fun - it doesn't matter if you're 2 years old or 80 years old.  Finding a prize is always fun. I remember one Easter in particular. My sister and I had to be about 7 and 5 (I being older) and we were out in the back yard playing and we kept finding black jelly beans in the grass. It was the coolest thing (you know, back in the good old days when no one was really paranoid about eating things that fell in the dirt?)!  My sister and I ran around the yard collecting … (1 comments)


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