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I know how tough it is for Realtors to convince sellers that they need to reduce their price to be competitive in a slowing market.  Apparently, sitting NAR President, Tom Stevens needs to read his own press.In this article, on Monday, President Stevens was quoted:NAR president Thomas Stevens sai...
Full-service real estate brokerage is becoming a more difficult business.  There are firms who market themselves as discounters and charge as litle as $299 to list the property in the Multiple Listing Service.  Franchises like Help-U-Sell, and companies like iPayone have exploded in popularity th...
I'm going to defend this product, well, a little bit. Roberta Murphy, one of my favorite hometown Active Rain Realtors posted a blog about neg am loans calling for stricter underwriting guidelines.  I essentially agree with her but want to explain a few finer points of neg am loans. Firstly, let'...
Tonight I released the beta version of our new website about trust deed investing.I built it through with their 5-page now website kit.  I have no doubt that it looks amateurish to all of you e-pros out there but I got it upand running within 2 hours.  I had nothing before.I spend a ...
I have news for you out there.....THE MARKET HAS SHIFTED !!!!!   It's no longer a seller's market.  Listing agents that are unwilling to go the extra mile will perish.  The buyers' agents have the control; just like listings' agents had control two years ago.If you want to effectively CLOSE a dea...
Realtors should ask for a copy of the appraisal, both lising agents and buyer's agents.  If you are unclear about whether you have access to it, have the buyer and the lending institution sign a waiver before you execute a contract.  they waiver pierces the "privacy issue" we lenders love to thro...
I see the growing irritation with mortgage brokers in your blogs and I can't help but think there are some common problems here that can be solved.  Here are six tips that will help you have a smoother transaction and will win you a "partner for life":1- Allow your Loan officer to get an underwri...
Hard Money Lending is exactly what it sounds like; loans that are hard to do.  Many borrower's needs fall out of the mainstream loan guidelines and they often need a "short-term" fix.  Now I want to be clear, this is not an advertisement for my private-lending practice; it is meant to be educatio...
I blogged earlier about the Realtor/LoanOfficer title so many agents have on their business cards.  In essence I asked:What is so wrong about Realtors who originate loans (or vice-versa)?Here is a summary of what you told me: 1- It is a conflict of interest:  Realtors lose their objectivity if th...
This topic tends to be a hot one.  Many folks will say that performing both functions is a conflict of interest.  I have never pursued selling homes because I don't want an appearance of impropriety to my good Realtor clients (they feed my family and send my little girl to private school).  Perso...

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