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I have been enjoying this banter about fiduciary capacity in the real estate transaction as it related to lending.  Clearly, this has been a fun "academic discussion" for me today and probably a pain in the patootie for many other posters in the Active Rain Real Estate Community.A brief history: ...
I am continually amazed at the misrepresentations mortgage brokers use on their uses terms like "best" and "lowest" rates for their mortgage shopping portal.AAXA Discount Mortgage offers the "best rates possible" and tells us that if we're "searching for the best possibl...
If you receive a notice of default (NOD) for your mortgage, you need to act quickly.   A NOD is a notification given if you have not made payments by the predetermined deadline (usually specified in your Deed of Trust).  It spells out repayment  (sometimes called curing) schedules and spells out ...
So, you want to be a trust deed investor and earn double digit returns?  Let's see what I can tell you about investing in trust deeds in 3-4 paragraphs.  a more detailed explanation can be found here.A trust deed is what we call a deed of trust or mortgage in California.  When you "invest" in a t...
Anybody who knows me will know that I ask that question a lot when it comes to getting borrowers approved for loans.  The second C of underwriting, capacity, from the Three C's of Underwriting, is fast overtaking the first C, credit, as the preeminent qualification for mortgage approvals.  Here's...
I've gotten a good deal of business from brochures in barbershops.  This weekend, I'm working on a new project for my barbershop marketing:Blog Books.  You see, not everyone reads the girlie magazines in the barbershop.  Some men actually read Maxim, just kidding.  Seriously, men always have to w...

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