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I think Realtors and Loan Originators will become highly specialized individuals in the next 5-10 years.  The business will split off into 2 distinct personalities:  Rainmakers and Dealmakers.   I'm going to share some thoughts about identifying what you are and then some proactive ideas you can ...
Almost three months ago, I posted about nine "special" real estate markets.  These markets are, in my opinion, somewhat impervious to the fluctuations of the real estate markets where us mere mortals live.  Basically, the affordability factor doesn't apply here.  These markets are so desireable t...
I must admit that my heart finds for some strange affections.  I love dingbats!   Now..I better explain myself as MLW (My Lovely Wife) is a member of Active Rain.  I'm not referring to an "intellectually disinclined" woman.  I'm talking about the multi-family building so prevalent to Southern Cal...
N.B.- This post is an excellent starting point but gets better as the reader scrolls through the comments.  I was fortunate enough to draw the attention of my friend  Bill Archambault , long-time lender and Realtor.  He clarifies a few fine points and offers an opinion about negotiating short sal...
Affinity marketing is a term coined by MBNA Bank some 20 something years ago.  The then division of Maryland National Bank and now division of Bank of America coined the strategy with this slogan:  "Get the Right Customers and Keep Them".  They started their strategy by marketing credit cards to ...
Correspondent Lenders are a hybrid between a direct lender who sells loans to Wall Street and a mortgage broker.  We (in the industry) sometimes refer to them as "Super Brokers with Big Credit Cards" because they perform all the origination functions like a mortgage broker but fund the loan in th...
I am a private mortgage lender which means I make real estate loans (non-bank loans) to individuals who can't qualify for bank financing.  In California, this is sometimes referred to as Trust Deed Investing because the security instrument (how you secure the collateral) we use is called a Deed o...
I'd like to wish all of the serving and former Marines a Happy Birthday today.  On the Active Rain Real Estate Network, let's recognize my cyberfriend and former "Beach" Marine, Bill Archambault.  I invite all Marines on the Active Rain Real Estate Network to report in and tell us about your serv...
Veteran's Day was originally called Armistice Day after the final day of World War One.  It is traditionally celebrated on November 11 although the federal holiday was today.  You can read about the history of Veterans Day in America here.In my hometown, Solana Beach, CA, we will be celebrating t...
Real estate is a local business driven by local market conditions and bought and sold (mostly) by local people.How about a market that is fueled by an industry that has experienced steady wage/earnings growth since 2003 and is about to have its best year in ten years?   That would be the securiti...

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