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My hands were sweaty as I nervously darted my eyes around  the craps table .  I was the pariah because I was “betting on the don’t line“.  This particular strategy can be extraordinarily frustrating when a table gets hot.  It requires a bettor to double up his stake each time he is incorrect.  It...
Principals or agents?  What's the difference?Private mortgage lenders are typically high net-worth individuals or pension funds.  They are principals or people with money.  Sometimes those principals delegate certain loan origination functions to loan brokers (who are agents).  Some of the common...
How is Xenophobia best cured with a plate of popcorn lobster and a beer?In the tradition of East meets West ...Active Rain Get Together, I had the opportunity to meet my online nemesis, Jeff Corbett, for dinner this evening.  Now, Jeff is really not my nemesis.  We did a little blog battle a mont...
Why would a borrower with a 736 FICO score get a hard money loan?I'm deviating a bit from my earlier blog, So you want to be a California Hard Money Broker?  I know I promised more detailed information about  the disclosure process in California Hard Money transactions and I will.  Tonight, I'm n...
How is borrowing money like  buying a cell phone?  I'm going to share a funny personal story with you.  I just bought a cell phone the other day. Now,  read on because it has a LOT to do with how to get good mortgage terms. This was a big thing for me because I bought a real bad-ass cell phone.  ...
Why should you ALWAYS get a one year ARM rather than "locking" into a 30 year fixed rate loan?  The easiest answer is that you will NEVER be able to accurately predict interest rates.  Did you know that Wall Street gurus are wrong over 60% of the time with their interest rate projections over a 3...
I talk a lot about trends in housing.  One of the ways to make money in any real estate market is to buy correctly.  How can you spot the next Aspen or Scottsdale?  Here are the six stages to watch:1- If looking for the next hot ex-urb, look for a small town that is surrounded by natural beauty. ...

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