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Russell Shaw is an associate broker with John Hall and Associates in Phoenix, AZ.  He is a mega-producer who stumbled along, paycheck to paycheck, for seven years as a Realtor.  He woke up one day and said that enough was enough, he was going to be a huge producer.  Russell is a huge producer; he...
Just ask Glenn Kelmann of issued a press release today with MLS statistics PROVING that Redfin agents are superior negotiators to everyone else.  Superior by a differential of over 2%; an average savings of over $4000.  They cite:1- The compensation structure allows a Redfin age...
Back in November, I wrote a predictive article about Manhattan real estate called:Boom Time in the Big AppleAn excerpt: Real estate is a local business driven by local market conditions and bought and sold (mostly) by local people.How about a market that is fueled by an industry that has experien...
Brian Brady is announcing the first Economics of Real Estate Carnival.  This Blog Carnival is open to Active Rain Members who post submissions to the Economics of Real Estate Group dated Friday, February 23, 2006 through Wednesday, February  28, 2006.  Entries will be closed for posts after 11:59...
Everyone loves to point to California as the prime example of the excessive greed of the recent real estate boom. Media, bubble bloggers, and pundits predict that California will plummet to new lows and bring on a lengthy recession akin to the Great Depression. Even home-grown and respected PIMCO...
I'm in the middle of posting a series about the profitability of brokerage compensation models on Bloodhound Blog.My first was about traditional brokerage compensation, or split models (think Brown Franchise).  An excerpt from Is Your Broker Profitable?- Traditional Brokerage Here is the deep, da...
 I had a chance to talk to Mark Sennott, President of Home Gift, this week. Home Gift is an affinity marketer much like MBNA. MBNA started as a credit card marketing division of the old Maryland National Bank. Their model was to offer credit cards to alumni association members that were “branded”...
Have you ever analyzed the business model your broker has?  Try to run the numbers sometime and see just how much profit the owners(s) of your real estate brokerage really earn.  I learned a lot about running a mortgage brokerage and real estate brokerage from 1999-2002.  I’ve owned both and was ...
I'm sure with the big game tomorrow, many of you have forgoten to submit an entry to this week's Carnival of Real Estate.  This week's Carnival will be hosted by the crew at Bloodhound Blog.  Greg has devised a secret "blind" judging system for all of us to judge your entries.  I, nor Jeff Turner...
Do you want to look into the crystal ball through the eyes of  Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke?   Will that help you predict mortgage rates and housing prices for 2007? The answer is usually buried in paragraph three or four of government reports.  The economic benchmark that is oft overlo...

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