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My friend, Bill Archambault, asked me:Brian,I just listened to your pod-cast with Jeff. I enjoyed the one with the hard money brokers, too. How do you do you do these? I'm curious about the software, not the interview, you do that very well. Well, anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not really a ...
Can the presence of termites screw up a home loan?  You betcha they can.Dian Hymer, an author on Inman News, writes this about termite clearances in her column : In this era of consumer awareness, most buyers require a current termite inspection of a home before they'll agree to buy it. However, ...
Active Rainer, Greg Swann, designated broker of Bloodhound Realty in Phoenix, AZ, was featured on Fox News this morning.  Greg was interviewed about the showdown between and the Arizona Legislature. Greg commented about the bill that died in the Arizona House of Representatives that at...
So, you're ready to buy a condominium in Downtown Long Beach, CA ?  Did you know that apart from the traditional underwriting guidelines, the collateral (or property) you're buying has to be reviewed, also?  The largest buyer of home loans, Fannie Mae, has strict eligibility requirements for cond...
I have helped many homeowners in California and Arizona finance the purchase of an historic home.  In Long Beach, CA, there are many areas are designated as historical districts.  Their historical status may give you, the potential homeowner, gain a little more than a roof over your head.   Their...
I first heard of the term “equity management” in 2003.  I heard Barry Habib discuss this concept at a seminar at the Del Mar Racetrack (critics, please refrain from pointing out the obvious irony).  My first thought was “Cool, they have a name for it now!”  You see, I am an ARMs dealer and have b...
I wrote a four-part series about how to get a home loan:Neatness CountsNeatness Counts discusses how a borrower should compile their credit and income package before calling originators.Shop for Originators; not Home Loans Shop for Originators gives the consumer eight sources for finding loan ori...
Two great posts on Sellsius that get the old noggin working this weekend:The Human Listing Site: Zillowfying Your Privacy Under the Guise of TransparencyThis tongue in cheek entry suggests that in the interest of transparency, a site could be created compiling all public information about individ...
I had an opportunity to trip across DirtLaw Blog some 3-4 months ago.  Julia Wei is the author of that weblog and a real estate  attorney in the Bay Area.  She has recently joined Active Rain Real Estate Network and will hopefully share more of her knowledge here.Here is the comment I left on my ...
Do you Zlog? Let me define Zlogging on for you. Zillow solicited listings this past fall from Realtors and announced the Zillow Real Estate Guide (formerly known as the wiki). I was a huge critic of the practice of posting listings because I felt their intentions were disingenuous. I d...

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