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Adjustable rate mortgages, ARMs for short, are the most misunderstood, misused, and maligned financial instrument.  The have been abused by consumers, Realtors and loan originators alike these past 3-4 years and are now the subject of national scourge.  Much like our Second Constitutional Amendme...
Have you ever heard of a "natural-born salesperson" ?  The enterprising kid who organizes the neighborhood car wash grows up sell derivatives to hedge funds.  She's described as a "natural-born salesperson".That's not fair.  She worked hard at it, probably since age six. I listened to a training ...
How is baseball like applying for a home loan?  Read the title.I am thoroughly amazed at how normal, sober, upstanding members of the community purposefully commit mortgage fraud.   Like baseball, they don't cheat alone; they have plenty of help.  Lazy Realtors and shady mortgage brokers will gla...
07/13/2007  is a scam.Real Estate Agent Search, run by IMS Leads and Lisa Scherzer, is nothing more than a veiled attempt to steal your money.  It's a hoax, a joke, a fly by night operation that doesn't respond to repeated attempts by phone or e-mail to explain or justify thei...
Todd Duncan suggests that we need to be more concerned with our Direction rather than our Perfection.Here Are Six Questions to see if you are focused on Direction rather than Perfection:1- Why are you in this business?  We usually get exactly what we want.  Most of us made a conscious decision to...
We define "Mortgage Independence Day" differently than your parents or grandparents did.  Rather than having your loan paid in full, we prefer to identify "Mortgage Independence Day" as the day when you have enough money , IN A SEPARATE ACCOUNT, to pay off the home loan...IF THAT IS WHAT YOU CHO...
An excerpt from this post:Private mortgage loans are not a license to jack up the fees. I often turn away brokered business because of originator greed. Lenders charge points to enhance their yield. A common practice in our industry is for the originating broker to increase his/her brokerage fee ...
Do you want some FREE ADVICE about life?How about some help for the real estate brokerage business when the market is slow and you're just trying to get things started?I'm going to give you a glimpse at greatness.  Amazing advice.  Tony Robbins couldn't give it to you this straight.  Zig Ziglar c...

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