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How are the Feds bailing out Countrywide today? 1- Certainly, as Countrywide has moved it’s fundings to its federally-chartered bank, any Fed market activity benefits them. 2- I said that they way out of the mess was for Countrywide to originate new loans in less risky programs. CFC has rolled ou...
From Greg Swann:Twenty-five nominees. I confess that it’s faster for me on Sunday if I’m not too picky, but this week saw a surplus of very good posts. Vote for the People’s Choice Award here. You can use the voting interface to see each nominated post, so comparison is easy. Please don’t spam th...
Pretty graphic title.  I'm a little more in-your face than most pundits.  Neither of those scenarios sound good, in fact, both are horrific.  California's going to bleed...hell, it's bleeding already.I wrote an article about the California Governor's brokered deal with loan servicers:Is this meas...
We're racking our brains for brilliance. Now, we have a name for our conference.Unchained will be all about you, the independent thinking real estate agent or loan originator who is defining her service offering through Web 2.0; interactive marketing.  It's not for the mainstream folks who troll ...
I've been playing around with the idea of a "Boot Camp for Real Estate Web Marketers" for a few months, now.  Many of you know that I've tried to bridge the digital divide by calling or meeting as many people as I can from Active Rain.  I made it a goal to meet 100 people from Active Rain, at the...
Do members REALLY own the content on Active Rain? I asked that question some 13-14 months ago, wondering whether the hours I invested would be worthwhile. I was satisfied with the explanation that the content was, indeed, the members’ property. attempted to buy Active Rain, it balked, an...
Todd Carpenter has the answer to the yield spread disclosure debate.  It's so stupendously simple, it will work.  Instead of relying upon the current prestidigitation in the mortgage business, or screaming about the evils of yield spread premium,  or whining about the how bankers have an unfair a...
I've been somewhat quiet on Active Rain.  Since August, mortgage origination has become an increasingly difficult job.  While the business has generally slowed, we specifically, have been booming with demand.  Unfortunately, it's not the demand I like.  Californians, Arizonans, hell, many America...
Big banks have a HUGE advantage over mortgage brokerage firms; they have the money. Federally-chartered banks also are regulated differently than mortgage brokers; they are overseen by the Office of Thrift Supervision, a successor regulator to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Federally-chartered...
Steering is an ugly practice practiced by real estate agents and mortgage originators alike.  The problems lies in the compensation; incentives or bonuses often taint the advice given you by your real estate or lending agent .  These secret incentives often manifest after you've been lulled into...

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