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Mortgage origination is not a creative endeavor; mortgage planning should be.Creativity comes from a knowledgeable practitioner, with a disciplined understanding of how to apply financial planning techniques, to an individual's needs, wants, and goals.  Like a talented wardrobe designer, the reco...
an excerpt: What type of loan will the Treasury make to homeowners? The term can be for the lesser of: 1- the remaining term of the first mortgage 2- 65 less the age of the primary borrower. The interest rate can be the corresponding term treasury rate, plus .5% (for administrative costs). Maybe ...
America's mortgage markets are taking pause today, in honor of Good Friday.  It was another dramatic week with Ben Bernanke playing John Wayne.  Last weekend, Bernanke brokered a deal that handed Bear Stearns over to Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan Chase. Last week, a share of Bear Stearns traded for ...
The Federal Reserve Bank Cut both the discount rate and federal funds rate .75% today in an effort to stimulate this slowing economy.  While commodities' prices accelerate, the housing market and subsequent liquidity crisis is dragging the economy into a recession.  We call this phenomenon stagfl...
I’m fascinated by this whole Ashley Dupree story because the mainstream media came into OUR world, the Web 2.0 world, to break the story. Equally as fascinating is the fact that OUR world, the Web 2.0 world, allows Ash to immediately profit from her art. Ashley Dupree disintermediated the onerous...
How can Martha Stewart’s case study teach Ashley Dupree how to become America’s Next Sweetheart? More importantly, what can you learn from Martha’s PR/Marketing strategy to boost your online marketing efforts? Who is Ashley Dupree and why do we care about her? Ashley is a budding songwriter and s...
What is the new FHA loan limit for  (insert your area)?  I was a guest on Real Estate Radio USA, yesterday, hosted by Barry Cunningham and Barry Johnson.  I talked about the impact of the higher conforming and FHA loan limits and how it might shore up the "desperate" real estate markets.  Real E...
Warren Buffett describes his investment philosophy as being fearful when everyone else is greedy and greedy when everyone is fearful.  Today, fear abounds in the mortgage bonds market and that is driving mortgage rates higher.Rampant fear is why I'm suggesting that borrowers float their mortgage ...
Zillow announced the professional side of their mortgage offering, last night:As a mortgage lender (broker, loan officer, originator, bank), you have an opportunity to be one of the first through the door for Zillow's new mortgage offering, launching in the coming weeks. Based on our research, we...

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