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Ashley Seager, at The Guardian, wondered if the UK would see the same housing decline and economic downturn as we've seen in the US, because of a credit crunch: If you were of a nervous disposition, you might be thinking that judgment day is nigh for the British economy, after all the excess, eas...
"What goes up, must come down.  Spinning Wheel, got to go 'round"- Blood, Sweat and Tears This is panic selling that we're seeing in the fixed-income securities market.  I knew it would happen but I was early.  The 30-year fixed rate mortgage was at 5.625%, nine days ago.  Yesterday, it went to ...
San Diego mortgage rates jumped in the past 7 days because of rising oil prices.  This is the staglationary fear I expected. Mortgage rates have increased to 6.0% (30 year fixed) today.  I expect rates to rise another .25% in the next 14 days for these reasons: 1- Possible uncertainty at the Fed...
Cheryl Johnson, aka "Da Blogmother", came to the Bloodhound Blog UNCHAINED Social Media Marketing Conference to "see the great ones" up close. Of course, what she doesn't tell you is that she is one of the "great ones". Cheryl hosts and The second blog is a c...
"What Web 2.0 is about is connecting consumers directly with REALTORs. Guess what? That's what Home Gain does" said Louis Cammarosano, General Manager of at the Bloodhound Blog UNCHAINED Social Media Marketing Conference, sponsored by Louis was challenged by Greg Swann ab...
I'm locking mortgage rates at application for all loan types, regardless of closing date.  I've been recommending locks for three weeks.  Rates improved about .375% so I was incorrect.  Why then, should you heed my advice now?  Let's look at this chart:                                         Thi...
David Gibbons of at BloodhoundBlog UNCHAINED Social Media Marketing Conference, brought to you by Commenting on an inflammatory post gives you an opportunity to sell your proposition. David Gibbons, Rudy Bachraty, and Jeff Brown, all remarked that the comment you give is ev...
Why is it important to have a ROBUST profile on, or Greg Swann tells us why it's important to have a presence on all the social media in the real estate space.  Get on those networks and build a robust profile so that you won't be caught by surprise. Bloodho...
I was talking about the Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing at the Bloodhound Blog Social Media Marketing Conference, brought to you by 1- Declaration of Identity- Here I Am 2- Identity of Association- Tell everyone who your posse is 3- User generated conversation- Getting the cons...
Twiitter is the "biggest bullhorn you ever had" or you can just listen and act. @BradCoy and @AndyKaufman deliver a poignant punch at the BloodhoundBlog Unchained Social Media Marketing Conference, brought to you by Do you understand how to use Twitter in your real estate practice? Wa...

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