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Mortgage rates in San Diego for June 30, 2008.  Loan amounts up to $417,000: 3/1 ARM              5.250%5/1 ARM              5.500%7/1 ARM              5.750%10/1 ARM            5.875%  All rates offered to the borrower with 1 point cost.  Rate quotes assume a purchase transaction with a 20% dow...
No recommendation until tomorrow.  All eyes are on the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee today.  At 2:15PM (EDT), 11:15 (PDT), they will release their interest rate decision and statement.  The fixed income securities market believe there is a 43% chance that the Fed will RAISE rates, to stif...
Have you considered the 92057 zip code in Oceanside for your next investment property?  We think there is a compelling argument for the long-term property investor.  Consider this question on Trulia Voices: How is San Diego market doing now? Is it good time to buy investment/rental properties?Whi...
I think a little bit differently about marketing than Greg Swann does.  Not much, but we’re of slightly different mindsets.  I’m not scared to call a name a lead, a voice on the phone a prospect, a loan applicant a borrower, and a funded loan recipient a client.  I KNOW they’re people because I’v...
Last year, Active Rain sponsored a contest called Project Blogger.  It was a fantastic idea where the A-list bloggers tutored some of the newer bloggers.  A competition was held and the winner was given a check for $5,000 to give to her charity. Mary Pope-Handy was awarded that prize; a worthy ch...
I actually went into the bank lobby yesterday and noticed an advertisement for a "No Fee Plus Mortgage".  After reading the terms and conditions of the offering, I realized that it was no great bargain but a pretty smart marketing ploy.  Here's what I saw (the date was partially  cut off but it ...
We're still advising all borrowers to lock all mortgage rates at application. The risk of the Fed raising rates far exceeds the opportunity for lower term rates. Watch this one minute video to understand what exactly has been happening in the mortgage markets, since May 2, 2008 and what I think W...
Glenn Kelman, Redin CEO, likened what Redfin is doing in real estate brokerage to what Amazon did in book retailing in a USA Today article, published earlier today.  The Seattle-based company has attracted some $20 million in venture capital and projects itself to be profitable in all of the mark...
Mortgage rates are headed higher.  Lock all rates at application, regardless of closing date. The trend is clear; the Fed believes it has done all it can to stave off the banking crises and is now focusing its efforts on inflation.  This morning, retail sales were up and the dollar is strengtheni...
America's mortgage rates are behaving exactly as I expected they would when I reissued my lock recommendation on May 29, 2008.  What then for June, 2008 mortgage rates?  Expect more volatility.  The Fed's in a weird spot.  The economy is tanking under the pressure of high gas prices and the real...

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