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Yesterday, I wrote about the possibility of a Canadian mortgage crisis akin to the American mortgage crisis.  It would have been less controversial to side with the CBC decision to cancel its renewal of "Hockey Night In Canada" theme song.  To my brothers and sisters in The Great North:  It was a...
Every day is a great day to buy a single family home, even in Phoenix. That ought to rile up the analytical types here. Of course, that same principle applies to the stock market, as well. I started my career as a “Financial Consultant” but was mentored by some fellas who preferred to be called “...
The San Diego condo market experienced a significant decline before the mortgage credit crunch started.  In fact, San Diego was one of the markets that promulgated the credit crunch with its higher than normal foreclosure rate.  On August 2, 2007, American Home Mortgage went belly-up, sparking a ...
Here's a wrap up video from an interview I did with Mark from The important announcemnet comes from the transcript: BrokerIPTV: So rumor has it there is a BloodHound 2 Unchained too in the works? Brian Brady: Absolutely, by popular demand, BloodHound will be in Florida, in Orlando...
This video is courtesy of s right! The Bloodhound Blog Unchained Conference will be in Orlando, November 7, 2008!
Countrywide isn't going under.  Bank of America's going to buy them.  They're a mess right now but they'll be here in 5- 6 months...and that's a good thing.  It's a good thing because I love Countrywide. Say What, Brian Brady?  You hammered Countrywide, all of last year. You told people to short ...
I'm honored to offer the ActiveRain community a compendium of mortgage advice from the week of May 25- June 1, 2008.  I approached it a little differently than my predecessors; I tried to limit the offering to advice-based articles rather than opinion pieces.  I attempted to find some of the less...
Remember the "sleazy Option ARM advertisements"? They're back but with a whole new twist: This is why I never did option arms.  This is part of the reason why we are in the housing mess we are in.  Yes, borrowers have to claim responsibility, but every Bank that pushed neg am as a financing alter...

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