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From Bloodhound Blog: We interviewed Matt Padilla, author of Chain of Blame- How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage and Credit Crisis.  This book, released in May, 2008, details a history of non-prime lending, the S&L crisis, securitization of mortgages, and what went wrong. Download and Listen to t...
09/22/2008 proclaims Linda Davis as the "smartest REALTOR in CT"
Hold off on that rate lock.  The government is here to help. I initially thought this massive government purchase of defaulted mortgage proposal would lead to higher mortgage rates, but quickly reversed course.  Here's me today, on Zillow Mortgage Blog: This action is an obvious attempt to stabi...
Have you been listening to, or participating in Radio Mortgage ?  Each Monday afternoon, at 4PM, we invite California REALTORs to listen to and participate in our 40-60 minute "radio broadcast".  Of course, we welcome ALL REALTORs but the show is focused on helping California REALTORs thrive in t...
Is Jeff Belonger the smartest loan adviser in New Jersey? Maggie Brady, of Maggie thinks so. Why? Jeff reads about industry trends in his newly purchased magazine collection, from Want to get smart? You have until 11:59PM, Saturday, September 20, to support Maggies' mag...
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Jim Crawford reports that with the financial meltdown, oil prices dropped under $100/barrel: I once worked on Wall Street.  It way of life for many New Yorkers.  Many in my family worked for Merrill Lynch, and Shearson Hamill, Bear Stearns, Manufacturers Hanover...and today these companies are no...
Our guest on, this week, was Ronda Green, area manager with the Nehemiah Down Payment Assistance Program. We discussed the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy filing and the Bank of America/ Merrill Lynch merger.  After our brief commentary, we introduced Ronda who discussed the politica...
We broke the news about the eventual reinstatement of Nehemiah Down Payment Assistance Program, back in August ,on Bloodhound Blog.  How did we know where this was headed?  We talked to lenders rather than the charitable organizations. We talked to lenders because we know the Golden Rule; he with...

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