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America's #1 Mortgage Broker, Brian Brady. You'll never wonder where he stands when you read Brian Brady. He's not always right but he's always...OPINIONATED



From Louis Cammarosano's post about my presnetation next week  Brian Brady believes you can! He argues that with the stock market in disarray, real estate prices attractive and low interest rates that you have a great opportunity to take some weath management clients from stock based financial pl...
The economy is really sick: Today's CPI report signals deflation, or a prolonged price slide, may become another hazard facing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and President-elect Barack Obama. Deflation could worsen the economic downturn by making debts harder to pay off and countering ...
Have you ever wondered hoew to set up "an outside blog" on a Wordpress platform?  Greg Swann makes it really easy with a free wordpress blog (hosted on a really strong platform): Say hello to, free WordPress Multi-user weblogs for real estate professionals. We talked about doin...
What is your ultimate goal from your social media marketing?  Conversion. Jeff Turner gives us a nice starting point with this quote from his panel at the NAR Convention: Your overall business goal of social networking should be to expand your sphere and move conversations offline, panelists said...
In my 2009 San Diego Real Estate Outlook, I suggested that lower loan limits could cause a convergence of home prices.  I expect the mid-priced homes ($500,000 to $1,000,000) to decline towards the loan limits while lower priced homes (under $500,000) already dove in 2008. Southern California Lo...
...well, you know the rest of the story. I missed the hijinks at the Active Rain Party in Orlando and that was a bummer.  I so wished to meet Broker Bryant and TLW among many other AR members.  If you've met me at any social function, you know that I"m more inclined to howl at the moon rather tha...
We have a new President and his name is Barack Obama. Is that good for mortgage rates? I think either man being elected would have been good for mortgage rates provided the victory was decisive.  The Obama victory was clearly decisive and markets should reward that.  In anticipation of this deci...
Alan Zibel of the Associated Press reported that the results of the FHA Hope For Homeowners Program is underwhelming: But the early results are discouraging: the government received only 42 applications in the program's first two weeks, according to the Federal Housing Administration. The low tu...

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